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Lopez J.C.S.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay | Noa C.J.A.S.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2011

Introduction: There are evidences that the function of health professionals is very important at the moment of social change regarding the smoking and that is own smoke habit has a relevant influence on it. Objective: to determine the smoking behavior in the health staff of a hospitalization area. Methods: A cross-sectional and descriptive study was conducted in the "Dr. Carlos J. Finlay" Central Military Hospital over the first semester of 2010 including 9 smokers including physicians, nurses and service staff. In all the cases a survey was distributed as well as the Fagerström test. Results: There was predominance of female sex (57.8 %) The Fagerström questionnaire showed a low dependence rate (31.1 %). Severity of addiction demonstrated that the 75.5 % was the social group considered as slight or intermittent. The 47.8 % was in training phase for quite the smoking. The 76 % declared had not anti-smoking treatment. Deterioration of personal economy was the more mentioned smoking consequence in all the groups (80 %); whereas among the smoking-provoked diseases, the stomatologic diseases (25.5 %) and the peripheral vascular ones (24.4 %) were fundamental. Conclusions: It is take into account the smoking behavior in health staff of hospitalization area is observed mainly in the service staff, young, female sex, white skin, married, with a low dependence of nicotine, without a prior anti-smoking treatment with consequences for stomatologic and peripheral vascular health and mainly the deterioration of the personal economy.

Objectives: Characterize the association between atherosclerotic lesions of the coronary arteries and osteoporosis of the lumbar spine and the proximal femur in men and women. Methods: A study was conducted of 79 necropsies by postmortem densitometry of the lumbar spine and proximal femur. Bone mineral density (BMD) levels were classified according to T score into normal, osteopenia and osteoporosis; followed by pathomorphological and morphometric examination of the three major epicardial coronary arteries, applying the atherometric system and classifying the atherosclerotic lesions into adipose stria, fibrous plate and grave plate. Results: The association between atherosclerosis and osteoporosis exhibited specific features for each sex, with a significant predominance of osteoporosis in men and osteopenia in women. After removing the effect of cigarette smoking, there was a change in the differences between the sexes, with smokers of both sexes presenting a similar BMD and a similar association between atherosclerosis and osteoporosis. Conclusions: The influence of sex upon the association between atherosclerosis and osteoporosis was negligible.

Munoz E.A.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Cirugia | Year: 2011

Introduction: nowadays, the electro-nystagmography is used for diagnosis; it is the process by which it is possible to register the position and movement of ocular eyeball to identify the changes in the electric field around the eye in modifying its position. Objective: to assess the usefulness of the electro-nystagmography in comparison with the traditional vestibular test for topographic diagnosis of auditory sequelae present in the patients presenting with cranial base fracture. Methods: a cross-sectional, analytical and observational study was conducted in the "Dr. Carlos J. Finlay" Military Hospital from January, 2006 to January, 2008. Universe included 210 patients divided into two groups: a study group with vestibular auditory sequealae after a fracture of cranial base and a control group consisting of healthy subjects. Results: dizziness was the symptom present in the 100% of patients. From the total of 118 cases with positive electro-nystagmography, 47 (39.8%) had negative results in the vestibular test. Conclusions: the electro-nystagmography was positive en most of study cases with a high sensitivity demonstrating that cases presenting with labyrinth weakness and directional predominance were not diagnosed by means of traditional vestibular test.

Collar Dr. T.L.R.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2011

The endometriosis is the presence of active endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity affecting mainly to woman during the menopause and frequently is the infertility cause. Its location in the urinary tract is infrequent; the bladder is the organ more damaged by ureter. In present paper an update on the vesical endometriosis was carried out concerning the diagnosis and treatment. Thus, we made a bibliographic search in databases Hinari and Medline. It is very important to take into account this disease entity in the differential diagnosis of patient in fertile age, attending to consultation due to chronic pelvic pain of not specified origin. In this way and with the systematic use of transvaginal ultrasound in these cases, it will be possible to made an early diagnosis and will be applied a timely treatment from which the combined modality, the minimal access surgery and hormonal therapy is the more used nowadays.

Novo J.M.C.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2011

Three combined surgical maneuvers to create vascular approach for hemodialysis (n = 270) and renal transplantation (n = 54) from September, 2000 to December, 2008 including the use of a goniometer compass to optimize the facing of vessel to be sutured, practice of anchorage point for eversion of posterior wall in the vascular suture and replacement of clips for gum ligatures in vascular surgery. The systemic practice of these maneuvers allowed to increase the effectiveness of the vascular approaches in a 20 % and to decrease the vascular complications and the renal transplantation to the half of those previously reported for the good of the survival and the quality of life of the patients.

Fernandez Y.R.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay | Munoz E.A.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Cirugia | Year: 2012

Introduction: acoustic trauma is linked to professional diseases and began to be studied in depth after the Second World War. Due to the alarming results obtained, a number of preventive measures to avoid this aggression were implemented; however, they were not effective because of the lack of education and awareness of the staff to which they were directed. Objectives: to find out the auditory manifestations in patients exposed to intensive noise, taking age, sex, time of exposure and the audiometric results into consideration. Methods: an epidemiological survey was carried out in a group of 50 cases exposed to intensive noises from January 2007 to January, 2008. The sample was made up of 20-55 years-old patients and the most common auditory manifestation was hypoacusis. Results: the audiometric results showed that most of patients presented with neurosensory hypoacusis, being the males predominant. Conclusions: males were the most affected along with the 41-55 years-old age group; the hypoacusis intensity increased as the time of exposure was longer.

Lluis Ramos G.M.C.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2013

Introduction: frailty in older adults is a syndrome characterized by a reduction in resistance and physiological reserves. Objective: describe the prevalence of frailty in terms of biopsychosocial and functional variables. Methods: descriptive analytical cross-sectional door-to-door case-control prevalence study. 315 elderly persons were selected from the municipality of La Lisa. Frailty was diagnosed on the basis of expert criteria. With the purpose of finding risk factors, a univariate analysis was conducted between each of the explanatory covariables and the response variable, using the chi-square test. Poisson regression was performed for the univariate analysis, estimating the prevalence ratio. Results: the prevalence of frailty was 42.9 %. A higher prevalence was found among women (59.5 %) and among subjects with comorbidity (61.9 %), polypharmacy (63.8 %), poor mobility (61.3 %), low weight (51.9 %), severe depression (100.0 %), cognitive impairment (100.0 %), disability (84.0 %), poor self-perception of health (75.0 %) and family support limited to critical events (71.4 %). Comorbidity, altered mobility and flexibility test results, nutritional status, low weight, cognitive impairment, disability, falls and poor self-perception of health were the factors associated with the emergence of the syndrome in the population. Conclusions: prevalence of the frailty syndrome was found to be high in the community studied, and was associated to biomedical, psychological and functional health risk factors.

Puentes Y.Z.H.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay | Contreras F.C.A.,University of Cienfuegos
Revista Cubana de Investigaciones Biomedicas | Year: 2015

Introduction: as a practice in medical research to diagnose causes of death, autopsy has shown to be relevant throughout history. However, it currently exhibits a declining tendency. The reasons for this are manifold, an outstanding role being played by sociocultural processes and factors in Africa and particularly in Benguela, Angola. Contemporary science shows the close relationship between health, medical practice and cultural processes. Objective: assess the sociocultural perception of clinical autopsy among medical students. Methods: an exploratory observational descriptive study was conducted based on document analysis of local culture and history. Observation of five funerary processes led to the development of a questionnaire which was applied to 99 students from Benguela Medical School. Three variables were evaluated: sociocultural processes mediating the social perception of autopsy, sociocultural factors among students and opinions about autopsy. Results: sociocultural conceptions and perceptions of death in the Ovimbundu ethnic group inhibit the scientific search for its causes. Observation of five funerary processes and exploration through a questionnaire applied to 99 medical students revealed limitations and contradictions in relation to these processes irrespective of the academic year being attended. Conclusions: autopsy is a scientific tool useful to verify the quality of health care services. However, in the context analyzed sociocultural perceptions by the Ovimbundu culture hamper its scientific approach, leading to a variety of contradictions. Training should include a more profound treatment of the topic. © 2015, Editorial Ciencias Medicas. All right reserved.

Puentes Y.Z.H.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay | Rodriguez C.J.E.F.-B.,Research Center ferencia Of Aterosclerosis Of La Habana
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2015

Introduction: the high morbidity and mortality of atherosclerotic causes has motivated multiple investigations and in Cuba, the atherometric system to characterize atherosclerotic lesions in any vascular sector. Objective: Study atherosclerosis of the three main coronary vessels in violent deaths from clinical death and comparatively analyzing the injury, considering sex and level of atherosclerosis. Methods: Atherometric system was used to comparatively study right and left coronary artery in their anterior descending coronary artery branches and circumflex, in a population of 108 violently dead subjects and 472 clinical dead subjects, also grouped according to atherosclerotic level and sex. Results: The main difference was found in fibrous plaques of the atherosclerotic high level group for the right coronary, which reached 22.3% higher in clinical, and only 17.5% for the descending left anterior and 20.3% in the circumflex. In this same group, fibrous plaques were 2.59 times more frequent in the anterior descending coronary right. Fibrous plaques according to genders had little difference in both groups, only about 1% for the three coronary vessels. Conclusions: the atherosclerosis is higher clinical dead subjects than violently dead subjects, as much in the overall population, as subdivided in the groups of high and low atherosclerotic level, as in men and women, proving to be the very useful Atherometric System for assessing the atherosclerotic process in violently dead subjects. © 2015, Editorial Ciencias Medicas. All rights reserved.

Rodriguez Collar T.L.,Hospital Militar Central Dr Carlos J Finlay
Revista Cubana de Medicina Militar | Year: 2014

Epididymus tumors are rare and the majority of them are benign, so there is not much information about them in the medical literature. Reaching the final histological diagnosis implies multiple testing and represents a challenge for the physician's performance. The present paper made an anatomical and physiological review of the epididymus as well as provided updating on the tumors affecting this organ in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Literature search was made in databases Hinari, PubMed, Medline and in Goggle from 2009 to 2013. The MeSH terms were paratesticular tumors, intrascrotal tumors and epididymal tumors in Spanish and English. Reference books and specialized journals were also reviewed. This paper confirmed the value of questioning and of the detailed physical exam in order to set the topographic and differential diagnosis of these tumors. Although ultrasound is the imaging study of choice for initial assessment, it is often inconclusive; therefore, it is necessary to obtain nuclear magnetic resonance images so as to have additional information. When the clinical picture and the findings from images may indicate a benign tumor, then fine needle aspiration cytology is a reliable option to make the final classification. Nevertheless, if this technique is not conclusive, then there is the biopsy through transoperative freezing, which is taken with inguinotomy, thus avoiding unnecessary radical orchiectomies. The adjuvant treatments for malignant tumors are very customized since they depend on the patient's age, the histological type and the tumor staging. © 2014, Editorial Ciencias Medicas. All Rights reserved.

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