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Luo C.,Hongta Tobacco Group Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

A packet film detection system for CH of GDX2 packing line was designed with photoelectric detection technology. By installing 5 optical fiber sensors on the turret of CH, when a packet not properly overwrapped was detected, PLC released a signal and that packet would be rejected at the rejecting station. The results of application showed that after installing packet film detection system, the number of cigarette packet with film-related defects reduced from 46 packets to zero per month, the rejection rate of cigarette packet with defective film wrapping reached 99.99%, the false rejecting rate was 0.001%, and the packing quality of cigarette was effectively improved.

Qi H.,Qinhuangdao Tobacco Machinery Co. | Chen S.,Hongta Tobacco Group Co. | Hou Y.,Qinhuangdao Tobacco Machinery Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

For eliminating the shortcomings associated with screening test in threshing and redrying line, such as tobacco degradation and time lag in detection, an online strips sampling and area measurement device was designed by incorporating threshed strips sampling and mechanically thin-layer spreading, image acquisition and computer processing technologies. The results of application showed that the absolute error of the device was below 2%, and detection duration shortened from 30 to about 10 minutes comparing with screening test.

Hua Y.,Hongta Tobacco Group Co.
Acta Tabacaria Sinica | Year: 2015

This paper established a monthly cigarette supply forecasting model to achieve good balance between manufacturing and sales so as to make market-oriented plans. Time series method was used to determine commercial sales forecast model. An innovative algorithm based on seasonal variation forecast method, and two quantitative regulatory forecasting measures were designed. Monthly cigarette supply amount was determined by inventory-to-sales ratio management. Compared with other models the model proved to have good accuracy and consistency. It could synchronized production and sale well and optimize goods distribution and delivery. ©, 2015, State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and China Tobacco Society. All right reserved.

Wu X.-X.,Yuxi Normal University | Xu C.-H.,Shanghai Ocean University | Xu C.-H.,Tsinghua University | Li M.,Yuxi Normal University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Molecular Structure | Year: 2014

Two kinds of reconstituted tobacco (RT) from France (RTF) and China (RTC) were analyzed and identified by a three-level infrared spectroscopy method (Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) coupled with second derivative infrared spectroscopy (SD-IR) and two-dimensional infrared correlation spectroscopy (2D-IR)). The conventional IR spectra of RTF parallel samples were more consistent than those of RTC according to their overlapped parallel spectra and IR spectra correlation coefficients. FT-IR spectra of both two RTs were similar in holistic spectral profile except for small differences around 1430 cm-1, indicating that they have similar chemical constituents. By analysis of SD-IR spectra of RTFs and RTCs, more distinct fingerprint features, especially peaks at 1106 (1110), 1054 (1059) and 877 (874) cm-1, were disclosed. Even better reproducibility of five SD-IR spectra of RTF in 1750-1400 cm-1 could be seen intuitively from their stacked spectra and could be confirmed by further similarity evaluation of SD-IR spectra. Existence of calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate could be easily observed in two RTs by comparing their spectra with references. Furthermore, the 2D-IR spectra provided obvious, vivid and intuitive differences of RTF and RTC. Both two RTs had a pair of strong positive auto-peaks in 1600-1400 cm-1. Specifically, the autopeak at 1586 cm-1 in RTF was stronger than the one around 1421 cm-1, whereas the one at 1587 cm-1 in RTC was weaker than that at 1458 cm-1. Consequently, the RTs of two different brands were analyzed and identified thoroughly and RTF had better homogeneity than RTC. As a result, three-level infrared spectroscopy method has proved to be a simple, convenient and efficient method for rapid discrimination and homogeneousness estimation of RT. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Zhang H.,Hongyun Honghe Tobacco Group Co. | Lu X.,Hongta Tobacco Group Co. | Wang J.,Hongta Tobacco Group Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

For preventing emulsion adhesive from developing a solid layer on its surface, an emulsion adhesive stirring and water compensating device was designed and applied to a CT cartoner. Driven by an independent motor, the device stirred the adhesive continuously when the machine was stopped temporarily. The automatic water compensating to adhesive was controlled by a PLC control system. The results of application showed that the solid surface layer was effectively reduced, thereby adhesive waste dropped from 4.22 to 1.08 kg/machine per week. Moreover, the consistence of emulsion adhesive were guaranteed, and maintenance work was decreased.

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