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Gwangju, South Korea

Honam University is a university located in Gwangsan-gu, South Korea. Wikipedia.

Jung I.K.,Honam University
Journal of Nutrition and Health | Year: 2013

Vitamin D defciency (VDD) is becoming an epidemic and thereby a global health problem. Further, VDD adversely affects calcium metabolism and skeletal health, and is associated with increased risk of several diseases, e.g., autoimmune diseases, several types of cancers, type 2 diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, infectious diseases, asthma, psoriatic arthritis, and etc. To evaluate the prevalence of VDD in Korea, and then to evaluate the association of several factors with serum 25(OH)D level, the author analyzed the data of 14,456 individuals who were 10 years of age and over from the Fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1 & 2 (KNHANES V-1 & 2) conducted by the Korean Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. As a result, among Koreans (age ≧ 10years), 65.9% of males and 77.7% of females were below optimum blood serum 25(OH)D (20 ng/mL). VDD is more severe in female than in male at all age groups. In addition, the younger generations had less 25(OH)D level than older generations in Korea. The analysis by complex sample general linear model (CSGLM) suggested that blood 25(OH)D concentration was related with gender (p <.001), residence (p =.030), occupation (p <.001), anemia (p <.001) and physical activity (p <.001). In conclusion, VDD is pandemic and it is more severe in younger generations in Korea. Further, from the results by CSGLM, serum 25(OH)D status is closely related with the life style of Koreans. © 2013 The Korean Nutrition Society. Source

Chung D.-W.,Honam University
Transactions of the Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers | Year: 2012

This paper is to present a new method of cogging torque reduction for axial flux PM machines of multiple rotor surface mounted magnets. In order to start softly and to run a power generator even the case of weak wind power, reduction of cogging torque is one of the most important issues for a small wind turbine, Cogging torque is an inherent characteristic of PM machines and is caused by the geometry shape of the machine. Several methods have been already applied for reducing the cogging torque of conventional radial flux PM machines. Even though some of these techniques can be also applied to axial flux machines, manufacturing cost is especially higher due to the unique construction of the axial flux machine stator. Consequently, a simpler and low cost method is proposed to apply on axial flux PM machines. This new method is actually applied to a generator of 1.0kW, 16-poles axial flux surface magnet disc type machine with double-rotor-single-stator for small wind turbine. Design optimization of the adjacent magnet pole-arc which results in minimum cogging torque as well as assessment of the effect on the maximum available torque using 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is investigated in this design. Although the design improvement is intended for small wind turbines, it is also applicable to larger wind turbines. Source

Yang H.-Y.,Honam University | Yang H.-Y.,Regal Beloit | Lim Y.-C.,Chonnam National University | Kim H.-C.,Korea Electronic Technology Institute | Kim H.-C.,Chonnam National University
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics | Year: 2013

This paper presents a single-phase switched reluctance motor (SRM) with skewed stator and rotor so that the acoustic noise and vibration have been significantly reduced. The motor has the same skew angle for both stator and rotor laminations. The main source of acoustic noise and vibration is the rapid change of radial magnetic force along the air gap between the stator and rotor poles. Since the radial force (RF) is most intensified on the stator yoke near the salient poles, the abrupt change of the RF can be mitigated by skewing the stator and/or rotor laminations. Therefore, the RF can be more distributed throughout the stator core, and in turn, the peak value of the RF is reduced. In this paper, the distribution of the RF with respect to the skew angles is analyzed through the finite-element method simulation to design a single-phase SRM with the significantly reduced vibration and noise. Based on the simulation results, prototype motors with three different skew angles (0°, 30°, and 64°) have been constructed and tested, validating that the proposed design is effective in mitigating acoustic noise and vibration. © 1982-2012 IEEE. Source

Kim K.,Honam University
Pediatrics International | Year: 2013

Background The purpose of this study was to examine the association between Internet overuse and aggression. Methods A total of 2336 high school students (boys, 57.5%; girls, 42.5%) in South Korea completed the structured questionnaire. The severity of Internet overuse was evaluated using Young's Internet Addiction Test. Aggression was measured using the Aggression Questionnaire, a modified hostility inventory by Buss and Perry. Results The proportions of boys who were classified as severe addicts and moderate addicts were 2.5% and 53.7%, respectively. For girls, the corresponding proportions were 1.9% and 38.9%, respectively. manova results for univariate analysis showed that sex, duration of Internet use, most-frequently used Internet activities, level of Internet addiction, smoking, alcohol, and caffeine were significantly associated with aggression scores. From multivariate analysis, it was found that smoking, alcohol, and level of Internet addiction were independently associated with all aggressive characteristics. Internet addiction scores were also significantly associated with all aggression scores from simple and multiple linear regression analyses (parameter estimate = 0.54-0.58 for total aggression). Pearson correlation results showed that Internet addiction scores revealed the highest correlation coefficients with aggression among Internet-related factors, age, and sex. Severe Internet-addicted boys showed higher scores in all aggression characteristics than severe Internet-addicted girls, even though it was not statistically significant in every characteristic. However, there was no sex effect on the association between Internet overuse and aggression. Conclusion This study shows that Internet overuse is strongly associated with aggression in adolescents. © 2013 Japan Pediatric Society. Source

Crow M.M.,University of West Florida | Lee C.-B.,University of West Florida | Joo J.-J.,Honam University
Policing | Year: 2012

Purpose: In spite of the importance of officers' perception of organizational justice and its influence on organizational commitment, the policing literature lacks information about the relationship between the factors. Using job satisfaction as a mediator, this study aims to examine an indirect influence of organizational justice on police officers' commitment to their organization. Design/methodology/approach: This study employed a survey of 418 police officers in South Korea while on in-service training. In exploring the complex relationship among organizational justice (i.e. distributive, procedural, and interactional), job satisfaction, and organizational commitment, the researchers utilized structural equation modeling to overcome the weaknesses of linear regression models. Findings: Officers' perception of organizational justice was positively related with their level of organizational commitment. In addition, perception of procedural and interactional justice had an indirect impact on the officers' organizational commitment through distributive justice. Lastly, perception of organizational justice showed an indirect influence on organizational commitment through job satisfaction. Research limitations/implications: Due to its cross-sectional design, the findings do not confirm any causal relationship among the variables. In addition, the current study used a purposive sample of police officers in South Korea, which may limit the generalizability of the findings. Originality/value: This study contributes to the literature by examining organizational commitment in light of officers' perception of organizational justice and job satisfaction using structural equation modeling to explore the complex relationship among the organizational factors. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Source

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