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Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. | Date: 2015-02-03

An optical coupling lens which can reveal its own coefficient of signal attenuation includes a refraction surface, a first total reflection surface, a second total reflection surface, a first aligning member and a second aligning member. The refraction surface, the first total reflection surface and the second total reflection surface are connected end to end in order. The first aligning member and the second aligning member are formed on the refraction surface.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. | Date: 2015-01-08

An electrical connector (

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. | Date: 2015-06-03

A protective cover includes a first shell and a second shell cooperating to receive an electronic device. The protective cover further includes a rigid frame mounted on the second shell. The first and second shells are flexible, and the rigid frame is made of rigid material. The second shell equipped with the rigid frame hinges on the first shell to form a holder to support the electronic device at a viewing angle. The protective cover includes soft shell for absorbing physical shocks and a rigid frame for structural support at a viewing angle on a supporting surface when the electronic device is in use.

HONG FU JIN PRECISION INDUSTRY ShenZhen CO. and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. | Date: 2015-01-30

A protection device includes a receiving portion capable of receiving an electronic device therein and a cover pivotally connected to one side of the receiving portion for opening or covering the receiving portion. The cover includes a first reinforcing member, two second reinforcing members symmetrically located at two opposite sides of the first reinforcing member, two third reinforcing members symmetrically located at opposite sides of the second reinforcing members, two symmetrical fourth reinforcing members, and a fifth reinforcing member located between the two fourth reinforcing members. The first, second, third, fourth and fifth reinforcing members are foldably connected to each other. The first reinforcing member is folded toward an outer side of the receiving portion relative to the fifth reinforcing member and is attached to the second reinforcing member, the cover is rotated to allow the first reinforcing member to abut against the back of the receiving portion.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. | Date: 2015-04-09

A light guide plate includes a light incident section and a light guiding section. The light incident section includes a light incident surface configured to receive light beams emitted from a light source, a top surface adjacent to the light incident surface, a first bottom surface oppose to the top surface. The light guiding section includes a main light emitting surface, a connecting surface connecting the main light emitting surface with the top surface, a second bottom surface opposite to the main light emitting surface and connecting with the first bottom surface, and a contacting surface connecting with the main light emitting surface and the second bottom surface. A step is formed at a junction of the light incident section and the light guiding section, and the connecting surface and the top surface define an accommodating space.

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