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Bedford, MA, United States

Hologic corporation is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of diagnostic and medical imaging systems related to women's health. It develops digital imaging technology for general radiography and mammography applications. Its core business units are focused on osteoporosis assessment, gynecologic health, mammography and breast biopsy, direct-to-digital x-ray for general radiography applications and mini C-arm imaging for orthopedic applications. Its major brands include Lorad, Fluoroscan, NovaSure, MyoSure, Selenia, Securview, Discovery, Multicare and Directray.Hologic is a leader in women's healthcare, particularly breast cancer diagnosis.Hologic is currently developing tomosynthesis technology for breast cancer diagnosis. Hologic first demonstrated the technology at the Radiological Society of North America in November 2003. It provided patient images and a prototype add-on to its Selenia digital mammography system. Clinical trials for Hologic's tomosynthesis technology began in the summer of 2004.Hologic was the recipient of Frost and Sullivan's 2004 Technology Leadership of the Year Award in women's healthcare. Wikipedia.

Systems and methods for automatically and dynamically modifying an image acquisition parameter for use in tomosynthesis breast imaging. A selected image acquisition parameter is modified in response to a measured characteristic of an imaged object such as a breast, and thus tailored to provide the highest quality image for the particular object. For example, image quality in a breast tomosynthesis system can be improved by dynamically varying motion and other acquisition parameters of the tomosynthesis system in response to physical characteristics of the breast to be imaged (determined during image acquisition), such as the breast thickness, density or composition. Dynamically varying acquisition or processing methods helps to customize the system for each particular patient, thereby improving image quality and identification and assessment of potential pathologies and abnormalities, and lower radiation dose, and thus a reduced the risk of long-term adverse health effects due to lifetime accumulated radiation dose.

Hologic | Date: 2015-07-02

Methods, systems and computer program products for controlling display of different types of medical images and providing touchscreen interfaces for display on a mobile communication device and associated with different image types, e.g., different imaging modalities or different view modes. Detection of a multi-finger tap on the screen of the mobile communication device while viewing a first touchscreen interface for an image type invokes a second or auxiliary touchscreen interface for that image type having a subset of interface elements of the first touchscreen interface.

Hologic | Date: 2015-10-06

An endometrial tissue treatment device includes an elongate positioning member and an energy applicator coupled to a distal end of the positioning member, the energy applicator including a tissue contacting member and an expandable-collapsible support structure underlying the tissue contacting member, the expandable-collapsible support structure comprising a substantially non-compliant elongate balloon disposed within the tissue contacting member that, when inflated, has a length oriented substantially transverse to the positioning member, including a first closed end that positions a corresponding first corner portion of the tissue contacting member in a first cornu of a uterine cavity, and a second closed end that positions a corresponding second corner portion of the tissue contacting member in a second cornu of a uterine cavity, with a lengthwise portion of the balloon positioning a distal facing portion of the tissue contacting member for contacting a fundal wall of a uterus.

Hologic | Date: 2015-09-24

A biopsy system driver includes a motor having a rotatable output shaft, a support structure, a drive shaft, an elongate lead screw and a biopsy instrument drive member. The drive shaft is rotatably coupled to the support structure and includes or is otherwise operatively connected to the motor output shaft such that activation of the motor rotates the drive shaft. The elongate lead screw is coupled to the drive shaft such that rotation of the drive shaft rotates the lead screw about an axis of the lead screw. The lead screw is axially translatable relative to the drive shaft and to the support structure. The biopsy instrument drive member is threadably coupled to the lead screw such that rotation of the lead screw causes axial translation of one of the lead screw and biopsy instrument drive member relative to the other one and to the support structure.

Systems and methods are provided for transforming a displayed three-dimensional image corresponding to a position and orientation of a field of view of an imaging probe. A three dimensional image of a tissue in a first co-ordinate space can be displayed. A field of view of an imaging probe in a second co-ordinate space can be configured, where the imaging probe has a plurality of transmitters removably connected to it, the transmitters operable to determine the position and orientation of the field of view relative to the positions of the transmitters in the second co-ordinate space. The first and second co-ordinate spaces can be co-registered, and the position and orientation of the field of view in the second co-ordinate space can be transformed to the first co-ordinate space. The three-dimensional image can be displayed to correspond to the transformed position and orientation of the field of view.

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