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Oceanside, CA, United States

Hobie Cat Company | Date: 2013-02-27

A watercraft having a chair with seat securely carried on the watercraft, the chair having a tubular frame comprising a seat frame, a back frame, and arms above and at each side of the seat frame. The seat and back frames are joined via a hinged connection. The front support legs extend downwardly from the front of each of the arms and terminate in a foot-like projection. A U-shaped rear chair support having downwardly extending portions at the rear of each of the arms, which are joined at their lower extremity by a horizontal portion. The surface of the watercraft has adhered thereto two spaced apart shoes for receiving the feet.

Hobie Cat Company | Date: 2015-06-05

The invention relates to a watercraft mounting system that embodies a multi-faceted tube and a mating clamp system adapted to carry an accessory. The designs of the railing and clamp have geometry to prevent rotation while allowing flexibility of adjustment in multiple positions.

Hobie Cat Company | Date: 2016-04-15

Stand-up pedal boards.

Hobie Cat Company | Date: 2014-11-18

A wind powered craft carrying a generally vertical mast which is rotatable about its vertical axis, having a sail carried by the mast with its bottom edge attached in proximity to the bottom of the mast and extending to an attachment point in proximity to the top of the mast. A generally horseshoe-shaped member having an open end is and extending around said mast. The mast being rotatable within the horseshoe-shaped member. A bearing supported stationary member at the top of the mast is carried by the mast while allowing the mast to rotate. A support stay runs from the horseshoe-shaped member to the bearing supported member to support the horseshoe-shaped member. Additional stays are attached to the horseshoe-shaped member and splayed to attach to opposed sides of the hull of the watercraft. The sail is reefed around the mast through the open end of the horseshoe-shaped member.

Hobie Cat Company | Date: 2014-06-27

A device for insertion in watercraft including propulsion means comprising a pair of flappers which oscillate through an arcuate path in a transverse direction with respect to the central longitudinal dimension of the watercraft. As input force is applied, the flappers twist to form an angle of attack for providing forward thrust. The means for applying propulsive force includes a pair of pedals, and further includes pedal cranks operatively associated with the propulsion means, the fore ends of the pedals being pivotally attached to a fixed point.

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