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Hitachi Lg Data Storage Korea Inc. | Date: 2015-01-23

Disclosed herein is a reception device for wireless charging. The reception device for wireless charging may include a reception antenna configured to generate an electric current based on a change of magnetism and a charging circuit unit configured to convert the electric current generated by the reception antenna into direct current. The reception antenna and the charging circuit unit may be connected to a flexible board. Accordingly, the reception device can be attached to the casing of a smart terminal while minimizing a change in the thickness of the smart terminal. A task for connecting the antenna and charging circuit unit of the reception device can be eliminated. A wireless charging function can be assigned to a smart terminal by simply replacing the casing of the smart terminal not having the wireless charging function.

Hitachi Lg Data Storage Korea Inc. | Date: 2015-11-04

Disclosed herein is a distance measuring apparatus. The distance measuring apparatus includes a light-emitting unit configured to radiate light in a pulse form of a specific width, a light-receiving unit configured to include a plurality of cells for receiving reflected light radiated by the light-emitting unit and reflected by an object, and a processor configured to perform one or more of an operation for calculating a first distance of the object using a first method based on the locations of one or more cells which belong to the plurality of cells and on which the reflected light is focused and an operation for calculating a second distance of the object using a second method based on the time when the reflected light is reached and to correct the first distance calculated using the first method based on the second distance calculated using the second method.

Hitachi Lg Data Storage Korea Inc. | Date: 2015-06-01

Disclosed herein is a method of managing data in an optical disk-based archive system. In an embodiment, when data is written in an optical disk, the metadata of the optical disk may be generated and stored. When a cartridge unit is drawn from an archive system and moved to a second archive system, the metadata of all the optical disks kept in the cartridge unit may be sent to another archive system through a medium. The metadata may be sent to another archive system over, a network, or the metadata may be copied to external memory and sent to another archive system. Furthermore, when a new cartridge unit is mounted on an archive system, a compression file may be received over a network or through external memory, and the metadata of all the optical disks kept in the new cartridge unit may be restored by decompressing the compression file.

Hitachi Lg Data Storage Korea Inc. | Date: 2015-06-02

Disclosed herein is an apparatus for wirelessly transmitting power. The apparatus for wirelessly transmitting power includes a transmission coil configured to change a magnetic field in response to an AC current, a shielding unit configured to restrict the propagation of the magnetic field generated from the transmission coil, and a casing configured to surround the transmission coil and the shielding unit. The transmission coil is formed in a single layer form by winding a wire along the sides of an isosceles triangle having a height greater than a base in the same plane, and the transmission coil may have a perimeter height of 520.5 mm, an inside height of 340.5 mm, a perimeter width of 460.5 mm, an inside width of 280.5 mm, and a thickness of 1.10.3 mm. The transmission coil may be formed by winding the wire on the sides of the isosceles triangle eight times.

Hitachi Lg Data Storage Korea Inc. | Date: 2015-07-14

An optical disc device is provided. The optical disc device comprises: a comprising an optical pickup and a transfer unit for linearly moving the optical pickup in a radial direction; and a locking module that is mounted on a rear side of the tray for unlocking the tray from the body, the locking module comprising: a locking part comprising a hook for engaging a locking projection formed on the body and being mounted to be rotatable; a circular gear being mounted to be rotatable in connection with the transfer unit; a first connecting for rotating by a linear force transmitted through the transfer unit moving outward; and a second connecting part for rotating by a force transmitted sequentially from the first connecting part and the circular gear and to transmit torque to the locking part to cause the hook to be unlocked from the locking projection.

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