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Schaumburg, IL, United States

Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2015-01-22

The present invention provides a plasma processing method that uses a plasma processing apparatus including a plasma processing chamber in which a sample is plasma processed, a first radio-frequency power supply that supplies a first radio-frequency power for generating plasma, and a second radio-frequency power supply that supplies a second radio-frequency power to a sample stage on which the sample is mounted, wherein the plasma processing method includes the steps of modulating the first radio-frequency power by a first pulse; and controlling a plasma dissociation state to create a desired dissociation state by gradually controlling a duty ratio of the first pulse as a plasma processing time elapses.

Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2015-03-27

A state monitoring system enabling a sign of abnormality of equipment to be detected is disclosed, which includes: a storage unit to be stored with normal models obtained by analyzing, per series of manipulations, time-series learning data of sensor outputs indicated by respective units of processing equipment when normally finishing processing a raw material through the series of manipulations according to a default sequence; and a processing unit to diagnose a state of the processing equipment on the occasion of processing a specified raw material, upon an input of time-series evaluation data of the sensor output indicated by each of the units of the processing equipment on the occasion of finishing processing the specified raw material through the series of manipulations, on the basis of a comparison between the inputted data and the normal model.

Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2015-06-01

The invention provides a plasma processing apparatus and a dry etching method for etching a multilayered film structure having steps with high accuracy. The plasma processing apparatus comprises a vacuum reactor, a lower electrode placed within a processing chamber of the vacuum reactor and having a wafer to be etched mounted on the upper surface thereof, bias supplying units and for supplying high frequency power for forming a bias potential to the lower electrode, a gas supply means for feeding reactive gas into the processing chamber, an electric field supplying means through for supplying a magnetic field for generating plasma in the processing chamber, and a control unit for controlling the distribution of ion energy in the plasma being incident on the wafer via the high frequency power.

Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2016-01-04

A defect inspecting method and apparatus for inspecting a surface state including a defect on a wafer surface, in which a polarization state of a laser beam irradiated onto the wafer surface is connected into a specified polarization state, the converted laser beam having the specified polarization state is inserted onto the wafer surface, and a scattering light occurring from an irradiated region where the laser beam having the specified polarization state is irradiated, is separated into a first scattering light occurring due to a defect on the wafer and a second scattering light occurring due to a surface roughness on the wafer. An optical element for optical path division separates the first and second scattering lights approximately at the same time.

Roche Holding AG and Hitachi High-Technologies | Date: 2016-01-13

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, the analyzer includes a reagent driving disk that accommodates a reagent configured for analysis and that transports the reagent to a desired position, and a fixed disk that has a reagent stand-by position in which to make a reagent container containing the reagent, temporarily stand by, and a magnetic particles stirring position for stirring magnetic particles. A portion of the reagent stand-by position is constituted by a loading system. A reagent container moving unit moves reagent containers containing the reagent, between the reagent driving unit and the fixed disk, according to analytical request status. Providing in a part of the fixed disk the loading system constructed so that reagent containers containing the reagent can be mounted therein during operation enables changing of reagent containers, irrespective of an operational status of the reagent driving disk, and the system to having cold-storage functionality.

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