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Hirosaki, Japan

Hirosaki University is a university in Hirosaki City in Aomori, Japan. Wikipedia.

Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd. and Hirosaki University | Date: 2014-06-19

There is provided a highly branched hydrocarbon based surfactant for stabilizing a water/supercritical carbon dioxide microemulsion. A surfactant comprising: a sulfate compound of Formula (1): (where R

Unimatec Co. and Hirosaki University | Date: 2014-03-06

Fluorine-containing nano-silica composite particles comprising a condensate of a fluorine-containing alcohol represented by the general formula:

Hirosaki University and Sunstar Inc. | Date: 2013-10-04

The present invention was made in view of an object to produce a novel proteoglycan-containing material, and find a novel use and/or a superior effect of the proteoglycan-containing material. The present invention provides a proteoglycan-containing material obtained from fish cartilage, wherein the proteoglycan-containing material comprises an acidic saccharide component having a molecular weight of not less than 2000 kDa. The proteoglycan-containing material provides advantageous effects for skin-moisturizing and skin anti-aging, including a superior skin fibroblast proliferation effect, an effect of enhancing and improving the skin barrier function, an effect of enhancing and improving the skins capability to produce collagen, a dermis-thickening inhibition effect, and the like.

Hirosaki University | Date: 2013-11-07

An object of the present invention is to provide a grafting technique effective also for crops such as soybean and plants of the Poaceae family including rice, wheat, corn, etc. A method of cultivating a crop of the present invention as a solution means thereof is characterized by comprising replacing a radicle of a dry seed with a radicle of another seed capable of achieving grafting, and thereafter, germinating the seed.

Hirosaki University, Wakitani Medical Science Corporation and Sunstar Inc. | Date: 2013-07-25

An object of the present invention is to provide a means for preventing or treating osteoarthritis. The present invention provides a composition for preventing or treating osteoarthritis, comprising a fish cartilage water extract containing proteoglycans having molecular weights of not less than 1,800,000.

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