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Rendale M.K.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology | Kulkarni S.D.,CSIR - National Chemical Laboratory | Kulkarni D.C.,Shivaji University | Puri V.,Shivaji University
Microelectronics International | Year: 2011

Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of Mg 2+ substitution on the magnetic and electrical properties of Li 0.35-x Mg2x Zn0.3 Fe2.35-xO 4 thick films synthesized with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) matrix. Design/methodology/approach - The nanoferrites Li0.35-x Mg 2x Zn0.3 Fe2.35-xO4 (x = 0, 0.07, 0.14, 0.21, 0.28 and 0.35) were synthesized by chemical technique using aqueous solution of PVA (the matrix) and thick films were fabricated by screen printing technique. The DC magnetic hysteresis measurements, AC magnetic susceptibility and DC electrical resistivity were measured as a function of temperature. Findings - The lattice parameter of thick film Li0.35-x Mg 2x Zn0.3 Fe2.35-xO4 (x = 0, 0.07, 0.14, 0.21, 0.28 and 0.35) increases with the substitution of Mg 2+ions for Li1+ and Fe3+. The surface morphology of the thick films showed the grain size increasing with Mg 2+substitution till x = 0.21 and then decreasing for the higher concentrations of magnesium. The magnetic moment nB (mB) computed from the Ms obtained by extrapolation of the magnetization curve showed a gradual decrease with the composition till x = 0.21, beyond which a sudden decrease was observed. The resistivity of the films at room temperature had variation with composition x, similar to that of magnetic moment. The activation energies DEF and DEP were found to vary with composition x of the ferrite system. Originality/value - The paper reports, for the first time, the magnetic and electrical properties of fritless Li0.35-x Mg2x Zn0.3 Fe 2.35-xO4 thick films using PVA polymer matrix. Up to x = 0.21 (Mg2+), grain size increases and Curie temperature decreases beyond which reverse effect takes place. © Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Zinage H.R.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology | Gollagi S.G.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology
Journal of Engineering Technology | Year: 2011

A performance study of a 3-phase symmetric Cockcroft-Walton (CW)-multistage voltage multiplier (VM) is proposed. It consists of 1 smoothing column and 6 oscillating columns. The oscillating columns are connected to a 3-phase power through center-tap transformers. The capacitors of the smoothing column are charged 6 times per cycle by 6 oscillating columns and are discharged 6 times through the load, unlike the conventional symmetric VM in which they are charged and discharged twice per cycle. The 3-phase symmetric structure completely eliminates the first 5 harmonic components of load-generated voltage ripple. Theoretic analysis indicates that the proposed 3-phase symmetric CW-VM has one-third the voltage ripple and voltage drop of the conventional single-phase symmetric CW-VM. Simulation results of the proposed 3-phase symmetric CW-VM as well as those of the conventional single-phase symmetric CW-VM are presented. A comparison shows that the 3-phase symmetric CW-VM has significantly less voltage ripple, half the voltage drop, and a 4-fold increase in the output power over the conventional single-phase symmetric CW-VM.

Ankaliki S.G.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology | Gollagi S.G.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology
Journal of Engineering Technology | Year: 2011

This article presents the application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) for steady state monitoring of a power system. In steady state monitoring of a power system, it is important to predict the line flows and bus voltages for different operating conditions. In this article ANN has been proposed as an alternative method to solve the power system problems where the desired speed has not been achieved by conventional methods. The proposed method describes an adoptive pattern recognition approach based on highly parallel information processing. We provide a pattern of system description parameters to a neural network and net returns an estimate of line flows and bus voltages. Training data were obtained by Newton Rapson load flow simulation using Mipower Software Simulation Package for different system topologies over a range of load levels and the results were compiled to form the training data set. A back propagation algorithm was used for training ANN. Results of this approach help the power system operator to successfully handle the topologically independent steady state security assessment. To illustrate the proposed approach, IEEE-14 Bus system was considered. The difference between the actual and the estimated power flows and bus voltages was found to be good in terms of accuracy.

Khanapuri J.,k-Technology | Kulkarni L.,Hirasugar Institute of Technology
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2013

Image retrieval has become an important aspect in today's world as there is rapid growth of digital data. It is required to have efficient search system which delivers fast retrieval to cater to the need of end user with low computational cost and more accuracy. A new content-based search system is required to address the needs. In this paper, a new retrieval algorithm based on the statistical parameters like energy, standard deviation, and entropy of complex wavelets is presented. The performance is further enhanced by selective relevance feedback. The retrieval is carried out by decomposing the image using complex wavelet transform and computing the energy, standard deviation, moments, and the entropy of the subbands as feature vectors. The average retrieval accuracy of each of the class is improved by relevance feedback by training only the selected query images with poor retrieval accuracy. © 2013 Springer.

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