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Tainan, Taiwan

A metal bump structure for use in a driver IC includes a metal bump disposed on a matrix, an optional capping layer disposed on the metal bump to completely cover the metal bump and a protective layer disposed on the metal bump to completely cover and protect the metal bump or the optional capping layer and so that the metal bump is not exposed to an ambient atmosphere. The protective layer or the optional capping layer may have a fringe disposed on the matrix.

Himax Technologies | Date: 2014-02-20

A lens array includes a plurality of micro-lens modules. Each of the micro-lens modules includes a first lens group and a second lens group. The first lens group and the second lens group are arranged sequentially from an object side to an image side along an optical axis. An effective focal length (EFL) of the first lens group is f1, an EFL of the second lens group is f2, and the micro-lens modules satisfy a following condition: 0.2

Himax Technologies | Date: 2014-04-07

A lens module is disclosed. The lens module includes a substrate assembly and an array of lens units. The substrate assembly includes a main body and a supporting layer formed on the substrate assembly. The main body has a front surface, a rear surface opposite to the front surface, and at least one lateral surface connecting the front surface to the rear surface. The supporting layer has a planar configuration and is formed on the main body. The main body is made of a first material and the supporting layer is made of a second material different from the first material.

Himax Technologies | Date: 2014-04-11

A voltage sensing circuit is provided. The voltage sensing circuit includes two differential amplifiers and a buffer. The first differential amplifier receives a first input voltage and a first reference voltage and provides a first current and a second current according to the difference between the first input voltage and the first reference voltage. The second differential amplifier receives a second input voltage and a second reference voltage and provides a third current and a fourth current according to the difference between the second input voltage and the second reference voltage. The buffer is coupled to the two differential amplifiers. The buffer generates an output voltage based on the first current, the second current, the third current, and the fourth current.

Himax Technologies | Date: 2014-08-09

A panel self-refresh system includes a timing controller configured to receive a command or an incoming frame from a processor, the incoming frame being forwarded to a display panel in a normal state. The system also includes a frame buffer configured to store the incoming frame in a cache state or an update state, contents of the frame buffer being read as an outgoing frame to the display panel in a self-refresh state. The timing controller generates a reset signal to a gate driver when the processor sends an update command for entering the update state or sends an exit command for entering a resynchronization state, scan signals outputted from a gate driver being de-asserted and staying in a vertical blanking interval until a next incoming frame is received from the processor.

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