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San Jose, CA, United States

The radii R of the area wetted by precursor films spreading from small droplets of polymer liquids are found to vary as R ∼ tν with ν = 0.31-0.42, in contradiction to the 0.5 exponent indicated in previous studies. The experiments reported here are for three of the same polymer liquids used in the previous studies-methyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), tetrakis(2-ethylhexoxy)silane, and squalane-and a linear chain perfluoropolyether polymer. When the droplets dissipate into pancake-shaped films, the spreading kinetics slows down to a variety of different diffusion processes for the different molecules, as they are no longer forced to move en masse across the surface by molecules being fed into the center of the film by the droplet. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

HGST Inc | Date: 2015-08-31

A system and method are disclosed for storing data in a hash table. The method includes receiving data, determining a location identifier for the data wherein the location identifier identifies a location in the hash table for storing the data and the location identifier is derived from the data, compressing the data by extracting the location identifier; and storing the compressed data in the identified location of the hash table.

A method applies a first set of consecutive pulses to flash memory cells in one or more flash memory devices to program the flash memory cells using a first pulse increment, a voltage of each consecutive pulse of the first set being incremented by the first pulse increment. On receiving an indication that the flash memory cells are partially programmed after the first set of consecutive pulses is applied, the first pulse increment is adjusted to an adjusted pulse increment based on a number of program/erase cycles associated with the flash memory cells. A second set of consecutive pulses to the flash memory cells is then applied using the adjusted pulse increment, a voltage of each consecutive pulse of the second set being incremented by the adjusted pulse increment.

HGST Inc | Date: 2015-06-18

The present invention is a means and a method for speeding up the fabrication process, lowering the cost and improving yields. The present invention is a method for manufacturing memory cells in a diode memory array by utilizing selective epitaxial growth techniques to form high quality silicon for diodes and then lesser quality silicon to fill recesses and prepare the surface for subsequent planarization or etching steps.

Aspects of the subject technology relate to a method for reading information stored in a flash memory device. In some implementations, the method can include steps including, obtaining a first read signal of a first cell, wherein the first cell is located in a first word line and in a first bit line in the flash memory device, obtaining a programming level of a second cell, wherein the second cell is located in a second word line and in the first bit line, and wherein the second word line is adjacent to the first word line. In certain aspects, the method may further comprise steps for obtaining decoding information for the first cell based on the programming level of the second cell, wherein the decoding information is derived from a first set of reference voltage distributions corresponding to the obtained programming level of the second cell. A data storage system and a non-transitory machine readable storage medium are also provided.

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