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Peng Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University | Peng Y.,Heze University | Li Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
Food Hydrocolloids | Year: 2014

The combined effects of plant essential oils (lemon, thyme, cinnamon) on the physical and structural properties of chitosan-based films were investigated. Results showed that the apparent viscosity and average particle size of lemon essential oils were significantly lower than that of the thyme and cinnamon essential oils. The combined use of two kinds of essential oils decreased the particle size and water vapor permeability compared with the use of a single essential oil. However, the combined use of two kinds of essential oils balanced the antibacterial properties of the single essential oil. SEM analysis showed that the oil droplets were homogenously distributed across the film. The emulsification was obviously observed in chitosan/lemon/cinnamon essential oils composite films due to the electrostatic interaction of limonene and cinnamaldehyde. This study revealed that an active chitosan film could be obtained by the combined use of two kinds of essential oils in the matrix, which might provide a new formulation option for developing antimicrobial film. © 2013.

Liu X.,Heze University
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications | Year: 2011

The problem of mobile agent (MA) focuses on planning an optimal path with respect to tasks andnetwork restrictions when migrating to several hosts. This problem can be solved by using the antcolony optimization (ACO) algorithm, which is an evolutionary algorithm with self-adaptability andparallelism, positive feedback and heuristic searching. However, the conventional ACO algorithmrequires a large amount of time for converging to the optimal. In this paper, the complex networkstheory (CNT) is applied associated with the ACO and generates a new improved ACO for the problemof mobile agent. By introducing the "degree" conception of CNT to the state transition rules of ACO,the MA problem is then better modeled. Further, the pheromone evaporation coefficient is alsoadaptively determined with respect to the fitness improvement of recent evolutions. Experimentalresults demonstrates that the proposed CNT based ACO method is effective and efficient in solving theMA problem. The same idea may be also applied to other optimization problems, such as assignmentproblems, vehicle routing problems, scheduling problems etc.

Liu Q.-X.,Heze University
World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education | Year: 2014

The application of Multisim 12.0 as part of the reform of digital electronic technology teaching by experiments is discussed. First, experiments used in the teaching of digital electronic technology are analysed. Second, the feasibility of teaching experiments using Multisim 12.0 is explored. Finally, examples of the use of Multisim 12.0 in validation experiments, extensible experiments and comprehensive design experiments are provided. Practice shows that the application of Multisim 12.0 in digital electronic technology experiments can greatly improve the teaching. Its use solves problems in teaching experiments, e.g. shortage of equipment. The analysis and design and practical abilities of students are cultivated. Therefore, the application of Multisim 12.0 to digital electronic technology experiment teaching should be encouraged. © 2014 WIETE.

In order to further study on the performance of improved Lyot depolarizer, the method of superposition of multiple beam is proposed to analyse the polarization dependence of depolarizing performance. It is showed by theoretical analysis that the degree of depolarization (D) is ideal when vibration azimuth angle (VAA) of linearly polarized light is 0° or 90° on the basis of large enough wedge angle. In general, the D is the worst when VAA is 45°. However, when the depolarizer is equivalent to a 1/4 wave plate for incidence wavelength, the D of any VAA is ideal. The theoretical results are well verified by experiments. The D is over 99% when total retadation is as same as a 1/4 wave plate by changing incidence angle. The study provide a new reference for the theoretical analysis and design of depolarizer.

Lijin Z.,Heze University
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications | Year: 2011

As a kind of mass media which is generally favored by publics Sports video occupies a very important position in people's daily life. How to quickly and easily retrieve videos which one really needs or is interested in has become a hot research in recent years. Based on previous studies, aiming to the sports videos' characteristics of complexity and changeability, this paper provides an adaptive dual-threshold shot transition detection method and selects six common sports video shots, which are classified at the category level. By comparing the low-level video feature differences in the six types of video shots, this paper extracts low-level features including motion information, color, and inter-frame pixel difference, etc. Then through C4.5 decision tree training, the rules from low-level features to high-level meanings are established, so as to achieve a good shot classification effect.

Han Y.,Heze University | Zhao G.,Heze University
Optics Letters | Year: 2011

We analyzed the spatial spectrum of the diffraction intensity pattern of an ideal Bessel beam and found an implicit rule that the number of the bright rings in the spatial spectrum is equal to the topological charge of the Bessel beam. The radius of the bright and dark rings has some relation with the topological charge and can be determined accurately. It provides us with a new way for measuring the topological charge of an optical vortex through its diffraction intensity pattern after an axicon. The results of simulation coincide with the theory. © 2011 Optical Society of America.

Ailing W.,Heze University
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2011

Large amount of data is stored in distributed web node as Internet and distributed database develops, it is impossible to store these data in single node on account of communication, efficiency and security. Through research was conducted on mining association rules in the distributed database system and classical Apriori algorithm was extended based on transactional database system. Then an efficient algorithm that get association rules from frequent itemsets was presented. Experiment results show that the algorithm has sound extension, short time complexity and small communication cost.

We investigate the quantum phase transition (QPT) and thermal entanglement in the two-qubit Ising model in an inhomogeneous magnetic field, and the DM interaction between the two lattices is considered. The results show the QPT highly relates to the magnetic intensity B and DM parameter D, by controlling the DM interaction D and external magnetic B we can change the positions of QPT points and the level spacing. Moreover, the QPT is closely related to thermal entanglement, when the QPT happens the ground state always changes between entanglement state and disentanglement state. The thermal entanglement highly depends on the system's temperature T, DM intensity D and external magnetic field B. When T is lower, the entanglement can exhibit a platform-like region. By modulating the parameters D and B, the entanglement can be controlled and the entanglement switch can be realized. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Huang F.,Heze University
International Journal of Digital Content Technology and its Applications | Year: 2012

In order to use the modern technology to reduce the danger of human's life and property caused by fire, this paper designs an embedded gateway of ZigBee wireless sensor network based on ARM7TDMIS, which can transform data between ZigBee and the Internet. This system consists of a sensor circuit, the serial port to ZigBee wireless module, main SCM, executing mechanism and other components. Using VB6.0 programming software, it can collect real time data in office building, draw real time data curve, display the history data curve, modify the real time control parameters to monitor and control the office building fires.

Ruiji L.,Heze University
International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology | Year: 2012

The teaching design and multimedia teaching resources development with information processing theory are at the initial stage at home and abroad. There is not yet successful experiences and standardize the design for our use in teaching. This paper discusses the teaching design and multimedia teaching resources development using information processing theory that promotes the reform of higher education teaching methods.

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