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Hexcel Reinforcements | Date: 2014-03-06

A method for spreading a textile sheet where the sheet is caused to run between at least two rotary rollers, the axes of which extend parallel to each other and substantially perpendicular to the running direction of sheet. The sheet under pressure is caused to pass between at least. one pressure generator of the rollers driven into axial oscillation and in phase opposition. At least one pressure generator of the rollers has adjustable pressure values along the generator in order to spread the sheet with a low thickness variability.

The present invention relates especially to an intermediate material comprising, or even constituted exclusively by, an array of individualised ribbons, each ribbon being composed by a tape of unidirectional reinforcing fibres associated, by adhesion, on each of its faces with a veil of thermoplastic fibres, characterised in that the ribbons are disposed in successive layers, in such a way that the ribbons of two successive layers are superposed with or without crossing but without interlacement, the bond between a ribbon and the ribbon or ribbons with which it is superposed being ensured by adhesion, and in that in each layer the ribbons are disposed substantially parallel to each other over at least the major part of their length, while being independent and spaced from each other and in that the ribbons of at least two layers extend in two different directions.

Fabric having warp and weft yarns where the filaments in the yarns freely move relatively to each other. The basis weight of the fabric is related to the thickness standard deviation of a stack of three identical fabrics deposited on each other. For basis weights greater than or equal to 40 g/m

The invention relates to the use, in the fabrication of a composite part formed from a stack of reinforcement materials of carbon fibres between which is sandwiched at least one layer of thermoplastic or thermosetting material or a mixture of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials, of an operation of spot application of transverse forces on at least two layers constituting the stack and positioned as neighbours in the stack, so as to successively traverse at least one reinforcement material and at least one layer of thermoplastic or thermosetting material or a mixture of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials placed in superposed position, to improve the transverse electrical conductivity of the composite part obtained.

The invention relates to a material (I) adapted for the production of composite parts by a process in which a thermoplastic or thermosetting matrix is diffused within said material, comprising at least one sheet ( a process for fabricating composite parts using such a material and the composite parts that can be obtained by such a process.

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