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Stamford, CT, United States

Hexcel is a materials company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, that manufactures composite materials and structural parts. The company was founded in 1946, and its first product was supplying honeycomb for the construction of military bombers. Hexcel claims to be the largest US producer of carbon fiber; a weaver of structural fabrics; the largest producer of composite materials such as honeycomb, prepreg, film adhesives and sandwich panels; and a manufacturer of composite parts and structures. Hexcel's primary markets are aerospace, defense, wind energy and industrial markets including automotive, marine and recreation. In 1971, Hexcel was a manufacturer of alpine skis, and it presently supplies composite materials for ski and snowboard manufacture.Hexcel has manufacturing facilities in West Valley City, Utah; Casa Grande, Arizona; Seguin, Texas; Decatur, Alabama; Pottsville, Pennsylvania; Burlington, Washington; Parla, Spain; Duxford, Cambridgeshire; Neumarkt im Hausruckkreis, Austria; Tianjin, China; Les Avenieres, France; Dagneux, France; and Welkenraedt, Belgium. Hexcel is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol HXL. Wikipedia.

Hexcel Corporation | Date: 2013-08-12

The bandwidth or acoustical range of an acoustic structure is increased by locating a sound wave guide within the acoustic cell. The wave guide divides the cell into two acoustical chambers. The two chambers provide an effective increase in resonator length of the cell.

Hexcel Corporation | Date: 2014-02-13

Pre-impregnated composite material (prepreg) is provided that can be cured/molded to form composite parts having high damage tolerance and interlaminar fracture toughness. The matrix resin includes a thermoplastic particle component that includes a mixture of polyamide 12 particles and polyamide 11 particles.

Hexcel Corporation | Date: 2014-03-07

Uncured epoxy resin for use in making prepreg for aerospace applications. The resin includes an epoxy resin component comprising difunctional epoxy resin, trifunctional epoxy resin and/or tetrafuctional epoxy resin and a sufficient amount of [3-(4-aminobenzoyl)oxyphenyl]4-aminobenzoate (3-ABOAB, as a curing agent, such that the uncured resin can be stored at room temperature of at least 6 weeks and wherein the uncured resin can be fully cured in no more than 2 hours at a temperature of between 175 C. and 185 C.

Tracking or tracing of both the global and local movements of unidirectional discontinuous fiber composite (UD-DFC) chips during compression molding of UD-DFC molding compound. The tracking capability is provided by including tracer chips in the UD-DFC molding compound. The tracer chips include a resin matrix and at least one unidirectional carbon tow which is made up of a plurality of carbon filaments. The tracer chip further includes a unidirectional tracer yarn which is made up of a plurality of unidirectional filaments that are detectable by x-ray or other radiation-based scanning technique.

Hexcel Corporation and HEXCEL COMPOSITES Ltd | Date: 2014-04-10

A prepreg comprising a fibre reinforced curable resin, the curable resin being composed of 25 to 35 weight percent tetrafunctional epoxy resin based on the total weight of the curable resin; 18 to 28 weight percent difunctional epoxy resin; 4 to 18 weight percent polyether sulfone; 2 to 10 weight percent polyamide 12 particles; 2 to 10 weight percent polyamide 11 particles; 1 to 8 weight percent potato shaped graphite particles; and 17.4 to 27.4 weight percent of a curing agent for said curable resin.

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