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Garching bei Munchen, Germany

Henkel AG & Company, KGaA is a manufacturing company making various chemical products including detergents and adhesives, with brands and technologies for consumer and industrial businesses, headquartered in Düsseldorf.In 2011, Henkel reinforced its position in the emerging markets, where 42 percent of its sales are generated and 54 percent of its people employed. Wikipedia.

A reactive hot melt adhesive comprising a blend of a (meth)acrylate polymer, a polyurethane polymer containing (meth)acrylate groups and a polyurethane prepolymer containing NCO-groups wherein the content of low molecular weight (meth)acrylate urethanes is less than 1 wt % of the adhesive. The adhesive provides a fast and improved green strength during application.

Henkel AG | Date: 2015-01-26

The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions comprising a (meth)acrylate component, at least a portion which comprises a (meth)acrylate-functionalized bio-renewable oleaginous polyurethane polymer, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces.

Henkel AG | Date: 2015-01-15

The use of a hot-melt adhesive as a protective element for objects is disclosed, wherein the hot-melt adhesive contains over 80 wt. % of at least one modified polyolefin copolymer produced from a high-molecular-weight polyolefin copolymer by thermomechanical degradation of the polymer under shear stress and/or heating, wherein the viscosity of the copolymer is reduced, and up to 20 wt. % of additives and auxiliary substances, wherein the adhesive has a softening point from 70 to 150 C.

Novozymes AS and Henkel AG | Date: 2015-01-14

The invention relates to malodor controlling bacteria and related methods and compositions for the control and prevention of malodor.

The invention relates to a package (

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