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Feng X.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Chemical Engineering Transactions | Year: 2016

As high-concentration organic wastewater is high in proteins, polysaccharides and its decomposition products of organic acids and other ingredients, direct emissions will lead to environmental pollution. In this paper, under light and anaerobic conditions, as the photosynthetic bacterium Rhodopesudomonas HY21 has removal characteristics of three high-concentration organic wastewater - soybean wastewater, citric-acid wastewater and distillery wastewater, studies have shown that after HY21 strains were treated for 9d, the COD removal rates of soybean wastewater, citric-acid wastewater and distillery wastewater were 58.17%, 84.38% and 86.84%, respectively. In addition, inoculation of HY21 strains had only a slight impact on performance of degrading organic wastewater, while organic wastewater pH could seriously affect the HY21 biodegradation ability of high-concentration organic wastewater, and the optimal pH for HY21 strains was between 6 and 8. Copyright © 2016, AIDIC Servizi S.r.l.

Xu D.-M.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Qiu L.,North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power | Chen S.,Dalian University of Technology
Journal of Hydrologic Engineering | Year: 2012

The accurate estimation of Muskingum model parameter is essential to give flood routing for flood control in water resources management. The Muskingum model continues to be a popular method for flood routing, and its parameter estimation is a global optimization problem with the main objective to find a set of optimal model parameter values that attains a best fit between observed and computed flow. Although some techniques have been employed to estimate the parameters for Muskingum model, an efficient method for parameter estimation in Muskingum model is still required to improve the computational precision. Therefore, in this paper, the differential evolution (DE) algorithm is studied for estimation of Muskingum model parameter. A case study with actual data from previous literature, the experimental results showed an excellent performance in its optimization result and performance analysis and demonstrates that DE is an alternative technique to estimate the parameters of the Muskingum model. © 2012 American Society of Civil Engineers.

Li H.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2013

This article aims at achieving sustainable development of industrial parks, combined with the principles of evaluation design. It builds industrial park sustainable development evaluation system from 34 sub-indicators in four areas such as resource support and utilization, economic development, environmental standards and management level. It is combined with the characteristics of each index to use comprehensive weight, standard value score, maxim-minimum scoring evaluation of quantitative indicators and three-level scoring evaluation of qualitative indicators, sustainable development, to achieve the scoring criteria of industrial park sustainable development. © 2013 Springer-Verlag.

Pu Q.,Henan Institute of Engineering
2010 International Conference on MultiMedia and Information Technology, MMIT 2010 | Year: 2010

Recently, Lu et al. presented an enhanced authenticated key agreement protocol based on elliptic curves cryptography and included their protocol in 3GPP2 specifications to improve the security of A-Key distribution. In this paper, we first show the proposed protocol can't resist the offline password guessing attack, and then present an enhanced protocol to remedy the security loopholes. On the other hand, through this work, we also hope to contribute towards a better understanding of the importance and necessity of including the key derivation step in key agreement protocols. © 2010 IEEE.

Liu S.,Henan Institute of Engineering | Pan J.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Modern Tunnelling Technology | Year: 2013

To study the overall deformation of tunnels, a 3D laser scanning based multi-point integral monitoring method is proposed to replace the traditional single-point one based on theoretical research and experimental studies. Regarding the massive data of tunnel scanning, the ellipse fitting method is introduced to fit the scanning section of a circular tunnel, and the overall tunnel deformation is represented by the variants of the fitted ellipse sections and scanning sections respectively. This method is able to monitor tunnel deformation at any mileage, section, and point with precise results.

Zhang T.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

This paper concentrates on the research of diesel engine's fault diagnosis. The faults of diesel engine are characterized by small samples and redundant information between features. Thus it is impossible for the neutral network based on large samples to conduct accurate diagnosis of diesel engine. In order to improve the accuracy of fault diagnosis, in this paper, the author would propose a fault diagnosis algorithm based on rough set and support vector machine for diesel engine. At first, the rough set would be employed to simplify the feature attributes of faults so as to eliminate redundant information. Then the support vector machine, which is especially for small samples, would be used to construct a fault diagnosis machine of diesel engine and conduct simulation experiments. The experimental results prove that this algorithm improves the accuracy and efficiency of fault diagnosis of diesel engine, which is a valuable reference source for the fault location and analysis of diesel engine.

Zhang T.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

The diversity and changeability of network attack make it difficult to conduct accurate prediction with traditional algorithms. Therefore, in this paper, the author would propose a network attack prediction algorithm based on chaos theory and LSSVM. The idea of this algorithm is forecasting the relationship between model parameters through time series of network attack frequency and optimizing model parameters with particle swarm optimization algorithm. Finally, conduct a simulation experiment with concrete network attack frequency data through prediction model of optimal parameters and compare it with other prediction algorithms. The experimental results prove that this algorithm is an reliable prediction algorithm with excellent generalization capability and it is more accurate than the comparison algorithm.

Zhao Q.,Henan Institute of Engineering
2012 2nd International Conference on Consumer Electronics, Communications and Networks, CECNet 2012 - Proceedings | Year: 2012

Aimed at some problems in Network Education Resources Construction at present, we analyse the characteristics and application range of cloud computing, and present an integrated solving scheme. On that basis, some critical technologies such as the cloud storage, streaming media and cloud safety are analyzed in detail. Finally, the paper gives summarization and expectation. © 2012 IEEE.

Ma C.,Henan Institute of Engineering
Drilling Fluid and Completion Fluid | Year: 2014

A water soluble polymer viscosifier, IPN-V was developed through modification of xanthan gum. Laboratory study was performed on IPN-V in 20% and 40% CaCl2 brine to examine its thickening capacity, and its ability to improve the rheology of clay-free CaCl2 drilling fluid. CaCl2 water solution treated with IPN-V has an apparent viscosity of more than 30 mPa · s after 16 hours of hot rolling under 90-120 °C. IPN-V can be used in clay-free drilling fluid containing 20%-40% CaCl2 to improve the rheology of the fluid, and is stale at 120 °C.

Guan F.,Henan Institute of Engineering
International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology | Year: 2012

Based on the review of relevant research on the relation between intellectual capital, absorptive capacity and technology innovation, conceptual model and theoretical hypothesis are proposed. Results show that elements of intellectual capital interact with each other; intellectual capital and absorptive capacity has directly positive effect on technology innovation; absorptive capacity plays the moderating role between intellectual, social capital and technology innovation.

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