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The world today faces a considerable growth and spreading of telecommunication networks. Mobile communications companies have to build a sufficient number of base transceiver stations (BTSs) in order to provide high-quality mobile communications services for their customers. Maintenance of such dislocated technical systems is very demanding regarding the engaged manpower and maintenance expenses. The paper shows a modeled system of remote monitoring of parameters of uninterruptible power supply system for telecommunication devices within base transceiver stations in mobile telephony. In their research work the authors of the paper have discovered that application of modern information-telecommunication technologies in remote monitoring of technical systems contributes to increase of reliability and quality of mobile telephony services along with decrease of maintenance expenses. The importance of this paper lies in the attempt to recognize development tendencies and application of new information-telecommunication technologies in the process of maintenance of technical systems.

Boltic Z.,Hemofarm A.D. | Jovanovic M.,University of Belgrade | Petrovic S.,University of Belgrade | Bozanic V.,Belgrade | Mihajlovic M.,University of Belgrade
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly | Year: 2016

The subject and the research objective presented in this article is establishing of the relationship between quality assurance and implementation of cleaner production in the generic pharmaceutical industry through the comprehensive concept of continuous improvement. This is mostly related to application of Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques for process improvement and their link to other known concepts used in the industrial environment, especially manufacturing of generic pharmaceutical products from which two representative case studies were selected for comparative analysis, also considering relevant regulatory requirements in the field of quality management, as well as appropriate quality standards. Although the methodology discussed in this conceptual and practice oriented article is strongly related to chemical engineering, the focus is mainly on process industry, i.e., production systems, rather than any specific technological process itself. The scope of this research is an engineering approach to evaluation of the production systems in terms of continuous improvement concepts application, considering both quality aspects and efficiency of such systems. © 2016, CI and CEQ. All rights reserved.

Boltic Z.,Hemofarm A.D. | Ruzic N.,Hemofarm A.D. | Jovanovic M.,University of Belgrade | Savic M.,University of Belgrade | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Cleaner Production | Year: 2013

The aim of the article is to present a case study related to implementation of cleaner production (CP) process with the concept of minimizing emissions versus the end of pipe (EOP) approach within pharmaceutical industry. The idea is to move beyond simple pollution control by technology improvement and prevention of organic solvents emission into the atmosphere. Furthermore, cost-effectiveness of the suggested approach is evaluated compared to traditional concepts of polluted air treatment, ensuring both environmentally friendly and effective production of film coated tablets. Technological changes to improve the impact on the environment have been applied already in many industries as well as in pharmaceutical manufacturing. However, more effort is to be made in order to further decrease particularly VOCs emission into the atmosphere. An analysis is provided to stimulate a proactive approach in this field towards completely eliminating the use of organic solvents from film-coating systems in the production of the pharmaceutical solid dosage forms. The new way of addressing the costs actually associated with embracing cleaner technologies, which are mostly related to regulatory aspects in pharmaceutical industry, is aimed to promote the change in culture, as well as to be applied in the decision making process for other pharmaceutical facilities still using organic solvents based coatings in the manufacturing of tablets. The significance of the small scale projects is additionally emphasized considering the magnitude of the world generic market. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Mladenovic A.R.,Hemofarm AD | Mijin D.Z.,University of Belgrade | Drmanic S.Z.,University of Belgrade | Vajs V.E.,University of Belgrade | And 3 more authors.
Electroanalysis | Year: 2014

The oxidative ability of donepezil, a frequently prescribed drug for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease is reported for the first time at a gold electrode. It was oxidized by cyclic voltammetry and determined by square wave voltammetry in phosphate buffer electrolyte. Electrochemical degradation of donepezil was carried out by long term potential cycling. The identification and characterization of the major product, isolated by preparative high performance liquid chromatography, was performed by high resolution mass spectrometry and 1D and 2D nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Donepezil hydroxy derivative was identified as the major electrochemical oxidation product from donepezil. © 2014 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

This study investigates the use of high molecular weight polyethylene oxide (PEO WSR coagulant) for the preparation of sustained release matrix tablets containing high dose, highly water soluble drug, tramadol HCl. Proportion of PEO polymer, type of insoluble filler, proportion of tramadol HCl, amount of drug in tablet, tablet diameter and compression pressure were recognized as critical formulation and process parameters and their influence on drug release and tablet mechanical properties was evaluated. Percentages of tramadol HCl released after 30 and 240 min were selected for evaluation of drug release, while tensile strength was used as indicator of tablet mechanical properties. Only proportion of tramadol HCl exhibits statistically significant effect on percentages of tramadol HCl released after 30 and 240 min, with higher, wherein increasing of the tramadol HCl proportion increased its release rate among the evaluated variables in selected ranges. All of the investigated factors exhibit statistically significant effect on tablets tensile strength, with the largest influence of filler type. Tablets prepared with highly compressible filler (microcrystalline cellulose) exhibit higher tensile strength and therefore better mechanical properties to those prepared with partially pregelatinized starch (starch 1500). © 2015, Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers of Serbia. All rights reserved.

Nikolic K.,University of Belgrade | Filijovic N.D.,Hemofarm AD | Maricic B.,Hemofarm AD | Agbaba D.,University of Belgrade
Journal of Separation Science | Year: 2013

The development of an RP-HPLC method for the separation of aripiprazole and its nine impurities was performed with the use of partial least squares regression, response surface plot methodology, and chromatographic response function. The HPLC retention times and computed molecular parameters of the aripiprazole and its nine impurities were further used for the quantitative structure-retention relationship (QSRR) study. The QSRR model, R2: 0.899, Q2: 0.832, root mean square error of estimation: 4.761, root mean square error of prediction: 6.614, was developed. Very good agreement between the predicted and observed retention times (tR) for three additional aripiprazole impurities (TC1-TC3) indicated the high prediction potential of the QSRR model for tR evaluation of other aripiprazole impurities and metabolites. The developed HPLC method is the first reported method for the efficient separation of aripiprazole and its nine impurities, which could be used for the analysis of an additional three aripiprazole impurities (TC1-TC3). © 2013 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Nikolic N.D.,Hemofarm a.d. | Medarevic .P.,University of Belgrade | uris J.D.,University of Belgrade | Vasiljevic D.D.,University of Belgrade
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly | Year: 2015

This study investigates the use of high molecular weight hydrophiiic polymers, hypromellose and hydroxypropylcellulose, for the preparation of sustained release matrix tablets containing a high-dose highly soluble drug, tramadol HCl. The proportion of polymer, type of insoluble filler, proportion of tramadol HCl, amount of drug in the tablet and compression pressure were recognized as critical formulation and process parameters and their influence on drug release and tablet mechanical properties was evaluated. Tensile strength was used as an indicator of the mechanical properties of the tablets. Experiments were performed with utilization of a compaction simulator, a device that simulates compaction profiles of large scale rotary tablet presses. In formulations with both polymers, the proportion of tramadol HCl was the most critical formulation parameter, wherein increasing the proportion of tramadol HCl increased its release rate in the early stages of drug release. Regarding the tablet mechanical characteristics, the filler type had the most pronounced effect in formulations with both polymers. Higher tensile strengths were obtained with Avicel PH 102 as the filler in formulations with both HPMC and HPC. © 2015, CI and CEQ. All rights reserved.

Voskresenski V.,Hemofarm AD | Voskresenski K.,Technical Faculty Mihajlo Pupin | Odadzic V.,Zrenjaninska gimnazija
Technics Technologies Education Management | Year: 2010

By applying analysis of differences in development of curriculum concept, the authors present the idea that two basic structural components of this concept can be identified. This is discussed in the first part of the thesis. The second part of the thesis gives practical possibilities of tuition planning according to the curriculum methodology using the example of Electrical Engineering teaching. The third, central and according to the authors, most significant part of the essay, points out that the curriculum components are, both by their structure and logical sequence, fully compatible with the subsystems and elements of control in cybernetic systems. Hence the belief of the authors that tuition planning using the methodology of curriculum modeled in cybernetic regulatory circle could create possibilities of managing, regulation and more impartial evaluation of the overall tuition planning process. The validity of such affirmations is justified by a short illustration of application of this concept in all educational systems, with minor exceptions, its effects being established only by application of classical positivistic pedagogical methodology.

Dudic Z.,Hemofarm a.d.
International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management | Year: 2015

Procurement controlling process increases efficiency and reduces costs associated with improperly submitted orders. Most large organizations already appreciate the advantage to be advised by effectively controlling purchasing activities. Procurement controlling and procurement performance management are two synonyms for the same functional area. Through procurement controlling purchases received information that is relevant for their purchasing decision. Improving supplier performance is a challenge faced by many organizations, accordingly this, procurement controlling offers the right tools such as developing balanced scorecard. By developing a set of a leading performance measures, managers have the information necessary to identify opportunities for performance improvement.

Todorovic-Dudic A.,Hemofarm ad
International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management | Year: 2015

The strategic playing field of controllers from the perspective of the services to be delivered and the relationships to internal customer, were frequent references to how controllers should adapt their abilities to such challenges. Controllers should therefore under no circumstances take comfort in their very strong internal competitive position, but have to work actively on its ongoing strategic development. If controllers focus consistently on identifying new services for managers, if they keep their managers' satisfaction in mind, if they measure their tasks in the same way that they plan and monitor business development, then there are strong arguments why they should be able to maintain their market dominance in the area of management support.

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