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Disclosed is a system and method for detecting false Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) satellite signals. False GNSS satellite signals can be used malevolently to take control of a body such as a vehicle or ship that is using GNSS satellite signals for navigation. In some embodiments a GNSS attitude system is used to detect the false GNSS satellite signals. The GNSS attitude system measures the code or carrier phase of the GNSS satellite signals at two or more antennas to detect the false GNSS satellite signals. In some embodiments the attitude system computes first measured and second estimated carrier phase differences in order to detect the false GNSS satellite signals. The attitude system may compute the attitude of a baseline vector between the two antennas. Once false GNSS satellite signals are detected, the method can include preventing the attitude determining system from outputting position or location data.

Hemisphere | Date: 2014-07-23

A Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) electronic circuit is described that uses an antenna and a fractal ground plane conductor or a fractal counterpoise. Some embodiments of the electronic circuit include a first ground plane conductor portion on a first electronic substrate, and a second ground plane conductor portion on a second electronic substrate. The second ground plane conductor portion is shaped to include at least one fractal pattern. The fractal pattern of the second ground plane conductor portion makes the ground plane seem electrically larger than it is. The fractal ground plane conductor portion minimizes the reception of GNSS satellite signals below the antenna, and improves the reception of signals from low elevation GNSS satellites above the horizon.

The present invention is a system and method for delivering customized electronic advertisements in an interactive communication system. The customized advertisements are selected based on consumer profiles and are then integrated with offerings maintained by different content providers. The preferred interactive communication system interconnects multiple consumer computers, multiple content provider computers and multiple Internet provider computers with an advertisement provider computer. Whenever a consumer directs one of the consumer computers to access an offering existing in one of the content provider computers, an advertising request is sent to the advertisement provider computer. Upon receiving the advertising request, the advertising provider computer generates a custom advertisement based on the consumers profile. The custom advertisement is then combined with the offering from the content provider computer and displayed to the consumer. The advertisement provider computer also credits a consumer account, a content provider account and an internet provider account each time a consumer views a custom advertisement. Furthermore, the advertisement provider computer tracks consumer responses to the customized advertisements.

Hemisphere | Date: 2014-04-21

An integrated machine guidance system for guiding a critical device of a machine includes global navigation satellite system (GNSS) antennas, a GNSS receiver, a guidance controller, and a wireless communication system enclosed in a housing. The guidance controller is adapted to compute an actual position of the critical device and determine a direction that the critical device should move to arrive at a desired position. The housing may be coupled to a mounting element, which is attached to the critical device. A display unit is in communication with the guidance controller, and is coupled to the housing so that it is visible to an operator in the cab of the machine. The guidance controller may communicate with another display unit located remote from the housing via the wireless communication system. Each of the display units can provide an indication of the direction that the critical device should move.

Hemisphere | Date: 2013-01-30

A steering controller can control steering of a vehicle and is suitable for precision farm controlling. The steering controller can rotate the steering shaft of the vehicle direct the vehicle on a desired path, for example, using a satellite positioning system. Components of the steering controller are environmental protected by a housing that has an opening extending between its front and rear surfaces. The opening is lined by a shaft. A hub located near the front of the opening can be coupled to the steering shaft of the vehicle. A motor has a stator fixed to the housing and a rotor fixed to the hub. When the housing is attached to a fixed location on the vehicle, the motor can rotate the steering shaft by rotating the hub with respect to the housing. A control module drives the motor based on commands from a guidance module.

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