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Hamburg, Germany

The Helmut Schmidt University , located in Hamburg, Germany, is a German military educational establishment that was founded in 1973 at the initiative of the then-Federal Minister of Defence, Helmut Schmidt. Originally known as the "University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg" , its complete official name today is "Helmut-Schmidt-Universität/Universität der Bundeswehr Hamburg". Teaching first started in Autumn of 1973. It is one of two universities that were established by the Bundeswehr to train and educate its future and existing officers. In general, it is accessible only to officers and officer candidates of the Bundeswehr, hence its original name. However, since it started teaching, there have been cooperation agreements with allied countries, on the basis of which a handful of selected officers from these states have been able to study in Hamburg.Since 2002 there has been a small number of civilian students at the university. A prerequisite for studying as a civilian at the Helmut Schmidt University is a business scholarship. These scholarships are usually awarded by foundations with close relationships to industry – thus, these students are at least indirectly being supported by their future employer, usually large companies. As of 2011 training costs are currently 6000 euros , 8000 euros or 10000 euros per academic year.Academic degrees and titles obtained at HSU are equivalent to those awarded by state universities and are equally valid, since the courses comply with the requirements of Hamburg's higher education legislation. The university is authorised to confer habilitations and doctoral degrees. Wikipedia.

Weiss C.H.,Helmut Schmidt University
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis | Year: 2013

The NDARMA model is a discrete counterpart to the usual ARMA model, which can be applied to purely categorical processes. NDARMA processes are shown to be φ-mixing, so it is possible to find asymptotic expressions for the distribution of several types of statistics. Such asymptotic properties are useful for hypothesis testing or other inferential procedures. This is exemplified by considering the Gini index and the entropy as measures of marginal dispersion, the Pearson statistic for checking the goodness-of-fit with regard to a hypothetical marginal distribution, and several measures of signed or unsigned serial dependence. For each of these cases, the obtained asymptotic approximations are also compared to the empirically observed behavior in time series of finite length. Practical applications are illustrated by a real-data example. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Josef Geiger M.,Helmut Schmidt University
Computers and Industrial Engineering | Year: 2011

The article describes the proposition and application of a local search metaheuristic for multi-objective optimization problems. It is based on two main principles of heuristic search, intensification through variable neighborhoods, and diversification through perturbations and successive iterations in favorable regions of the search space. The concept is successfully tested on permutation flow shop scheduling problems under multiple objectives and compared to other local search approaches. While the obtained results are encouraging in terms of their quality, another positive attribute of the approach is its simplicity as it does require the setting of only very few parameters. The metaheuristic is a key element of the Multi-Objective Optimization and Production Planning Solver MOOPPS. The software has been awarded the European Academic Software Award in Ronneby, Sweden (http://www.bth.se/llab/easa-2002. nsf), and has since been used for research and higher education in the mentioned problem domain (Geiger, 2006). © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Frahm G.,Helmut Schmidt University
Theory and Decision | Year: 2015

A portfolio-resampling procedure invented by Richard and Robert Michaud is a subject of highly controversial discussion and big scientific dispute. It has been evaluated in many empirical studies and Monte Carlo experiments. Apart from the contradictory findings, the Michaud approach still lacks a theoretical foundation. I prove that portfolio resampling has a strong foundation in the classic theory of rational behavior. Every noise trader could do better by applying the Michaud procedure. By contrast, a signal trader who has enough prediction power and risk-management skills should refrain from portfolio resampling. The key note is that in most simulation studies, investors are considered as noise traders. This explains why portfolio resampling performs well in simulation studies, but could be mediocre in real life. © 2014, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

The influence of personality on health related quality of life (QoL) and physical functioning in the setting of allogeneic hematopoietic SCT (alloHSCT) is unknown. We conducted a joint evaluation within two independent cohorts of alloHSCT recipients to investigate the impact of personality on reported QoL and physical functioning. Two-hundred-eight patients (median age 44 years, range 18-72) of cohort 1 and 93 patients (median age 55 years, range 19-79) of cohort 2 after alloHSCT were evaluated. Personality was assessed using the 24-adjective measure (AM), which measures the Big-Five personality domains and the Life Orientation Test-Revised (LOT-R), measuring optimism and pessimism. QoL was measured using the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy with bone marrow transplantation subscale (FACT-BMT), Short Form 36 (SF-36), the human activity profile (HAP), as well as the NIH criteria-based cGVHD activity assessment form and the Lee cGVHD symptom scale. Neuroticism was significantly associated with worse function measured by the HAP and FACT-BMT. Optimism significantly improved QoL captured by the FACT-BMT. Pessimism significantly impaired physical function captured by the HAP and SF-36. Extraversion was significantly associated with reduced depression and lower severity of cGVHD symptoms reported by the patient and the physician. The results suggest that personality traits and pre-treatment QoL assessments should be measured in clinical trials to facilitate the interpretation of QoL data. Source

Barth M.,ABB | Fay A.,Helmut Schmidt University
Control Engineering Practice | Year: 2013

The correct configuration of the control code is a critical part of every process control system engineering project. To ensure the conformity of the implemented control functions with the customer's specifications, test activities, e.g., the factory acceptance test (FAT), are conducted in every control engineering project. For the past several years, control code tests have increasingly been carried out on simulation models to increase test coverage and timeliness. Despite the advantages that simulation methods offer, the manual effort for generating an applicable simulation model is still high. To reduce this effort, an automated model generation is proposed in this paper. The models automatically generated by this approach provide a modeling level of detail that matches the requirements for the tests of the control code on the base automation level. Therefore, these models do not need to be as detailed as the high-fidelity models which are used for, e.g., model predictive control (MPC) applications. Within this paper, the authors describe an approach to automatically generate simulation models for control code tests based on given computer aided engineering (CAE) planning documents. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. Source

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