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Bussow K.,Helmholtz Center for Infection Research
Current Opinion in Structural Biology | Year: 2015

The mammalian cell lines HEK293 and CHO have become important expression hosts in structural biology. Generating stable mammalian cell lines remains essential for studying the function and structure of recombinant proteins, despite the emergence of highly efficient transient transfection protocols. Production with stable cell lines can be scaled up easily and high volumetric product yield can be achieved. Protein structure reports of the past two years that used stable cell lines were surveyed for this review. Well-established techniques and novel approaches for generating stable cell lines and stable cell pools are presented, including cell sorting, site-specific recombination, transposons, the Lentivirus system and phage integrases. Host cell line optimization by endoglycosidase overexpression and sequence-specific genome engineering is highlighted. © 2015 Published by Elsevier Ltd. Source

There are described tooth filling materials and dental varnishes for inhibiting the biofilm formation of

Helmholtz Center for Infection Research | Date: 2013-04-11

The present invention is directed at genetically engineered form of a naturally PHA producing microorganism, which has an increased number of copies, compared to the wild type microorganism, of at least one gene coding a polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthase, wherein said increased number of copies provides a balanced overproduction of said PHA synthase, and eventually causing the microorganism to overproduce medium- or long-chain-length PHAs in an amount of at least 1.2 times compared to the wild type after 24 h, wherein the reference condition for assessing the overproduction is modified MM medium containing 15 mM sodium octanoate. The production of PHAs in the microorganism can in addition be favourably influenced by the inactivation of genes encoding for proteins involved in the degradation of PHA, resulting in an even increased production of the microorganism of this compound without a decline in the PHA content over time. The inventive microorganisms are useful in the commercial production of PHAs. The present invention further relates to a method for the production of PHA.

Helmholtz Center for Infection Research | Date: 2012-07-09

The invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising Sorafenib in combination with an inhibitor of a specific kinase inhibitor as a medicament for the treatment or prevention of liver cancer.

Twincore Zentrum Fuer Experimentelle und Klinische Infektionsforschung GmbH and Helmholtz Center for Infection Research | Date: 2012-02-17

The present invention describes new compounds (e.g. Haprolid) of formula (I) and their use as antiviral agents such as inhibitors of hepatitis C virus (HCV):

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