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Vari, Greece

The Evelpidon Military Academy is the Officer cadet school of the Greek Army and the oldest tertiary level educational institution in Greece. It was founded in 1828 in Nafplion by Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first Governor of the modern Greek State.The institution was created to provide officers for all the Arms of the Hellenic Army , as well as some of the Corps . By contrast, officers in the Legal Corps, the Medical Corps, the Finance Corps, and the Auditing Corps are graduates of the Corps Officers Military Academy , with the exception of nurse officers in the Medical Corps, who are graduates of the Nurse Officer Academy . The School also trains cadets on behalf of foreign allied countries.The origin of the designation "Evelpides" is from a passage by the historian Thucydides, where the Corinthians describe their adversaries, the Athenians, as "adventurous beyond their power, daring beyond their judgment, and bearers of high hopes when in danger" . Wikipedia.

Pham V.-T.,Hanoi University of Science and Technology | Volos C.,Hellenic Military Academy | Jafari S.,Amirkabir University of Technology | Wei Z.,Wuhan University | Wang X.,City University of Hong Kong
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos | Year: 2014

This paper introduces a new no-equilibrium chaotic system that is constructed by adding a tiny perturbation to a simple chaotic flow having a line equilibrium. The dynamics of the proposed system are investigated through Lyapunov exponents, bifurcation diagram, Poincaré map and period-doubling route to chaos. A circuit realization is also represented. Moreover, two other new chaotic systems without equilibria are also proposed by applying the presented methodology. © 2014 World Scientific Publishing Company. Source

Aim. Assessment of elite athletes' physiological characteristics is necessary in order to develop proper training, talent detection and identification programs. Since women's soccer is just at the beginning, there are no data available on elite players. Aim of this study was to investigate anthropometric and physiological characteristics of elite Greek female soccer players. Methods. Forty-five members of two division I teams participated in our study during their routine health-related and sport-related fitness screening. Results. Body fat was 22.65±1.91 %, players' somatotype mesomorphic endomorph (5.2-4.9-1.9) and work capacity in heart rate 170 was 2.13±0.47 W-kg-1. Peak anaerobic power was 9.65±0.58 W-kg-1, fatigue index 46.3±7.75% (Wingate test), whilst maximal anaerobic power was 12.39±1.41 W-kg-1, maximal force 163.81 ±30.56 N and maximal velocity 185.03±11.77 revolutions per minute (force-velocity test). Starters players had lower % body fat (21.8% vs. 24.27%, t43=-2.23, P<0.05), and higher work capacity in heart rate 170 (2.3 W-kg-1 vs. 1.98 W-kg-1, t43=2.36, P<0.05) and peak anaerobic power (9.87 W-kg -1 vs. 9.43 W-kg-1, t40=2.31, P<0.05) than substitutes. Conclusion. Our findings confirmed previous suggestions about the good aerobic and anaerobic profile of women's soccer. However, what is novel is the quantification of this physiological profile in elite Greek players and the role of physical fitness on starters' selection. Source

Lazopoulos K.A.,National Technical University of Athens | Lazopoulos A.K.,Hellenic Military Academy
European Journal of Mechanics, A/Solids | Year: 2011

The governing equilibrium equations for strain gradient elastic thin shallow shells are derived, considering nonlinear strains and linear constitutive strain gradient elastic relations. Adopting Kirchhoff's theory of thin shallow structures, the equilibrium equations, along with the boundary conditions, are formulated through a variational procedure. It turns out that new terms are introduced, indicating the importance of the cross-section area in bending of thin plates. Those terms are missing from the existing strain gradient shallow thin shell theories. Those terms highly increase the stiffness of the structures. When the curvature of the shallow shell becomes zero, the governing equilibrium for the plates is derived. © 2010 Elsevier Masson SAS. All rights reserved. Source

Lazopoulos A.K.,Hellenic Military Academy
Acta Mechanica | Year: 2014

Non-smooth strain gradient fields are studied in bending beams, in the context of strain gradient elasticity. It is found that strain fields with continuous curvature, but discontinuous curvature derivatives (evolutes) are possible. The pure bending and buckling problems of a simply supported beam are investigated. © 2013 Springer-Verlag Wien. Source

Xaplanteris C.L.,Greek National Center For Scientific Research | Xaplanteris C.L.,Hellenic Military Academy | Filippaki E.,Greek National Center For Scientific Research
Journal of Plasma Physics | Year: 2011

Stabilities, instabilities and turbulences have always appeared into a cylindrical magnetized argon plasma. These phenomena are caused by linear or nonlinear dynamics and are interpreted with the linear or nonlinear theory accordingly. In this paper, an experimental study accompanied by theoretical justification and based on the wave-wave interaction has been made; an azimuthally moved driving wave is enforced in a very simple way. The turbulence stabilization, the wave coupling, the instability synchronization and other wavy interactions, which are caused by using an external spatiotemporal electric signal, are presented. The research of the wavy subjects continuing in our laboratory aspires to comprehend the plasma chaotic behavior and take a step into suppressing the unstable inclination. © 2011 Cambridge University Press. Source

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