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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP | Phase: ENERGY.2009.2.2.1 | Award Amount: 14.45M | Year: 2010

This proposal aims to demonstrate the utilisation of a wide range of biomass feedstocks in an innovative energy conversion scheme. More particularly, it is proposed to convert equal proportions of app. 25000 tons/y of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), derived from a planned MSW recycling facility and biomass (from energy crops) to electricity and heat in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) gasification power plant. This medium-scale co-generation project (fuel input approx. 13,5 MW) is expected to generate approx. 21 GWh of electricity; 45 GWh of thermal energy reaching an overall efficiency of 65%. SRF will be provided by an adjacent 50000 tons MSW/y recycling facility, currently in the design phase, in Imathia Prefecture (Central Macedonia, Greece), while biomass by locally grown energy crops. The proposal aims to demonstrate close-coupling of two different fuel supply chains (energy-crops and SRF), also addressing other important issues, such as: a) The capacity of the SRF-alone gasification facility is increased, whereby achieving significant economies of scale; b) The fuel security in the energy conversion facility is improved, due to the multi-feedstock approach adopted; c) The biomass incorporation in existing infrastructure is secured, providing a new market opportunity, i.e. its co-utilisation with recovered fuels (SRF) from MSW treatment. Thus, capital savings may be achieved since no additional equipment for biomass conversion is needed; the only investment required being the necessary infrastructure for biomass logistics. d) The efficient utilisation of waste heat in a process-integrated biomass dryer is achieved, leading to a significant improvement in overall energy efficiency. Recovered heat will also be used in the adjacent Wastes Treatment Facility (WTF) as well as for addressing additional energy services to the nearby community. e) The entire process chain for sustainable biomass feedstock (energy crops) supply at a medium scale application is demonstrated.

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