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Wang X.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Wang X.,Heilongjiang Province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute | Zhong X.,Harbin Engineering University | Chen D.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | And 3 more authors.
Sichuan Daxue Xuebao (Gongcheng Kexue Ban)/Journal of Sichuan University (Engineering Science Edition) | Year: 2014

To compensate the lack of systematicness and realistic model, heterogeneities were classified into several categories, a heterogeneity space model was built up by utilizing space theory, and the variation trend of dynamic heterogeneity was discussed. Then, an energy efficient random key pre-distribution protocol was proposed, which is inspired by dynamic energy heterogeneity. Under a certain heterogeneity space model, several evaluation metrics including long-term network connectivity, resilience and lifetime were also analyzed. Simulation result showed that by rational using of heterogeneity, the proposed protocol doesn't only keep connectivity and improve resilience, but also provide a much better network lifetime than other protocols.

Jun-tao G.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Jun-tao G.,Heilongjiang province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute | Yong-de Z.,Harbin University of Science and Technology
International Journal of Smart Home | Year: 2013

Non-contact hydraulic seal (clearance seal) decrease the leakage by the small clearance between the seal. Non-contact seal is the seal form is very simple. The sealing effect depends on the size of the clearance and pressure difference, the length and parts of the sealing surface quality. Among them, the clearance size of the greatest impact on the sealing performance. The hydraulic systems sealing mathematical and computational fluid dynamics(CFD) model are presented to estimate the impact of eccentricity ratio, seal clearance and pressure are has to hydraulic force and leakage. These factors should be considered in the practical engineering ©2013 SERSC.

Zhang J.-P.,Harbin Engineering University | Deng K.,Harbin Engineering University | Yang J.,Harbin Engineering University | Liu X.-Y.,Heilongjiang Province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute
Tien Tzu Hsueh Pao/Acta Electronica Sinica | Year: 2015

Since traditional overlapping community detection methods in complex networks based on label propagation that could not detect overlapping nodes accurately, this paper presented link attribution density and link attribution orientation functions through analyzing the relationship between each link and its neighbor links to assess the attribution community of each link. On this basis, overlapping community detection method based on link label propagation (OLLP) was designed. Firstly, OLLP used the label of every link to the node label which possesses the higher degree when connected by the link, and then updated the label repeatedly through analyzing attribution density and attribution orientation of the link. Finally, identical label links were attributed to the same community. By testing on both synthetic and real-world networks, and comparing with multiple representative algorithms, the experimental results verify the validity and feasibility of OLLP. ©, 2015, Chinese Institute of Electronics. All right reserved.

Gu J.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Gu J.,Heilongjiang Province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute | Zhang Y.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Jiang J.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Li S.,Harbin University of Science and Technology
Yi Qi Yi Biao Xue Bao/Chinese Journal of Scientific Instrument | Year: 2014

Aiming at the problems of traditional catalytic combustion-type gas sensor, such as matching difficulty, poor consistency, high power consumption and poor interchangeability due to manual manufacturing, in this paper a kind of integrated dual bridge catalytic combustion-type alcohol gas sensor is designed and manufactured based on silicon MEMS technology. With ANSYS finite element analysis method the temperature field of the sensor was analyzed, the silicon oxidation-PECVD-oxidation technique was adopted to produce the SiO2-Si3N2-SiO2 microstructure dual bridge carrier with sandwich structure, wet etching method was used to etch the silicon and form a beam structure for reducing the heat consumption. The thin film technology was used to manufacture the platinum film sensitive resistor, and the nano Al2O3-ZrO-ThO. was coated to form the sensor carrier, the Pt-Pd catalyst solution was dipped on the sensitive unit to form the catalytic sensitive bridge arm, the catalyst carrier without coating was used as the reference unit, the chip integration on the micro double bridge was realized, and the sensor was manufactured. The Pt film resistor lines were observed with the electron microscope, the compositions of the carrier sensitive material and compensation material were analyzed with energy spectrum method. The test results show that the sensor can realize the detection of alcohol with the volume fraction of 0-4 500×10-6, has good linear output characteristic; within the temperature range of 20-40°C and humidity range of 30%RH~85%RH, the maximum zero output of the sensor is less than ±2.0% FS, the power consumption is not larger than 0.2 W, both of the response and recovery time are less than 30 s.

Lu X.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Wu Q.,Harbin University of Science and Technology | Wu Q.,Heilongjiang Province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute | Wu L.,Harbin University of Science and Technology
Proceedings of 2013 2nd International Conference on Measurement, Information and Control, ICMIC 2013 | Year: 2013

In view of the actual wireless communication environment, there exists the difference between different location of the cognitive radio spectrum sensing node. This paper studies excellent detection performance of each node spectrum sensing of cognitive level in different conditions of received signal to noise ratio. The data fusion criteria which cognitive user adopt under different SNR could take directly affects the overall cooperative spectrum sensing detection performance, and there have cognitive fusion nodes with lower SNR to be in confluence, on the contrary it will reduce the overall detection performance. Therefore the hybrid data fusion based cooperative spectrum sensing algorithm is proposed, the method based on different SNR classifies cognitive nodes. The different criteria for data fusion is taken according to each type of the characteristics. It can be proved to improve the detection performance of the whole system effectively through MATLAB simulation in different channel environments. © 2013 IEEE.

Xie X.-Q.,Harbin Engineering University | Song C.-C.,Harbin Engineering University | Song C.-C.,Heilongjiang Province Electronic and Information Products Supervision Inspection Institute | Zhang Z.-Q.,Harbin Engineering University
Jisuanji Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Computers | Year: 2010

Services are archived dispersively on Internet. With the rapid increasing number of Web services, how to discovery the desired Web service automatically and accurately has been a critical hot issue in service-oriented computing. Aiming at such problems as the low search efficiency, load imbalance and lacking semantic understanding existing in current service discovery researches, this paper proposes a new service discovery method based on referral network and ant-colony algorithm. Firstly, a self-organizing service referral network model-SSRNM is constructed. SSRNM defines related policies and provides the search space for service discovery, thus it can be fit for the dynamic and open environment. Secondly, based on SSRNM, an ant-colony algorithm-based service discovery method ABSDA is presented. This method makes use of recommendation to improve the success and recall rate of service discovery, and adopts the idea of ant colony algorithm to solve the network load balancing problem effectively. Finally, the experimental results prove that this method is correct and feasible.

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