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Lohkamp M.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Kromer T.O.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Schmitt H.,ATOS Klinik Heidelberg GmbH and Co. KG Heidelberg Germany
Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports | Year: 2017

After a professional career as a soccer player, the risk of developing osteoarthritis (OA) in different joints of the spine and lower limb might be increased. The extent of this problem to date is not clear. Therefore, the aim of this systematic review is to summarize the prevalence of OA and joint replacement of the lower limb and spine in former professional soccer players. Relevant databases were searched with different combinations of key words: for example, OA, hip, knee, ankle, foot, joint replacement, soccer. Studies were included if they were original research, included a sample of former professional male soccer players, and had OA in the lower limb and/or spine; OA was diagnosed either through questionnaires or X-rays; and the article is in English, Dutch, or German. Sixteen studies with 1576 former players and 2153 control subjects were included in the review. Studies agreed that the prevalence of hip OA and hip replacements is significantly higher in former players compared to the control group. For the ankle and spine, there is only limited information, and for the prevalence of knee OA and knee replacement, the results are contradictory. The quality of the included studies was moderate. Future studies should have a prospective design to control for confounding factors, to identify possible risk factors and consequences for the individuals, and to be able to develop a prevention program. © 2017 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Forg T.,Mannheim University of Applied Sciences | Hafner M.,Mannheim University of Applied Sciences | Hafner M.,University of Heidelberg | Hafner M.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | And 2 more authors.
PLoS ONE | Year: 2014

The homodimeric transmembrane receptor endoglin (CD105) plays an important role in angiogenesis. This is highlighted by mutations in its gene, causing the vascular disorder HHT1. The main role of endoglin function has been assigned to the modulation of transforming growth factor β and bone morphogenetic protein signalling in endothelial cells. Nevertheless, other functions of endoglin have been revealed to be involved in different cellular functions and in other cell types than endothelial cells. Compared to the exploration of its natural function, little experimental data have been gathered about the mode of action of endoglin HHT mutations at the cellular level, especially missense mutations, and to what degree these might interfere with normal endoglin function. In this paper, we have used fluorescence-based microscopic techniques, such as bimolecular fluorescence complementation (BiFC), immunofluorescence staining with the endoglin specific monoclonal antibody SN6, and protein interaction studies by Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) to investigate the formation and cellular localisation of possible homo- and heterodimers composed of endoglin wild-type and endoglin missense mutant proteins. The results show that all of the investigated missense mutants dimerise with themselves, as well as with wild-type endoglin, and localise, depending on the position of the affected amino acid, either in the rough endoplasmic reticulum (rER) or in the plasma membrane of the cells. We show that the rER retained mutants reduce the amount of endogenous wild-type endoglin on the plasma membrane through interception in the rER when transiently or stably expressed in HMEC-1 endothelial cells. As a result of this, endoglin modulated TGF-β1 signal transduction is also abrogated, which is not due to TGF-β receptor ER trafficking interference. Protein interaction analyses by FRET show that rER located endoglin missense mutants do not perturb protein processing of other membrane receptors, such as TβRII, ALK5 or ALK1. © 2014 Förg et al.

Daseking M.,University of Bremen | Werpup-Stuwe L.,University of Bremen | Wienert L.M.,University of Bremen | Menke B.M.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | And 2 more authors.
Kindheit und Entwicklung | Year: 2015

In child psychology practice, a question that repeatedly arises is which test should be administered to assess cognitive skills of children with a first language other than German. The aim of this study was to investigate the utility of the Wechsler Nonverbal Scale of Ability (WNV) for this special group. One of the distinct advantages of this test is that language skills are not necessary for solving the tasks. The study was based on a sample of children (N =1,248) aged from 4.0 to 17.11 years, of whom 46 (3.6%) only speak their parents' native language at home and a sample of 258 (20.1%) who speak both the native language and German. Results show that differences in cognitive abilities are explained by parental education level, but not by migrant background. The possibilities and limitations of using the WNV are discussed. © Hogrefe Verlag, Göttingen 2015.

Diener C.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Bornschlegl M.,University of Bremen | Menke B.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Petermann F.,University of Bremen
Zeitschrift fur Neuropsychologie | Year: 2016

Neuropsychological studies show equivocal results for the relationship between subjective and objective measures of cognitive performance. Cognitive performance (German adaption of the Neuropsychological Assessment Battery, NAB) and subjective complaints of cognitive disturbances (FLei) were assessed in 286 mentally healthy individuals. Although the FLei reliably measures subjective neuropsychological complains, floor effects suppressed correlations to objective scores of attention, memory and executive functions. Yet, memory proved the most sensitive domain for a positive interrelation of subjective and objective cognitive assessment. Moreover, subjective well-being (WHO-5) moderated the relationship between both levels of assessment for memory and overall cognitive performance. Studies including individuals suffering from mental strain may found additional clinically relevant evidence for the interrelation between subjective and objective assessments of cognitive performance. © 2016 Hogrefe.

Kill C.,University of Marburg | Hahn O.,University of Marburg | Dietz F.,Weinmann Gerate Fur Medizin GmbH Co. KG | Neuhaus C.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | And 7 more authors.
Critical Care Medicine | Year: 2014

OBJECTIVE:: Mechanical ventilation with an automated ventilator is recommended during cardiopulmonary resuscitation with a secured airway. We investigated the influence of intermittent positive-pressure ventilation, bilevel ventilation, and the novel ventilator mode chest compression synchronized ventilation, a pressure-controlled ventilation triggered by each chest compression, on gas exchange, hemodynamics, and return of spontaneous circulation in a pig model. DESIGN:: Animal study. SETTING:: University laboratory. SUBJECTS:: Twenty-four three-month-old female domestic pigs. INTERVENTIONS:: The study was performed on pigs under general anesthesia with endotracheal intubation. Arterial and central venous catheters were inserted and IV rocuronium (1 mg/kg) was injected. After 3 minutes of cardiac arrest (ventricular fibrillation at t = 0 min), animals were randomized into intermittent positive-pressure ventilation (control group), bilevel, or chest compression synchronized ventilation group. Following 10 minute uninterrupted chest compressions and mechanical ventilation, advanced life support was performed (100% O2, up to six defibrillations, vasopressors). MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS:: Blood gas samples were drawn at 0, 4 and 13 minutes. At 13 minutes, hemodynamics was analyzed beat-to-beat in the end-inspiratory and end-expiratory cycle comparing the IPPV with the bilevel group and the CCSV group. Data were analyzed with the Mann-Whitney U test. Return of spontaneous circulation was achieved in five of eight (intermittent positive-pressure ventilation), six of eight (bilevel), and four of seven (chest compression synchronized ventilation) pigs. The results of arterial blood gas analyses at t = 4 minutes and t = 13 minutes (torr) were as follows: PaO2 intermittent positive-pressure ventilation, 143 (76/256) and 262 (81/340); bilevel, 261 (109/386) (p = 0.195 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 236 (86/364) (p = 0.878 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation); and chest compression synchronized ventilation, 598 (471/650) (p < 0.001 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 634 (115/693) (p = 0.054 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation); PaCO2 intermittent positive-pressure ventilation, 40 (38/43) and 45 (36/52); bilevel, 39 (35/41) (p = 0.574 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 46 (42/49) (p = 0.798); and chest compression synchronized ventilation, 28 (27/32) (p = 0.001 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 26 (18/29) (p = 0.004); mixed venous pH intermittent positive-pressure ventilation, 7.34 (7.31/7.35) and 7.26 (7.25/7.31); bilevel, 7.35 (7.29/7.37) (p = 0.645 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 7.27 (7.17/7.31) (p = 0.645 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation); and chest compression synchronized ventilation, 7.34 (7.33/7.39) (p = 0.189 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 7.35 (7.34/7.36) (p = 0.006 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation). Mean end-inspiratory and end-expiratory arterial pressures at t = 13 minutes (mm Hg) were as follows: intermittent positive-pressure ventilation, 28.0 (25.0/29.6) and 27.9 (24.4/30.0); bilevel, 29.1 (25.6/37.1) (p = 0.574 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 28.7 (24.2/36.5) (p = 0.721 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation); and chest compression synchronized ventilation, 32.7 (30.4/33.4) (p = 0.021 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation) and 27.0 (24.5/27.7) (p = 0.779 vs intermittent positive-pressure ventilation). CONCLUSIONS:: Both intermittent positive-pressure ventilation and bilevel provided similar oxygenation and ventilation during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Chest compression synchronized ventilation elicited the highest mean arterial pressure, best oxygenation, and a normal mixed venous pH during cardiopulmonary resuscitation. © 2013 by the Society of Critical Care Medicine and Lippincott.

Bailer J.,University of Heidelberg | Witthoft M.,University of Mannheim | Wagner H.,University of Heidelberg | Mier D.,University of Heidelberg | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Psychosomatic Research | Year: 2014

Objective: Previous studies demonstrated that a history of childhood trauma is linked to mental disorders in adulthood, particularly to depression. Adverse childhood experiences are also considered to contribute to the risk of hypochondriasis, but the results of previous studies have not been conclusive with respect to the strength and specificity of this association. Therefore, we compared the association of adverse childhood experiences with both hypochondriasis and depression. Methods: Fifty-eight patients with hypochondriasis, 52 patients with depression, and 52 healthy control participants completed the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) which assesses 5 varieties of abuse and neglect. A clinical interview (SCID-I) was used to establish DSM-IV diagnoses. Associations between childhood maltreatment, hypochondriasis and depression were estimated by means of analyses of variance and multiple linear regression analyses. Results: In comparison to hypochondriacal and healthy participants, patients with a current depressive disorder reported more emotional abuse as well as more emotional and physical neglect during childhood. Patients with hypochondriasis reported more emotional neglect than healthy individuals. However, when predicting the CTQ trauma types by diagnostic category adjusting for sex and comorbid DSM-IV diagnoses, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse, physical neglect, as well as the CTQ total score were significantly associated with depression, but none of the CTQ scores was significantly related to hypochondriasis. Conclusions: The findings suggest a robust association of childhood maltreatment with depression but not with hypochondriasis. This result does not support etiological models of hypochondriasis which rely on childhood maltreatment as a risk factor for the development of this disorder. © 2014 Elsevier Inc.

Grossmann M.,Arbeitskreis Meteore E.V. | Schmidt E.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Haussmann A.,TU Dresden
Applied Optics | Year: 2011

The first likely photographic observation of the tertiary rainbow caused by sunlight in the open air is reported and analyzed. Whereas primary and secondary rainbows are rather common and easily seen phenomena in atmospheric optics, the tertiary rainbow appears in the sunward side of the sky and is thuslargely masked by forward scattered light. Up to now, only a few visual reports and no reliable photographs of the tertiary rainbow are known. Evidence of a third-order rainbow has been obtained by using image processing techniques on a digital photograph that contains no obvious indication of such a rainbow. To rule out any misinterpretation of artifacts, we carefully calibrated the image in order to compare the observed bow's angular position and dispersion with those predicted by theory. © 2011 Optical Society of America.

Lechner A.,University of California at San Diego | Eustaquio A.S.,University of California at San Diego | Eustaquio A.S.,Pfizer | Gulder T.A.M.,University of California at San Diego | And 3 more authors.
Chemistry and Biology | Year: 2011

The chlorinated natural product salinosporamide A is a potent 20S proteasome inhibitor currently in clinical trials as an anticancer agent. To deepen our understanding of salinosporamide biosynthesis, we investigated the function of a LuxR-type pathway-specific regulatory gene, salR2, and observed a selective effect on the production of salinosporamide A over its less active aliphatic analogs. SalR2 specifically activates genes involved in the biosynthesis of the halogenated precursor chloroethylmalonyl-CoA, which is a dedicated precursor of salinosporamide A. Specifically, SalR2 activates transcription of two divergent operons - one of which contains the unique S-adenosyl-L-methionine-dependent chlorinase encoding gene salL. By applying this knowledge to rational engineering, we were able to selectively double salinosporamide A production. This study exemplifies the specialized regulation of a polyketide precursor pathway and its application to the selective overproduction of a specific natural product congener. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Gregersen S.,Berufsgenossenschaft fur Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege | Kuhnert S.,Berufsgenossenschaft fur Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege | Zimber A.,Heidelberg University of Applied Sciences | Nienhaus A.,Berufsgenossenschaft fur Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege
Gesundheitswesen | Year: 2011

The link between leaders' behaviour and health has only recently been the focus of scientific research and the results which already exist on this topic have, to date, not been systematically evaluated or summarized. The objective of this article is to make an attempt to provide a summarised overview of the current state of research. Subject-related databases list 42 publications dealing with the relationship between leaders' behaviour and the state of health and well-being of their employees. The literature discusses leaders' behaviour as being both a stressor (source of stress) and a resource. The publications discussed here also provide the first empirical evidence on the influence of various leadership styles on the health of the employees. In particular, transformational and employee-orientated leadership are considered to be beneficial to health. But the question of how leaders' behaviour influences health has not been satisfactorily explained. In most of the publications included, a direct link was assumed and, in the majority of cases, confirmed empirically. In addition, it also appears that there may be an indirect influence which may be moderated or mediated by, e. g., working conditions or the personality of the individual. The relatively small number of research examinations into the influence of leaders' behaviour on the health and well-being of their staff shows that there is a need for additional research. © Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.

To reform the German law of psychotherapy, new academic training programs under the label 'Direktausbildung' are currently discussed in the field. Our study concept combines under-/postgraduate study program, license to practice and permission to run a practice.

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