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Zhang L.,Anhui University | Wu X.-L.,Hefei Teachers College
Proceedings - 2010 3rd International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, CISP 2010 | Year: 2010

This paper describes the compressed sampling using the block wavelet transform which has more flexibility in reconstruction the images. Compressed sampling is considered for signals and images that are sparse in a wavelet basis. We propose a process of the image by sampling the data far below Nyquist rate in terms of compressed sampling, which shows that image data can be reconstructed from an extremely small set of measurements than what is generally considered necessary. A novel wavelet based interframe compression scheme has been developed and put into practice. It is based on a unique block wavelet transform that we have developed. BWT based interframe compression is very efficient in both compression and speed performance. The compression performance of our image codec hold a slightly lower PSNR value produces a more visually pleasing result. This implementation also preserves the scalability of the wavelet embedded coding technique. ©2010 IEEE.

Chu Z.-L.,Anhui University of Technology | Dong H.-Z.,Hefei Teachers College
Asian Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2010

A novel three-dimensional hydrogen-bonding mononuclear complex [Cd(C 10H 12N 2O) 2(NO 3) 2(H 2O) 2], where C 10H 12N 2O is 3-(dimethylamino)-l-(pyridin-4-yl)prop-2-en-l- one, was synthesized and characterized by IR spectra, elemental analysis and single-crystal X-ray. The crystal structure analysis shows that the cadmium(II) is a six-coordinated in a slightly distorted octahedral geometry environment. The crystal is monoclinic, space group C2/c with unit cell parameters: a=22.000(3)Å, b = 8.574(12)Å, c = 14.532(2)Å, α = 90°, β = 114.643(2)°, γ = 90°, V = 2491.6(5)Å 3, Z = 4, Mr = 620, Dc = 1.666 Mg/cm 3, μ = 0.942 mm -1, F(000) = 1272, T = 273(2) K, R = 0.0417, wR = 0.0954 for 2184 reflections with I > 2σ(I).

Zhang W.-H.,Huainan Normal University | Zhang W.-H.,Hefei Teachers College | Zhang W.-H.,Anhui University | Dai J.-L.,Hefei Teachers College | And 3 more authors.
Optics Communications | Year: 2010

We construct the explicit formulation of the probabilistically perfect quantum cloning machine that perfectly duplicates the input states chosen from the special set fenced(fenced(φi))i = 1 d consisting of the linearly independent and nonorthogonal quantum states with 〈φi {divides}φj〉 = r ∈ (0, 1)(i ≠ j). The success probabilities of cloning the input states are equal and maximal. As two examples, we present the explicit transformations of the optimal 1 → 2 probabilistically perfect quantum cloning of the real states in 2 and 3 dimensions. The success probabilities of each of two cloning machines are equal and maximal. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Zhang W.-H.,Huainan Normal University | Zhang W.-H.,Hefei Teachers College | Zhang W.-H.,Anhui University | Dai J.-L.,Hefei Teachers College | And 3 more authors.
Optics Communications | Year: 2010

We consider the N → M probabilistically perfect quantum cloning machine that perfectly produces M faithful copies from N identical input states, where the input states are selected, with prior probabilities η1and η2 = 1 - η1, from a given set of the two linearly independent states |ψ1〉- N = (cosθ|0〉 + sinθ|1〉)- N and |ψ2〉- N = (sinθ|0〉 + cosθ|1〉)-N (θη0,π/2). We derive the optimal distribution of the success probabilities. When M approaches infinite, the probabilistically perfect quantum cloning can be regarded as a kind of the unambiguous state discrimination, and theoretically provides the upper bound of the unambiguous state discrimination. By using the optimal distribution of the success probabilities of the optimal asymmetric 1 → M probabilistically perfect quantum cloning, we can derive the maximum average success probability of the unambiguous discrimination of two nonorthogonal quantum states |ψ1〉and|ψ2〉. As an example, we give the explicit transformation of the optimal symmetric 1 → M probabilistically perfect quantum cloning to copy the two input states |ψ1〉 and |ψ2〉. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Wan L.-J.,Hefei Teachers College | Wan L.-J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Huang X.-J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Liu J.-H.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | And 3 more authors.
Physica E: Low-Dimensional Systems and Nanostructures | Year: 2015

Te nanorods (NRs) were prepared from TeO2 in the presence of hydrazine hydrate without using any surfactants under ambient conditions. Te NRs were then used as sacrificial templates to prepare Pt@Te NRs by spontaneous redox galvanic replacement between Te and Pt ions. The as-synthesized Pt@Te NRs exhibit a strong catalytic activity for the colorimetric detection of H2O2 using 2, 2′-azino-bis (3-ethylbenzo-thiazoline-6-sulfonic acid) diammonium salt (ABTS) as an indicator. © 2015 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Li R.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Li R.,Hefei Teachers College | Qu Z.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Qu Z.,Hefei University of Technology | And 5 more authors.
Solid State Communications | Year: 2010

Structure and magnetic properties of the La0.5-xBixCa0.5MnO3 (x = 0, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2) system have been experimentally investigated. The substitution of Bi3+ ion for La3+ ion systematically enhances the charge-ordering (CO) temperature. Electron spin resonance (ESR) and isothermal magnetization measurements reveal the coexistence of ferromagnetic (FM), antiferromagnetic (AFM) domains and paramagnetic (PM) matrix below TC O in 0 ≤ x ≤ 3 / 8. Kinetic hindrance to the first order charge ordering transition plays an important role in this coexisting phases. Such a coexistence of PM, FM and AFM domains leads to a compressive strain effect, resulting in a counterclockwise thermal hysteresis in M (T) curves. The hysteresis weakens with increasing Bi content, suggesting that the inner compressive strain becomes increasingly weaker. For x = 1 / 2, only AFM state coexist with PM matrix below TC O and FM state only coexists with AFM state below ∼50 K. Therefore, almost no thermal hysteresis in M (T) curves is observed around TC O for x = 1 / 2. © 2009 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Wan L.,Hefei Teachers College | Wan L.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Liu J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Huang X.-J.,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chemical Communications | Year: 2014

The magnetic nickel telluride with thorny nanostructure is directly synthesized for the first time via a hydrothermal method. It was used to detect H2O2 and glucose with a limit of detection of 25 nM (linear range = 0.1-0.5 μM) and 0.42 μM (linear range = 1-50 μM), respectively. This journal is © the Partner Organisations 2014.

Yao C.-L.,Hefei Teachers College | Qi C.-X.,Hefei Teachers College | Zhu J.-M.,Hefei Teachers College | Xu W.-H.,Anqing Teachers College
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society | Year: 2010

The polar amino acid, such as aspartic acid (L-Asp) and arginine(L-Arg) are the primary active molecules of the glycoprotein on the organic/inorganic interface of biomineralized tissue. In this study, aspartic acid and arginine were used as the organic template in inducing the nucleation and growth of calcium carbonate. With the analysis of X-ray diffraction we investigated the relationship between amino acid concentration and the precipitation phase crystal structure of calcium carbonate. SEM was employed in the analysis of the morphological characteristic of the precipitation. To interpret the cause of the hierarchic structure was proposed from the view of the small biomolecules polarity that can control over the growth of the crystals and the aggregation of the micro crystals. The conclusion also provides a new material synthesize strategy.

He J.,Brown University | He J.,Yunnan University | Jiang X.,Kunming Medical College | Zhao B.,Hefei Teachers College | And 4 more authors.
Clinical Journal of Pain | Year: 2010

Acute pressure applied to the sciatic nerve has been recently reported to offer immediate short-term pain relief in patients with various diseases. This study examined the analgesic effect of this novel method on cold pressor pain compared with clinical pain. METHODS: We conducted 2 randomized, parallel, group studies. The cold pressor study involved 152 undergraduate students and the clinical study included 22 cancer patients. Acute pressure of 11 to 20 kg was simultaneously applied to the sciatic nerves at the back of both thighs for 2 minutes. The placebo intervention was pressure applied to parallel regions on the fronts of the thighs. Next, patients rated pain attributable to their diseases and the students evaluated pain after their hands were submerged in cold water. RESULTS: Acute pressure applied to the sciatic nerve produced immediate clinical pain relief, but did not alleviate cold pressor pain. DISCUSSION: Our study indicated that cold pressor pain and clinical pain responded differently to acute pressure blockade of the sciatic nerve. Our findings indicate that caution should be exercised when attempting to extrapolate cold pressor pain findings to clinical pain. © 2010 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Zhang W.,Hefei University of Technology | Zhang W.,Hefei Teachers College | Cai Y.,Hefei University of Technology | Feng Y.,Hefei University of Technology
Jisuanji Fuzhu Sheji Yu Tuxingxue Xuebao/Journal of Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics | Year: 2010

Most of the existing polynomial approximation methods of circular arcs do not preserve the arc lengths. To solve this problem, a new polynomial approximation method of circular arcs is proposed, where the result curves have the same endpoint positions, tangent vectors, and lengths as the given arcs. Here the PH curves are involved since their arc lengths can be represented using polynomial form. The accurate representations of the results in quintic PH curves are provided. Numerical examples are given to show the effectiveness of the new method.

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