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Li M.-C.,Tianjin University | Liu F.,Tianjin University | Chen W.-G.,Hebei Research Institute of Investigation and Design of Water Conservancy and Hydropower
Shuili Xuebao/Journal of Hydraulic Engineering | Year: 2011

Aiming at the dam safety risk analysis, a new solution scheme is presented. Firstly, the complex constraint relationship among internal and external influence factors to reservoir safety was analyzed. Based on the different operation conditions, some main factors were considered such as flood-carrying capacity, water holding capacity, dam seepage and operation management. Secondly, a general block diagram-oriented simulation model for the dam safety system under multi-factors was set up. Then, a corresponding numerical simulation method and platform were developed. The method was applied to a practical hydraulic project. The result shows that the modeling process is convenient. The computation and the visual analysis can be coupled effectively, and the results conform to practical state. Source

Shi S.,Hebei University of Technology | Yu M.,Hebei University of Technology | Yan G.,Hebei University of Technology | Yu L.-Y.,Hebei Research Institute of Investigation and Design of Water Conservancy and Hydropower
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

SIFT algorithm, with scale and rotation invariance and strong ability of the camera angle and light, is widely used in many areas of computer vision. But because of complexity, its real-time performance is poor. Based on the analysis of SIFT feature descriptor characteristics and the process of features matching, this chapter presents a method, which is to improve the efficiency of SIFT matching by reducing the similarity measure computing time in SIFT matching. This method is to use the linear combination of the chessboard distance and city block distance, instead of Euclidean distance, as the similarity measure between feature descriptors. The experimental results show that this method can ensure the robustness of the SIFT algorithm; meanwhile, it can reduce time complexity and improve the matching efficiency. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014. Source

Chen L.,Hebei Research Institute of Investigation and Design of Water Conservancy and Hydropower | Wen L.,Shijiazhuang University of Economics | Hao H.,Shijiazhuang University of Economics
Geological Engineering and Mining Exploration in Central Asia - Proceeding Source: The XVIII Kerulien International Conference on Geology, KICG 2013 | Year: 2013

This article based on the advantages of mature technology, high work efficiency, low cost in the high-precision magnetic survey, combined with the geochemical anomalies verification work in the mine of LOUzigou,HUNYUAN in SHANXI province, using this method in gold polymetallic ore exploration research. Practice shows that even if gold polymetallic ore body has no obvious magnetic or non-magnetic mineral assemblage conditions, the use of high-precision magnetic survey also can be accurately identify the areas related to gold polymetallic mineralization concealed structure, magnetic rock mass and its distribution of surrounding rock, providing important basis for target area selection, so as to make it play a important role in the prospecting exploration. Source

Fu C.-F.,Tianjin University | Fu C.-F.,Hebei Research Institute of Investigation and Design of Water Conservancy and Hydropower | Li D.-M.,Tianjin University | Bai L.,Tianjin University
Wetland Science | Year: 2012

Design and construction of waste water treatment system of constructed wetlands is an important research topic in giving full play to the natural ecological recovery ability. The technology of using constructed wetlands to treat waste water is an effective way to realize waste water reuse, to control non-point source pollution and to protect ecological environment. As the living standards of urban and rural residents steadily improved, many rural small and medium-sized enterprises and aquaculture industry develop rapidly, so the raised the question is how to protect and manage the environment. To solve this problem, we should take full advantage of the rural discarded channels and ponds to waste water treatment system of construct wetlands. The waste water treatment technology of constructed wetlands has the features of high efficiency, easy operation, low investment, low consumption, extensive applicability and sustainable development. From the point of view of constructed wetlands planning and design, a waste water treatment system of constructed wetlands was established according to the surface water environment quality standards. The system was based on the existing discarded channels and ponds. Many technical measures, including excavation and backfill, side slope treatment and foundation compaction, the waste water treatment system is constructed. This system includes forebay, sedimentation basin, vertical flow wetland, ecological pond wetland, surface flow wetland and impounding reservoir. The main design parameters of the waste water treatment system of constructed wetlands were discussed. The Freundlich equation, Kikuth equation and many other empirical equations were adopted to analyze the treatment effects of biochemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen and total phosphorus in the infiltration system. The pollutant removal rates of the vertical flow wetland, ecological pond wetland and surface flow wetland were also analyzed in this paper. Three main factors including water quality, water quantity and ambient temperature were considered in sensitivity analysis. The sensitivity analysis results of the filtration system were given in this paper, and these results were in good agreement with the measured results of the wetland decontamination test. The results showed that sensitivity analysis is necessary in planning and designing a constructed wetland in order to make a proper control operation plan for the system; the outlet height of the wetland should be adjustable so as to control the saturation status of the wetland bed, and in that case, wetland filtration and microbial role can be fully displayed; decontamination efficiency of the constructed wetlands in the north changes greatly as the season changes, so in winter, the wetland should be covered with vinyl houses or straw; the temperature of the wetlands will be more than 13.3 °C if it is covered with vinyl houses, and the duration of sunshine will not be reduced, so the wetland plants are able to grow normally; the inflow load should be decreased when its concentration of biochemical oxygen demand is more than 75 mg/L to make sure the wetlands could treat the waste water with high efficiency; when the daily total treated waste water is more than 3 000 m 3/d, temporary accumulation of the waste water sump, forebay and sedimentation basin should be increased. These above research results have important significance for the design and operation of the constructed wetland, and they also establish the theoretical foundation for future operation plan and safety management of the constructed wetland system. Source

Xu J.-J.,China Three Gorges University | Xu J.-J.,Wuhan University | Wang H.-C.,Wuhan University | Wang H.-C.,Hebei Research Institute of Investigation and Design of Water Conservancy and Hydropower | And 3 more authors.
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2010

3D laser scanning technology has been successfully applied to static surface measurement because it can measure 3D coordinate with high speed, high precision and high density to describe the surface detail. At present, the deformation analysis of the landslide surface is carried out mainly with some observed characteristic points by GPS or total station, but because of few data, this analysis is not complete. The detailed deformation of landslide has an important role for the correct deformation analysis. To introduce this technology to the landslide monitoring is significant for detailed deformation analysis, if a lot of natural rocks are used as monitoring points. In this paper, the theoretical analysis and the practical tests have been carried out; and the preliminary result has been obtained. Source

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