Kerpen, Germany
Kerpen, Germany

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van Viersen A.P.,C o Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht | Prescher H.,Hauptstrasse 18
Geologica Belgica | Year: 2011

Members of Ceratarges Gürich are known from Devonian strata in various countries but they have not yet been formally described from Morocco. Ceratarges ziregensis sp. nov., Ceratarges koumalii sp. nov. and Ceratarges aries sp. nov. are herein described from the El Otfal Formation (Eifelian) in Morocco on the basis of complete specimens. Supplementary material is illustrated of Ceratarges cognatus van Viersen from the Jemelle Formation (Eifelian) in France. The relationships between Ceratarges, Mephiarges Richter & Richter and Asawikwanabe Basse in Basse & Müller are briefly elaborated on.

Van Viersen A.P.,C o Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht | Prescher H.,Hauptstrasse 18
Bulletin de l'Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belqique, Sciences de la Terre | Year: 2010

Proetids are common trilobites in the Middle Devonian of the Ardennes and Eifel. They are known from ample material and so provide an excellent basis for taxonomic and biostratigraphic studies. Seven new species are recorded from the Ardennes, Belgium (Gerastos arcus n. sp., Gerastos convinensis n. sp., Gerastos snellingsi n. sp., Astycoryphe exilis n. sp., Astycoryphe jorusi n. sp., Cornuproetus latentissimus n. sp., Dechenella rossumi n. sp.) and four additional ones from the Eifel, Germany (Gerastos kippingi n. sp., Gerastos batrachus n. sp., Gerastos rommersheimensis n. sp., Dohmiella acanthonota n. sp.), on the basis of recent collecting and examination of institutional collections. Astycoryphe sp. B, Cornuproetus cf. latentissimus n. sp. and Cornuproetus sp. 2 (Ardennes) are also described. The holotype of Astycoryphe senckenbergiana RICHTER & RICHTER (Eifel) is refigured. A preliminary overview of the stratigraphic distributions of species in Eifelian to lowermost Givetian strata in the Ardennes and Eifel is presented, so far encompassing the genera Gerastos, Dohmiella (Proetinae), Cornuproetus, Diademaproetus (Cornuproetinae), Astycoryphe, Tropidocoryphe (Tropidocoryphinae) and Dechenella (Dechenellinae).

Van Viersen A.P.,Natuurhistorisch Museum Maastricht | Van Rossum A.,Paterserf 731 | Prescher H.,Hauptstrasse 18
Neues Jahrbuch fur Geologie und Palaontologie - Abhandlungen | Year: 2012

Proetid trilobites are described from Middle Devonian strata in the Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium. Astycoryphe arduinnae sp. nov., Dohmiella cf. dohmi (RICHTER &RICHTER), Longiproetus cf. tenuimargo (RICHTER), Gerastos sp. C, and Quadratoproetus sp. A are recorded from the Jemelle Formation (Eifelian) in Boutonville. These taxa provide the first comprehensive data on trilobites from the lower kockelianus conodont Zone in the Ardennes. A second Longiproetus species, L. meiopsifius sp. nov., is described from the Hanonet Formation (Givetian) in Resteigne. This is the first reported occurrence of Longiproetus and Quadratoproetus from the Ardennes. © 2012 E. Schweizerbart'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung Stuttgart Germany.

Three new species of Middle Devonian otarionine trilobites are described: Cyphaspis walteri sp. nov. from the Bou Dib Formation in Morocco, Cyphaspis rommersheimensis sp. nov. from the Freilingen Formation in Germany, and Cyphaspis heissae sp. nov. from the Ahbach Formation in Germany. Cyphaspis cf. heissae sp. nov. is described from the Hanonet Formation in Belgium. All four taxa demonstrate a number of features linked to heterochronic processes, with in particular the long paired glabellar spines. Their designation to Cyphaspis is discussed.

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