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Kaneko T.,HASEKO Corporation | Kaneko T.,Kogakuin University | Abe M.,Kogakuin University | Masuda Y.,Nihon University
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2016

This paper presents the results of the accelerated test and the exposure test on penetration and diffusion property of chloride ion in concrete from literature survey. At the results of arrangement and examination for literature data, the characteristic values of diffusion equation showed the tendency to change with passing period, and converge to the constant value at the exposure test. At the accelerated test, immersing in salt water showed that characteristic values change similar with exposure test. At alternating immersion, however, characteristic values were constant from initial stage of test. Moreover, influences of water cement ration on characteristic values were little in each test method.

The natural frequencies and the mode shapes of deck plate slabs in steel structure buildings were measured. An eigenvalue analysis was carried out on the measured slab by the finite element method with coupling of in-plane and bending displacement, and the result showed good correspondence with the measurement. By using the eigenvalue analysis by the finite element method, conversion of deck plate slabs to flat plates were studied, and relation between ratio of side length in mode shape component and converted plate thickness was shown. The conversion method was verified in the vibration analysis of the actual building floor.

Aida Y.,HASEKO Corporation | Hashimoto N.,Hachinohe Institute of Technology
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design | Year: 2016

Aiming to establish a floor impact sound prediction method for deck plate slabs in steel structure buildings, a response analysis of floor vibration by the finite element method with coupling of in-plane and bending displacement was verified. First, damping constants of the actual deck plate slabs were measured. Then, using the measured damping constants, a vibration response analysis which modeled the cross-sectional composition of deck plate slabs and steel H-beams was conducted. The analysis of the vibration response to the standard heavy impact source showed good correspondence with the measurement.

Yamada K.,Meiji University | Nishimura Y.,HASEKO Corporation | Sakai K.,Meiji University | Kajiya R.,Meiji University
14th International Conference of IBPSA - Building Simulation 2015, BS 2015, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2015

In this study, it is a purpose to grasp the effect of natural ventilation in the apartment house. This study targeted the apartment house of 14 floors. First, we did the wind tunnel experiment that used the reproduction model, and measured the wind pressure coefficient. Next, we did CFD analysis that used k-ϵ model and Durbin model. We understood utility and problem of the CFD analysis by comparing the wind tunnel experiment. Consequently, analysis in windward was similar to the experiment. However, in leeward, the error margin was large. In addition, it has been understood that Durbin model is similar to the wind tunnel experiment than standard k-ϵ model.

The nasty smell in the new constructed 12 dwellings was analyzed by the electronic nose. This analyzer has the technique of odor similarity mapping represented in the radar chart in order to make clear the odor characters. Based on this technique, it is clarified that the perceived air quality among the new constructed houses with the same material and the components specifications for interior finishes is similar to each other. Model experiments may be necessary to elucidate the odor pollution mechanism. As the first step, the odor in a test chamber set in the same floor component, wall component and ceiling component as actual one was confirmed the reproducibility of the perceived air quality in the new constructed houses.

Mochizuki E.,Chiba Institute of Technology | Kimura H.,Haseko Corporation
Journal of Environmental Engineering | Year: 2010

The purpose of this study is to identify the visual effects of the difference of spectral power distribution of luminaires in office space. Subjective experiment was conducted in two experimental chambers with different kind of ceiling luminaires - LEDs and fluorescent lamps. Visual fatigue of the subjects was evaluated by three methods, ART (Accommodation Response Time) and CFF (Critical Fusion of Flicker) as objective test and questionnaires for evaluation of subjective symptoms of fatigue as subjective test. The results showed that there was no significant difference between the variation rate in ART and that in CFF caused by VDT works within one hour under LEDs and those under fluorescent lamps. Also the subjective evaluation on fatigue was not significantly different among different kinds of the light source.

Kimura H.,HASEKO Corporation | Komine H.,Chiba Institute of Technology | Iizumi G.,Chiba Institute of Technology
Journal of Environmental Engineering (Japan) | Year: 2014

Recently, use of deodorization equipment at garbage place in apartment buildings is increasing. However, its design method is not established due to lack of its test method and test data. Moreover, information on odor at the garbage place is lacking, and its source and ingredient is not clear. This study aims to establish the design method of deodorization equipment at garbage place. Odor at the garbage place is grasped, and the performance of the presentlyused equipment was clarified by devised test method. The result showed that ozone deodorization equipment generally used is adequate to be positioned as complement to ventilation.

Some of the experimental conditions of JIS A 1905 "Performance test of adsorptive building materials of reducing indoor air pollution with small chamber" are different from the actual building environment. The agreement between a decreasing effect resulted from JIS test method and that under residential indoor environment is suspected. The optimum experimental conditions resulting true effect were investigated with an experimental design. Within the scope of the performance test with 0.15m3 volume of a SUS small test chamber and a specimen of adsorptive building material in this study, appropriate experimental conditions are verified, namely optimum loading factor is 0.5m2/m3 and optimum supply HCHO concentration is 100μg/m3. The decreasing effect of a specimen resulted from a test under this condition is suited to the effect under actual condition.

Ishikawa T.,University of Tokyo | Seike T.,University of Tokyo | Kim Y.,University of Tokyo | Wakayam A.,Daiwa Lifenext Co. | Hayashi T.,Haseko Corporation
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design | Year: 2015

In Japan, the number of external insulation renovations has been increased because it is expected not only that the living environment will be improved, but also that the cost of heat and electricity will be cut and the life span of the building will get longer. While there are many researches about saving energy after construction, there are few researches during construction. This research deals with the work efficiency and man-day survey about external insulation renovation of an existing apartment. Each processes was subdivided from preparation to cleaning up, and we measured how long it took to complete these steps. In the man-day survey, the number of worker who engaged in each kind of construction process was calculated and the relation between some features of the building and the number of worker was also revealed.

Miyashita T.,HASEKO Corporation | Takizawa A.,Kyoto University | Katoh N.,Kyoto University
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2011

The authors propose a method to estimate the retention of stretch of polyvinyl chloride resin waterproofing sheet using image analysis techniques. The retention of stretch is regarded as the index of deterioration of a waterproofing sheet. Firstly, we originally developed a microscope for taking digital images of the surface of water proofing sheets that can capture the crack clearly. Then various kinds of existing image attributes are adopted to characterize the crack. These features are used as explanatory variables of multiple linearregressions to estimate the retention of the stretch. Estimation models were created and validated through cross validation tests. Finally, we succeeded in creating the estimation model that exhibits about 0.96 in determination coefficient.

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