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Melbourne, FL, United States

Harris Corporation is an American Florida-based international telecommunications equipment company that produces wireless equipment, electronic systems, and both terrestrial and spaceborne antennas for use in the government, defense, and commercial sectors. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and more than 14,000 employees — including nearly 6,000 engineers and scientists.The company is the largest private-sector employer in Brevard County, Florida . The company was the parent of Intersil . Most of the wireless start-ups in South Brevard County were founded and are staffed by former Harris Corporation engineers and technicians. The company's Digital Telephone Systems division was sold to Teltronics. In 2009, Harris was one of the top 100 federal contractors.In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation -- tied with U.S. Marshals Service -- as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the internets. Wikipedia.

An air-to-ground communications system includes at least one base station to be positioned on the ground and including a ground-based transceiver, a phased array antenna coupled to the ground-based transceiver, and a beamforming network coupled to the ground-based transceiver. The ground-based transceiver is configured to provide data traffic and control information to an aircraft. The beamforming network is configured to simultaneously generate at least one narrow antenna beam for the data traffic and at least one wide beam for the control information.

Harris Corporation | Date: 2015-11-30

A wireless engine monitoring system (WEMS) includes an engine monitoring module that is mounted directly on an aircraft engine and records, stores, encrypts and transmits full flight engine data. The system preferably interfaces to the Full Authority Digital Engine Controller/Engine Control Unit (FADEC/ECU) and can record hundreds of engine parameters with a preferred sampling frequency of about one second. The engine monitoring module is preferably formed as a miniaturized module directly mounted on the aircraft engine within its cowling and has a conformal antenna. The engine monitoring module can also upload data for onboard processing.

Harris Corporation | Date: 2015-04-30

Systems are provided for positioning passive reflectors, such a lens/mirror assemblies, and other types of reflectors that need to be pointed in a particular direction. The systems can effectuate control of both the elevation and azimuth angles of the reflector. The systems can be configured so that a mount can rotate so as to vary the azimuth angle of the reflector by 360 or more without a need to reverse the direction of rotation of the reflector, and without the use of slip rings, RF rotary joints, or electrical cable wraps.

Miniaturized devices such as MEMS switches (

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