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Shaik M.,harqiyah University | Kabanni A.,harqiyah University | Nazeema N.,Research and NI Innovation Laboratory
Mediterranean Microwave Symposium | Year: 2017

This research work aims to address the millimeter wave characterization in forest environments for high data rate 5G wireless sensor applications. The excess attenuation due to foliage depth at Short-range in forest areas at expected 5G frequencies is investigated. Different foliage models are presented and are optimized from the acquired values from different site measurements at expected 5G frequencies which could provide a valuable information for the high data rate WSN planners at 5G frequencies. The results shows that at 15 GHz frequency the attenuation predicted by the NZG model is closer with the acquired values with an average standard deviation of 7.2 dB and at frequencies such as 28GHz and 38 GHz FITU-R gives the best fit at both In-leaf and out-of-leaf scenarios. The average standard deviation at these frequencies is observed to be 12.74 dB and 16.45 dB. The attenuation experienced due to foliage was higher in In-leaf scenario than that of out-of-leaf at all the 5G frequencies. © 2016 IEEE.

Al-Fahdi A.,Sultan Qaboos University | Alqamashoui B.,harqiyah University | Al-Hamidhi S.,Sultan Qaboos University | Kose O.,Adnan Menderes University | And 9 more authors.
Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases | Year: 2016

Background: Theileriosis is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases of livestock in the Arabian Peninsula, and causes high rates of mortality and morbidity in sheep and cattle. However, there is a paucity of information on the distribution of Theileria spp. over the whole region and their impact on different hosts. The present study carried out a country-wide molecular survey for Theileria spp. of livestock in Oman across four governorates. The aim of the survey was to define the prevalence of Theileria spp. in cattle, sheep and goats, highlight risk factors for infection and identify the main tick species involved in parasite transmission. Material and methods: A total of 2020 animals were examined in the survey consisting of sheep [n = 592], goats [n = 981] and cattle [n = 447]. All three species were raised and co-grazed on the same farms. Theileria parasites were detected using PCR-RFLP and RLB of the 18S rRNA gene. Cloning and sequencing of the 18S rRNA was carried out on 11 T. lestoquardi isolates from Ash-Sharqiyah, and Ad-Dhahira governorates, and phylogenetic relationships were inferred using additional sequences of T. lestoquardi, T. annulata and T. ovis available in GenBank. Results: Theileria spp. prevalence was 72.3%, 36.7% and 2.7% among cattle, sheep and goats, respectively. Strong similarity in results was obtained using RLB and PCR-RFLP for detection of Theileria spp. however, RLB detected a higher rate of mixed infection than PCR-RFPL (P. <. 0.001). Theileria annulata was the only parasite detected in cattle, while sheep and goats carried T. ovis, T. lestoquardi and T. annulata as well as Theileria spp. OT1. Of the four Theileria spp. detected in small ruminants, overall T. ovis was most prevalent (sheep [33.4%], goats [2.0%]), whereas T. lestoquardi was less prevalent (sheep [22.0%], goats [0.5%]). A large proportion of infected sheep (19%) carried mixed infection of T. ovis and T. lestoquardi. However, single T. lestoquardi infections (3.0%) were less prevalent than T. ovis infections (14.5%). Risk of Theileria spp. infection was significantly higher for exotic breeds, relative to native breeds, of cattle (p = 0.00002) and sheep (p = 0.005). Phylogenetic analysis placed T. lestoquardi in Oman in the same clade as other T. lestoquardi strains isolated from the same regional area (Iraq and Iran). The main tick species, identified on the examined animals. , Hyalomma anatolicum, was widely distributed and was found in all of the surveyed governorates. Conclusion: Theileria spp. are widespread in Oman with variable prevalence detected in different regions. Two economically important hosts, cattle and sheep are at high risk from virulent T. annulata and T. lestoquardi, respectively. The survey indicates extensive exposure to ticks and transmission of infection that has a significant economic impact. The higher prevalence of T. lestoquardi as mixed rather than single infection requires further investigation. © 2017.

Cua F.C.,KIMEP University | Reames S.A.,harqiyah University
IADIS International Conference on Cognition and Exploratory Learning in Digital Age, CELDA 2012 | Year: 2012

The foreign faculty in Kazakhstan faced the challenge of designing a total authentic learning curricula for undergraduate students used to a traditional approach to learning. Students were asked to submit reflective learning journeys at the end of the spring 2011 semester. This study uses their stories as a springboard to explore their perspective of authentic learning. The case study was confined to data gathered from one class, which revealed that those students who remained in the course wanted to be challenged by authentic learning. To them, authentic learning was both a force driving their evolution from passive to active learners and a means for solving the real-world problems with a community of colearners. Authentic learning is an agent of change that is worth contemplating. Its design can apply to the multiple lifespaces of a single student and other disciplines.

Ismail Y.A.,harqiyah University | Martinez J.G.,Technical University of Cartagena | Otero T.F.,harqiyah University | Otero T.F.,Technical University of Cartagena
Electrochimica Acta | Year: 2014

A first time report on the reactive sensing capabilities of polyaniline (PANI) is presented. Microfibrous silk fibroin mats were coated with polyaniline (PANI) through in situ chemical polymerization. The mat gives closed coulovoltammetric responses in acidic aqueous solution, indicating that only reversible PANI oxidation/reduction reactions occur. Inside the reversible range the chronopotentiometric responses change with (sense) the reaction variables: electrolyte concentration, pH, temperature and driving current. The potential of the materials, or the consumed electrical energy, for a constant reaction time follow the linear or semilogarithmic relationships with each of the experimental variables predicted by the electrochemical kinetics. The reversible charge from the closed coulovoltammetric loop also senses the chemical or thermal energetic conditions of the reaction acting on the conformational movements getting deeper oxidation states for rising energetic working conditions. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd.

Ismail Y.A.,harqiyah University | Martinez J.G.,Technical University of Cartagena | Otero T.F.,Technical University of Cartagena
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry | Year: 2014

The reactivity of conducting polymers can be exploited to generate new sensors of their working conditions. Here, we verified that the reactive (redox) nature of a chemically generated polypyrrole (PPy) on a polyurethane (PU) microfibrous mat senses the surrounding (physical and chemical) conditions. The (PU/PPy) microfibrous mat was obtained by in situ chemical polymerization of pyrrole from aqueous medium using tetra fluoromethane sulfonate as dopant and a polyurethane microfibrous mat, produced by electrospinning of a PU solution, as template. SEM images showed the homogenous growth of nanostructured PPy on each fiber of the PU microfibrous mat. The cyclic voltammogram (CV) revealed an oxidation peak at 0.22 V and a reduction peak at -0.08 V vs Ag/AgCl, indicating that the electrochemical activity of the material is imparted by PPy component. Sensing abilities with regard to the surrounding conditions were monitored through chronopotentiometric (CP) responses between two defined oxidation states. The consumed electrical energy during the electrochemical reactions was a linear function of the applied currents or of the working temperature (the reaction material is a current sensor and a temperature sensor) and a semi-logarithmic dependence of the electrolyte concentration (concentration sensor). These sensing abilities are explained on the basis of recently developed theories on the reactivity of conducting polymers. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Kannan S.,McGill University | Dev S.R.S.,harqiyah University | Gariep Y.,McGill University | Vijaya Raghavan G.S.,McGill University
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B | Year: 2013

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available in nature. This rich nutritive environment attracts microbes to invade, feed and multiply. Salmonella enteritidis is one such microbe that is highly pathogenic and is the causative agent for the disease salmonellosis. To ensure safety of eggs, processing them without affecting their unique physical properties is essential. In this study, the impact of radiofrequency (RF) heating on the dielectric properties (dielectric constant and dielectric loss factor) of the egg at varying temperatures (50C-560C) and frequency (10 MHz-3 GHz) is evaluated. This study on the dielectric parameters is essential to devise a better heating paradigm wherein there is minimal detrimental effect to the egg components. Based on the dielectric study, the heating process parameters were determined. The effect of such heat treatment on the physical properties viz. Viscosity, foam density, foam stability and turbidity of the egg white were also studied. This study was conducted to provide suffcient literature and experimental background for employing RF in pasteurization of in-shell eggs. This study showed that if careful process parameter optimization and meticulous equipment design is done, RF heating can be successfully employed to pasteurize in-shell eggs.

Sultan N.,harqiyah University
International Journal of Information Management | Year: 2015

Developments in digital and communication technology are now reaching the realms that border on science fiction. Computing devices are no longer items that we use in our homes and places of work and carry in our bags and pockets. We can now wear those devices. This article focuses on this development. In doing so, it explores old and recent developments in wearable technology with a focus on their current and potential use in the field of healthcare and medical education. It also highlights the challenges that are likely to face this technology. Moreover, it attempts to provide some insights into the prospects of this technology from the theoretical perspective of the theory of disruptive innovations as proposed by Clayton Christensen and his colleagues from Harvard Business School. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Umar T.,harqiyah University | Wamuziri S.,harqiyah University
Proceedings of Institution of Civil Engineers: Energy | Year: 2016

Energy has become an important sector in the 'Omani Vision 2020' strategy. Renewable energy sources can form a vital and strategic solution for the provision of electric power in the Sultanate. This paper provides a comprehensive review of Oman's conventional and renewable energy resources (wind and solar). Although Oman is not currently utilising its renewable energy resources, this study reveals that renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar energy, have enough potential to be directly utilised for electricity generation. © ICE Publishing: All rights reserved.

Thompson B.E.,harqiyah University
Journal of Heat Transfer | Year: 2014

thermal materials porous graphite foam interpore window diameter Measured values of heat transfer and pressure loss are presented for a variety of porous graphite foams in subsonic turbulent airflow. These foams were developed over the last decade to find combinations of high conductivity, porosity, strength, and low density suitable for application to rapid cooling of electronics and to corrosionless heat-exchangers. Measured maxima in the thermal performance that is the ratio of heat transfer to pressure loss, were correlated the pore structure obtained from scanning electron microscopy, to show a linear dependence of thermal performance on the average diameter of interpore windows representative of the cross-sectional area through which cooling air flows. For the same heat transfer, measured pressure losses were reduced by over two orders of magnitude by increasing pore and window diameters. However, the best thermal performance of porous graphite foams that were strong enough for industrial application, had measured pressure losses that were more than an order of magnitude greater than losses in conventional finned heat exchangers. Copyright © 2014 by ASME.

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