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St Louis, MO, United States

The Harbour Group is a Washington, D.C. based boutique public relations firm. Founded in 2001, the firm focuses on three practice areas: issues management, public relations, and crisis communications. The Harbour Group represents corporate, association, government, and nonprofit clients.Current and past clients include: Biotechnology Industry Organization, International Relief & Development, Pfizer, Shure, the Washington Chapter of the Grammys, and Revolution Health Group. Wikipedia.

Su X.C.,University of Jinan | Liu H.Z.,Harbour Group
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

By using the finite element method we had studied the Tianjin Expressway subgrade settlement. Through the comparison of the reinforcement and the unreinforced two case we studied the principles of strengthening soft soil subgrade and results show that the mixing pile to improve the bearing capacity of the embankment foundation, reduce the settlement of foundation has played a very good role. The finite element method can reflect the nonlinear characteristics of the coupling effect between composite foundation pile, soil and the soil around the pile, the soil using elastoplastic model, and considering the different medium, different distribution, which has great advantages in the analysis of various factors. The finite element method can better reflect the reinforcement of soft soil subgrade. So, it also can optimize the engineering design. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Seto M.L.,Harbour Group | Li H.,University of New Brunswick
2010 IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, CASE 2010 | Year: 2010

A knowledge-based agent was designed and validated to optimally re-distribute control authority in a torpedo-shaped autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). The objective is greater fault tolerance in AUVs on long deployments when an AUV is unexpectedly underactuated from a jammed control fin. The optimization is achieved through a genetic algorithm that evaluates solutions based on a full non-linear analysis of the AUV dynamics and control. The agent is implemented on-board the AUV to provide timely reassignment of the fin control authority (gains) while underway so that the mission can continue or a potential vehicle loss be averted. The effectiveness of the agent is assessed through a parametric analysis that compares the response of the unexpectedly underactuated AUV with its initial gains against the optimized gains. The agent's greatest impact is in the event of a bow fin jam as the remaining functional planes maintain depth better with the agent's help. The ability to provide a timely and on-board optimal solution that adapts to a fin jam is a higher level of autonomy than has been previously reported. © 2010 IEEE. Source

Goudie R.I.,LGL Ltd environmental research associates | Scheidegger C.,Swiss Federal Institute of forest | Hanel C.,Environment Canada | Munier A.,Royal Roads University | Conway E.,Harbour Group
Endangered Species Research | Year: 2011

A preliminary population model was developed for the boreal felt lichen Erioderma pedicellatum (Hue) P. M. Jørg. in Newfoundland using life stage data collected in eastern and south-central Newfoundland, Canada. This Critically Endangered epiphytic lichen displayed a life history strategy with high adult survival and low recruitment. Deterministic models in 6 mo to 1 yr intervals were generated, yielding similar results to the overall mean values for the 4 yr of study in eastern Newfoundland. The populations of E. pedicellatum in Newfoundland are predicted by our models to be unsustainable because of adult mortality, and we attribute this problem to a decline in the forests of balsam fir Abies balsamea (Mill) that predominantly support this lichen. In eastern Newfoundland, thalli are located almost entirely on mature to over-mature balsam fir, and there is little regeneration because of heavy browsing by the introduced moose Alces alces population. The current and projected predictors indicate that habitat effects may be important in predicting future population size. An assessment of the stable stage distribution indicated that the current population has more juveniles and fewer apothecia-bearing thalli than projected, meaning the current population likely generated from a different set of survival and recruitment rates. The projected annual population growth rates calculated for 4 yr indicated that populations are declining (λ < 1.0, mean decline ± SD = -0.175 ± 0.079). The elasticity values support the fact that the population growth rates are most sensitive to changes in the survival of necrotic (apothecia-bearing) cohorts. We suggest that conservation is best focused on the inventory and protection of old-growth forests important to this species, the reduction of the introduced moose population and the use of herbivore exclosures in specific core population areas. © Inter-Research 2011. Source

Lou X.-M.,Tongji University | Lou X.-M.,Harbour Group | Ling B.-S.,Shanghai Landsea Planning and Architecture Design Co.
Yantu Gongcheng Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering | Year: 2013

Sphere site is a large area filling on deep soft subsoil. All spheres are supported by annular pile groups which are end bearing and long bored piles. The settlement value at the center of pile groups is less than that at the outside of the pile groups, which reflects the influence of negative skin resistance to the surrounding soils of piles. By simulating the soil settlement characteristics at the center and outside of pile groups, the characteristics of negative skin resistance of the pile groups are analyzed and compared with the results calculated by the present code. Some useful conclusions are drawn for calculating the negative skin resistance. Source

Xiao X.,South China University of Technology | Zhang Q.S.,Changsha University of Science and Technology | Liang X.Y.,Harbour Group | Zhang X.N.,South China University of Technology
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

In order to improve the durability of concrete structure, studying reduction effect that water-based capillary crystalline waterproofer has on chloride ion diffusion coefficient in the concrete; analyse the inner microstructure of concrete by using electron microscope, and observe the penetration depth of waterproof agent in concrete directly. Research shows that: the water permeable crystalline waterproof agent can significantly reduce the diffusion coefficient of chloride ions in concrete, after concrete forms, the earlier brush waterproof agent, the longer it cure and its improving effect is more prominent after brushing waterproof agent, reduction rate of chloride ion diffusion coefficient in low strength concrete is higher than high-strength concrete; in good condition of water percolation, by detecting of electron microscope, it proved waterproofing agent can penetrate into internal concrete 6cm at least, the gel produced can be filled with pore and micro crack of concrete, so it can significantly improve the compactness of the whole structure. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

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