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Harbin, China

The Harbin Institute of Technology is a research university and a member of the C9 League in China consisting of three campuses, which nearly span the country from north to south: the Harbin campus in Heilongjiang Province, the Weihai campus in Shandong Province and the Shenzhen graduate school in Guangdong Province.HIT undertakes research and numerous projects covered by official secrets which may have a bearing on its international ranking, although it is widely recognized as one of the top universities in the country, especially when it comes to local science and engineering league tables. HIT is one of only ten universities in the world that have designed, built, and launched their own satellites . It made the largest contribution to the success of the Shenzhou series spacecraft and Kuaizhou series spacecraft. One minor planet is named after the Harbin Institute of Technology and nicknamed "Hagongda Star" by the International Astronomical Union for HIT's achievements in science and engineering. Wikipedia.

Harbin Institute of Technology | Date: 2013-10-15

A novel-structure electromagnetic relay containing a permanent magnet. At least three pairs of leading-out rods penetrate through a rectangular base, two pairs of leading-out rods are connected with the lower ends of four static spring plates respectively, an iron core and a coil framework are arranged at a diagonal position on the upper surface of the base, winding connectors of coils are connected with the other pair of leading-out rods respectively, the static spring plates are arranged at the other diagonal position on the upper surface of the base, a support is arranged at the top end of the coil framework, a pole face, a yoke and the permanent magnet are installed on the support, an armature, movable spring plates, the pole face and the yoke are located and connected through a middle shaft, and a sealing casing is covered outside the relay.

Harbin Institute of Technology | Date: 2013-01-31

A motor cooling and eddy current suppression structure (

Harbin Institute of Technology | Date: 2013-12-02

The present invention relates to a parameter adjustment method. The parameter adjustment method used for statistical machine translation comprises: step

Harbin Institute of Technology | Date: 2013-02-26

This invention relates to an active vibration isolation installation based on electromagnetic and aerostatic floatation which is essential for the super-precision measurement and manufacture. It mainly consists of an isolation platform, an intermediate sleeve and a base. The isolation platform supports any object(s) placed on the platform and is supported by the intermediate sleeve. And the intermediate sleeve is supported on the base which is fixed on the ground. This invention uses the combination electromagnetic and aerostatic floatation to achieve large bearing capacity while excellent vibration isolation performance is maintained. This invention realizes automatic control of stiffness, using closed-loop speed control methods. It is therefore conclude that this invention can impose an excellent inhibitory action on the vibration originating from surroundings and the platform itself.

A vibration isolator with zero stiffness whose angle degree of freedom is decoupled with a spherical air bearing has a main body, in which a sleeve and a lower mounting plate, a piston cylinder and the sleeve are both lubricated and supported with air bearing surfaces respectively, and the angle degree of freedom between a upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is decoupled with a spherical air bearing; a position close-loop control system comprising voice coil motors, displacement sensors, limit switches, a controller and a driver is introduced, and the relative position between the upper mounting plate and the lower mounting plate is precisely controlled.

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