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Hu J.-S.,Hanzhong University | Zhang A.-M.,Hanzhong Central Hospital | Long Q.-W.,Hanzhong University
International Eye Science | Year: 2017

AIM: To study the surgery method, risk factors and prevention of extracapsular cataract extraction (ECCE) and posterior chamber intraocular lens (PC-IOL) implantation through microcoria in leprosy patients in order to minimize the surgical complications. METHODS: Totally 72 leprosy patients (83 eyes) with cataract were treated by cutting the sphincter muscle of pupil to enlarger the pupil, then performing ECCE and PC-IOL. The visual acuity and complications were retrospectively analyzed. RESULTS: At 6mo postoperatively, best corrected visual acuity was ≥0.5 in 20 eyes (24%), 0.1 to <0.5 in 33 eyes (40%), <0.1 in 14 eyes (17%), no change in 16 eyes (19%). The postoperative complications: uveitis in 26 eyes (31%), posterior capsular rupture in 14 eyes (17%), posterior capsular opacification in 21 eyes (25%), secondary glaucoma accounted in 13 eye (16%). CONCLUSION: Because of long course, lepra reaction and persistent iritis, the leprosy patients are suffered from nerve damage and atretopsia, which make the surgery hard to complan, the complications increased, and the postoperative visual acuity is poor. Copyright 2017 by the IJO Press.

Li W.,Hanzhong University | Li G.,Hanzhong University | Fan Z.,Hanzhong University | Liu T.,Hanzhong University
Oncology Letters | Year: 2017

Breast cancer is the most common type of malignant tumor in females, and metastasis is the most common cause of breast cancer-associated mortality. Previous studies have identified that abnormal expression of microRNAs is commonly observed in human cancer and may be crucial for cancer metastasis. In the present study, microRNA-452 (miR-452) was investigated for its ability to act as a tumor suppressor in breast cancer. miR-452 expression was quantified in breast cancer tissue samples and cell lines with reverse transcription-quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR). Transwell migration and invasion assays were used to investigate the effect of miR-452 on the migration and invasion capabilities of breast cancer cells. Potential target genes of miR-452 were identified with miRanda and TargetScan. A luciferase reporter assay was performed to validate RAB11A as a putative target of miR-452, and was corroborated by RT-qPCR and western blot analyses. Finally, small interfering RNA (siRNA) was used to knockdown RAB11A expression and confirm whether miR-452 inhibited breast cancer cell migration and invasion via the negative regulation of RAB11A. The results revealed that miR-452 was downregulated in breast cancer tissues and cell lines, and that its downregulation may be associated with breast cancer metastasis, as miR-452 expression inhibited the migration and invasion capacities of breast cancer cells. RT-qPCR and western blot analyses indicated that miR-452 negatively regulated the expression of RAB11A mRNA and protein. The luciferase reporter assay revealed that miR-452 specifically bound to the 3’-untranslated region of RAB11A. Furthermore, inhibition of RAB11A with siRNA inhibited breast cancer cell migration and invasion. In conclusion, the present study has demonstrated that miR-452 may act as a tumor suppressor gene via inhibition of cell migration and invasion by targeting RAB11A in breast cancer. © 2017, Spandidos Publications. All rights reserved.

Lee H.S.,Hanzhong University | Lim S.S.,University of New South Wales | Park D.W.,Kunsan National University
Journal of Coastal Research | Year: 2011

Anmok Beach, South Korea, is adjoining a road, and the sides of this beach have been eroded year by year by the wave changes due to coastal construction. A terrestrial laser scanner and a raster data operation were utilized to implement a shore-surface model and classify the changed areas that eroded in an approximately 500-m shore section between September 3, 2010 and November 12, 2010. The point clouds data of the shore area were acquired at intervals of two months by terrestrial laser scanning. Two shore models were created more realistically by texturing a scanned digital photo mosaic on the surface model of a triangulated irregular network (TIN). In addition, we estimated the regional changes and volume differences in the erosion and accretion between the two shores using the raster operation. The results have shown that a volume of 13,101.99 m 3 was eroded and a volume of 7,204.96 m 3 was accreted. This study suggests that the use of the terrestrial laser scanner is expected to ensure the acquisition of good-quality results and help deal with seasonal changes in the beach areas. This method can be used as a real-time monitoring technique to measure the movement and the detection of a shore model along the coastline.

Kim J.,Korea Institute of Science and Technology | Kim S.H.,Korea Institute of Science and Technology | Lee D.-S.,Hanzhong University | Lee D.-S.,Well Being LS Co. | And 4 more authors.
Journal of Ginseng Research | Year: 2013

This study examined the effect of fermented ginseng (FG) on memory impairment and β-amyloid (Aβ) reduction in models of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in vitro and in vivo. FG extract was prepared by steaming and fermenting ginseng. In vitro assessment measured soluble Aβ42 levels in HeLa cells, which stably express the Swedish mutant form of amyloid precursor protein. After 8 h incubation with the FG extract, the level of soluble Aβ42 was reduced. For behavioral assessments, the passive avoidance test was used for the scopolamine-injected ICR mouse model, and the Morris water maze was used for a transgenic (TG) mouse model, which exhibits impaired memory function and increased Aβ42 level in the brain. FG extract was treated for 2 wk or 4 mo on ICR and TG mice, respectively. FG extract treatment resulted in a significant recovery of memory function in both animal models. Brain soluble Aβ42 levels measured from the cerebral cortex of TG mice were significantly reduced by the FG extract treatment. These findings suggest that FG extract can protect the brain from increased levels of Aβ42 protein, which results in enhanced behavioral memory function, thus, suggesting that FG extract may be an effective preventive or treatment for AD. © The Korean Society of Ginseng.

Lee H.-S.,Hanzhong University | Kim I.-H.,University of Ulsan | Kim H.-G.,Kangwon National University
Journal of Coastal Research | Year: 2016

Monitoring changes in the beach morphology of coastal landforms is important when considering coastal management measures. In this paper, to create a changing beach surface, point cloud data of the beach are obtained using three-dimensional (3D) terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), and a beach surface model is analysed based on 3D point data. The 3D point cloud is generated from the scanned beach, including breakwaters, and these points are registered and merged through a reference point (scan origin and ball target) surveyed by RTK-GPS. Noise elements and unnecessary points are eliminated to yield better surface modelling results. Mesh data of the scan point features are created from the integrated points and represent the beach surface of the triangulated irregular network (TIN) model. The 3D modelling of the mesh data enables the user to determine the width, length, and height of breakwater structures through outline extraction and analyse the beach profile. These dimensions of the structure are designed as a 2D plan. It is recommended that the point measurement interval must be dense to create a complete beach surface over a wide area. The approach to TLS appears to provide an efficient means of accurately measuring the beach surface. © Coastal Education and Research Foundation, Inc. 2016.

Song D.,Kangwon National University | Kim I.,Kangwon National University | Choi J.,Hanzhong University | Lee H.,Kangwon National University
Journal of Coastal Research | Year: 2016

The Gangwon province, which is located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean Peninsula, started the Coastal Erosion Monitoring Program (CEMP) on 2006 and has been currently progressing. The CEMP in the eastern coast of Gangwon province is carried out in all the 41 littoral drift cells. In this study, we compared and evaluated a level of beach erosion based on the four years CEMP results. The indicators for coastal erosion evaluation in South Korea are consists of the beach width change (40 points), the beach area change (30 pts), the hinterland risk vulnerability (20 pts), the population (5 pts) and the nature conservation value (5 pts). The coastal erosion levels from the absolute evaluation point by the indicators were separated four phases through the A phase (stable, and well preserved beach with over 90 evaluation indicator points), the B phase (occurred an accretion or erosion, but relatively stable beach with 70∼89 pts), the C phase (damage on beach or hinterland caused from erosion will be appeared, and with 50∼69 pts), and the D phase (occurring heavy damage on beach or hinterland by continuous erosion with below 50 pts) on the 41 littoral drift sectors, which are including 79 beaches. The evaluation result shows that a serious erosion phenomenon in the eastern coast area of Korea has been increasing. Especially, the eroded beach sectors with the C and D phase were extremely increased in 2014 (A=0, B=18, C=47, D=14), compared with the monitoring result in 2010 (A=5, B=26, C=31, D=17). © Coastal Education and Research Foundation, Inc. 2016.

Song D.-S.,Kangwon National University | Kim I.-H.,Kangwon National University | Lee H.-S.,Hanzhong University
Journal of Coastal Research | Year: 2013

The airborne Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) system has been allowed in monitoring various natural hazards, so highly accurate and airborne LiDAR data have been used in the field of oceanic sciences, including a digital terrain modeling and bathymetric mapping. In this study, we adopted airborne LiDAR measurements to assess coastal erosion for the first time. The airborne LiDAR data were acquired along the east coastal zone of Korea (shoreline is about 205km). The 3D topographical data and digital orthophotos, which were obtained from aerial LiDAR with a digital camera, were integrated with the beach profiles conducted by the VRS-based DGPS surveying. The integrated dataset were relocated into a developed flight simulator module, which is a Dynamic geographical information system solution with Digital AirScape (D-DAS), for the 3D visual analysis of erosion status. The 3D visual result of seasonal and yearly variability with respect to beach width is validated to understand the evolution trends of the coastal environment on the test areas. Preliminary result from this study shows the potential availability of LiDAR data and the additional opportunities within the 3 dimensional monitoring of coastal evolution, for a detailed evaluation of erosion supported by the Coastal Erosion Monitoring Program (CEMP). Additionally, we expect that the early introduction of the airborne LiDAR Bathymetry (ALB) system in Korea, such as Scanning Hydrographic Operational Airborne Lidar Survey (SHOALS), will be used for more effective and deliberative monitoring of coastal erosion in the coastal zone management program. © Coastal Education & Research Foundation 2013.

Wang M.,Hanzhong University
2011 2nd International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering, MACE 2011 - Proceedings | Year: 2011

A test system of valve class products based on industrial personal computer is developed. This test system is used for manufactories and quality supervisory departments to do the test of valve class products performance. Based on the control system of IPC and configuration software, the problem of collecting and storing performance parameters of valve class products with high speed was solved. This system uses data acquisition card and programmable logic controller to test the performances of valve class products, and the curves of the performances are described. With the alteration for high pressure manual regulator valve which be used in system, auto-regulation of valve opening was carried out. This data acquisition system has been used in a project of performance parameter testing of military valve class products, the date picking rate can reach 20 times/s and the measuring precision can reach 0.4%. © 2011 IEEE.

Liu L.-J.,Hanzhong University
Fangzhi Gaoxiao Jichukexue Xuebao | Year: 2011

Let u = Tri(A, M, B) be a triangular algebra. In this paper,using operator theoretie method,it was proved the generalized Hyers-Ulam-Rassias stability of functional eduations related to derivations on a triangular algebra associated to a generalized Jensen equation. In addition, it is taked account of the problem of Jacobson radical ranges for such functional inequality.

Joo D.-S.,Hanzhong University
Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition | Year: 2011

The physicochemical properties and quality changes in salted and dried brown croaker products using deep seawater salt were investigated for preparation with different pretreatment, salting and drying conditions. Optimum salt concentration, salting time and drying time for product were 20% of body weight, 12 hrs at room temperature (25±2°C), and 24 hrs at 30±2°C, respectively. The volatile basic nitrogen (VBN), peroxide value (POV), viable cell count and acid value (AV) of viscera and blade removed products were 18.9~22.4 mg%, 21.0~ 32.5 meq/L, and 2.3~4.4 mg/mL, 2.0~3.5×103 CFU/g, respectively and only viscera removed products were 31.2~38.1 mg%, 40~55.2 meq/L, 7.0~11.5 mg/mL, 4.1~5.5×103 CFU/g, respectively. Changes in quality of salted and dried brown croaker products were investigated during storage at room temperature and 5±2°C. The POV, AV and viable cell counts of salted and dried brown croaker products increased in commercial salt used and only viscera removed products compared with deep seawater salt used and viscera and blade removed products during storage time. Results in this study showed that the deep seawater salt was very effective for quality control of salted and dried brown croaker products and pretreatment method was a very important factor for preparation products. The optimum conditions for preparation of salted and dried brown croaker product were 20% of body weight for salt concentration, 12 hrs at 25±2°C for salting time, and 24 hrs at 30±2°C for drying time. Optimum storage time for quality maintenance was 14 days at 5±2°C.

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