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Mountain View, CA, United States

Hansen Medical, headquartered in Mountain View, California, designs and manufactures medical robotics for the accurate positioning and control of catheter-based technologies. The Company manufactures Sensei Robotic Catheter Systems, including next-generation Sensei X Robotic Catheter Systems, and Artisan Control Catheters. In May 2007, the Company obtained regulatory clearances to begin marketing the Sensei system in the United States and the European Union . Wikipedia.

Hansen Medical | Date: 2015-09-28

A robotic surgical system configured for the articulation of a catheter comprises an input device, a control computer, and an instrument driver having at least one motor for displacing the pull-wire of a steerable catheter wherein the control computer is configured to determine the desired motor torque or tension of the pull-wire of a catheter based on user manipulation of the input device. The control computer is configured to output the desired motor torque or tension of the pull-wire to the instrument driver, whereby at least one motor of the instrument driver implements the desired motor torque to cause the desired pull-wire tension to articulate the distal tip of the catheter. The present embodiment further contemplates a robotic surgical method for the articulation of a steerable catheter wherein an input device is manipulated to communicate a desired catheter position to a control computer and motor torque commands are outputted to an instrument driver. The robotic system may further comprise a torque sensor. The robotic system may also incorporate closed loop feedback in which data from the torque measuring device is used to ensure that the torque in the motor or tension in the pull-wire closely matches the motor torque command from the control computer.

Robotic instrument systems and control implementations are disclosed. In one such system, an elongate guide instrument such as a guide catheter includes tension or deflection element such as a stainless steel wire or pull wire. An actuator, such as a servo motor, is operably coupled to the controller. The controller is configured to control actuation of the servo motor based on execution of a control model including a mechanics model that accounts for a force on the guide instrument. The control model may also utilize both kinematics and mechanics models. The controller is configured to control actuation of the actuator based the control model that includes the mechanics model such that the elongate guide instrument bends when the actuator moves the deflection member.

Hansen Medical | Date: 2015-05-15

A device is provided for preventing buckling of a flexible elongate member during insertion of the flexible elongate member. The device includes a support frame comprising a first end, a second end, and multiple pairs of support members. The support frame is configured to reversibly move from a collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration when the first and second ends are moved away from each other. The device also includes multiple open channels coupled to the multiple pairs of support members of the support frame. The multiple open channels are configured to allow the flexible elongate member to be top loaded into the multiple open channels. Also, the multiple open channels are maintained in an axial alignment as the support frame is moved between the expanded and collapsed configurations.

Hansen Medical | Date: 2015-01-13

Disclosed herein is a system for remotely controlling and managing a sterilizer. The system for remotely controlling and managing a sterilizer according to an embodiment of the present invention includes N sterilizers configured to sterilize sterilization targets, a mobile terminal configured to receive a control command for each sterilizer or display information related to the sterilizer, and an integrated sterilizer management server connected to the N sterilizers over a network, and configured to transmit the control command received from the mobile terminal to the corresponding sterilizer, allow the corresponding sterilizer to be driven in compliance with the control command, collect current status information of the N sterilizers, and transmit the collected current status information to the mobile terminal.

Hansen Medical | Date: 2015-01-26

A method for facilitating a medical or surgical procedure in an operating site in a body of a patient may involve: displaying a first point on a first two-dimensional image of the operating site into which an elongate, flexible catheter device is inserted in response to a first user input; mapping the first point on at least a second two-dimensional image of the operating site, the second two-dimensional image being oriented at a non-zero angle with respect to the first two-dimensional image; displaying a first line on the second image that projects from the first point; displaying a second point on the second image in response to a second user input; and determining a three-dimensional location within the operating site, based on the first line and the second point on the second image.

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