Pohang, South Korea
Pohang, South Korea

Hansei University is a mid-sized University located in Gunpo City near Seoul, South Korea. It was established in 1953. The University originally started as the Full Gospel Theological College and changed its name to Soonshin University. In 1997, the name was finally changed to Hansei University. It has currently eight departments including Media and Communication Arts, Business Administration, Humanity and Social Science, Information Technology, Music, Design, and Nursing.The university is widely recognized especially for choral music. Regarded as one of the top choral music universities in Eastern Asia, Hansei University boasts a choral music faculty of six professor16. Wikipedia.

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Park I.-S.,Namseoul University | Shin S.-J.,Hansei University
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2013

Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) is developed to provide an efficient and effective means of preparing and exchanging financial information over the Internet to employees, investors, and financial analysts. XBRL financial reporting services are vulnerable in security because there are no regulations of security in XBRL Standard Specification even though the Internet is unsecure in its nature. XBRL financial reporting services need end-to-end, message-level security because XBRL financial documents are transported to an ultimate receiver via multi intermediaries. However, the current security technologies which are transport-level security and point-to-point security such as SSL/TLS, S-HTTP, and VPN, are not sufficient for securing financial information or encrypting only selected portions of an information set. This paper proposes FRWS2 security model which uses WS-Security. XBRL instance documents are first encoded by SOAP and use UsernameToken, timestamp, and nonce to authenticate. FRWS2 is sufficient and effective for Authorization, Integrity, Confidentiality, and non-Repudiation of financial reporting services.

Ha J.-E.,Korea University | Lee W.-H.,Hansei University
Optical Engineering | Year: 2010

In visual surveillance, robust foreground object detection is an essential step for further processing such as segmentation, tracking, and extraction of a scene's contextual information. Typical approaches continuously update background images and use then for detecting foreground objects. They involve many parameters that should be adjusted according to the situation where surveillance cameras are operating. We propose an algorithm for the robust detection of foreground objects using multiple difference images that requires only one parameter to adjust. We show that the proposed algorithm gives comparable results with less computation time through experimental results using test images with groundtruths. © 2010 Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

Kim H.,Hansei University
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks | Year: 2012

An overview of supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems is presented and relevant security concerns are addressed. To secure IP-based SCADA systems, it is vital to implement secure architectures which prevent access to the SCADA from corporate IT, in addition to excellent management practices in managing IP-based networks. We give an overall explanation of SCADA systems along with their security concerns and vulnerability. In the case of legacy SCADA systems, the concerns regarding security were minimal since it used proprietary networks; however, since the move of SCADA systems to the Internet, security problems have become an imperative issue, especially problems regarding IP-based systems. We also discuss various forms of threats and vulnerabilities on future SCADA systems applied with IPv6 over low-power, wireless personal area networks (6LoWPANs) and suggest security management methods to overcome these concerns. In order to identify and remove various vulnerabilities and threats to SCADA systems over IP-based wireless sensor networks, especially for 6LoWPAN applications, we examine possible threats and propose proper and precise security management methods. © 2012 HyungJun Kim.

Suhng B.M.,Hansei University | Lee W.,Hansei University
Journal of Electrical Engineering and Technology | Year: 2013

The shortest-path searching algorithm must not only find a global solution to the destination, but also solve a turn penalty problem (TPP) in an urban road transportation network (URTN). Although the Dijkstra algorithm (DA) as a representative node-based algorithm secures a global solution to the shortest path search (SPS) in the URTN by visiting all the possible paths to the destination, the DA does not solve the TPP and the slow execution speed problem (SEP) because it must search for the temporary minimum cost node. Potts and Oliver solved the TPP by modifying the visiting unit from a node to the link type of a tree-building algorithm like the DA. The Multi Tree Building Algorithm (MTBA), classified as a representative Link Based Algorithm (LBA), does not extricate the SEP because the MTBA must search many of the origin and destination links as well as the candidate links in order to find the SPS. In this paper, we propose a new Link-Based Single Tree Building Algorithm in order to reduce the SEP of the MTBA by applying the breaking rule to the LBA and also prove its usefulness by comparing the proposed with other algorithms such as the node-based DA and the link-based MTBA for the error rates and execution speeds.

Kang D.-J.,Pusan National University | Lee W.-H.,Hansei University
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing | Year: 2010

A method to detect calibration patterns using fast adaptive binarization and plane homography for images having complicated backgrounds and taken under lighting condition of industrial fields is proposed. The preprocessing step of involving the calibration of a camera, as required to measure object dimensions, must be able to extract calibration points from a calibration pattern. However, proper lighting conditions for the camera calibration of a measurement system are rarely provided in industrial settings. In this paper, a plane homography of calibration points extracted by fast adaptive image binarization is used for the automatic detection of a local set of calibration points. The integral image method is used as a central part for the rapid processing of adaptive image binarization. The extracted point set provides a transformation matrix of the plane homography and guides the extraction of other calibration points for cluttered backgrounds with irregular lighting conditions. During the calibration of the camera, a calibration point filtering procedure by a data In/Out system iteratively selects more correct calibration points while rejecting outliers and noisy data. Experiments using actual images verify that the proposed method can be applied to camera calibration with poor quality images having cluttered backgrounds obtained under uneven illumination. © KSPE and Springer 2010.

Byeong-Choon L.,Hansei University | Seung-Jung S.,Hansei University
International Journal of Security and its Applications | Year: 2014

Smart phone became the generalized device now and tends to be used much even for business with escaping from an individual's taste. Smart-phone users are enough to reach about 400 million people worldwide. This trend is continuously growing. Owing to the generalization of smart device, even a plan of increasing corporate competitiveness is being considered by many enterprises. There is the biggest merit available for increasing efficiency of business by getting access to network anytime and anywhere and for maximizing power and agility by integrating it into specific business. However, there are many matters to be considered for this. The most important problem among those things is the biggest concern about information protection. Smart phone is high in a risk of being lost as excellent as mobility is. Due to this, the possibility of information leakage exists always. The purpose of this study is to supplement the existing demerit of MDM and MAM in the above and to solve fundamental problem, and to solve this by integrating traffic and suggesting MTM through strengthening and grouping security on the integrated traffic. Especially, it suggested fundamental security by definitely dividing information of business and an individual through analyzing network traffic, and proposes even a plan of utilizing dual USIM. © 2014 SERSC.

Um K.,Hansei University
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics | Year: 2013

In this paper, we present a practical and quantitative method for theoretical determination of the complex transmission zero locations of lumped two-port power systems. We have derived several closed-forms of transmission zero characteristic equations in order to prove an important result-that the integer pairs of complex transmission zeros originate solely from the cross-coupled portion of the system. © 2013 The Japan Society of Applied Physics.

Lee M.,Hansei University
International Journal of Bio-Science and Bio-Technology | Year: 2015

The main purpose of this research is to explore risk factors for suicide attempts of Korean elderly persons who are aged 61 and over. Using data from 2011 Elderly Living Condition Survey database, this study focuses on the effects of social quality on suicide attempts. Social quality is estimated by social unkindness, which is operationalized through having experiences of feeling hurt by others’ unkind words or actions. Analysis results show that age, area of residence, ADL functional score, geriatric depression score, communication frequency with children, communication frequency with friends or neighbors, and having experiences of feeling hurt by others’ unkind words or actions are significant predictors. Key findings are that those with experiences of feeling hurt by social unkindness have far higher probability of attempting suicide. This implies that, for those who are exposed and vulnerable to social unkindness, without improving unkind social quality, it is not possible to get lowering those suicide attempts. Based on the analysis results, to prevent suicide attempts among older persons, improvement in social quality through encouraging members of society to activate an act of kindness with each other is needed. Policy makers should take this into account when developing policies to deter suicide attempts among the elderly persons. © 2015 SERSC.

As devices for amplifying or transforming electronic signals into audible signals through electromechanical operations, acoustic actuators in the form of loudspeakers are usually solid structures in three dimensional space. Recently there has been increasing demand for mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones, to become smaller, thinner, and lighter. In contrast to a three dimensional audio system with magnets, we have invented a new type of flexible two dimensional device by utilizing the reverse piezoelectric effect in certain piezoelectric materials. Crystalline piezoelectric materials show electromechanical interaction between the mechanical state and the electricallycharged state. The piezoelectric effect is a reversible process in that materials exhibiting the direct piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of electrical charge resulting from an applied mechanical force) also exhibit the reverse piezoelectric effect (the internal generation of a mechanical strain resulting from an applied electrical field). We have adopted the plasma surface treatment in order to put coating materials on the surface of piezoelectric film. We compared two kinds of coating material, indium tin oxide and single-walled carbon nanotube, and found that single-walled carbon nanotube shows better performance. The results showed improvement of output power in a wider range of operating frequency; for the surface resistance of 0.5 kΩ/square, the single-walled CNT shows the range of operating frequency to be 0.75-17.5 kHz, but ITO shows 2.5-13.4 kHz. For the surface resistance of 1 kΩ/square, single-walled CNT shows the range of operating frequency to be 0.81-17 kHz, but ITO shows it cannot generate audible sound. Copyright © 2015 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

We have designed a protocol analyzer to be used in wireless power systems and analyzed the operation of wireless chargers defined by standards of Qi of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and Power Matters Alliance (PMA) protocols. The integrated circuit (IC, or microchip) developed so far for wireless power transmission is not easily adopted by chargers for specific purposes. A device for measuring the performance of test equipment currently available is required to transform and expand the types of protocol. Since a protocol analyzer with these functions is required, we have developed a device that can analyze the two protocols of WPC and PMA at the same time. As a result of our research, we present a dual-mode system that can analyze the protocols of both WPC and PMA. Copyright © 2016 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

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