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Dang H.-A.,Hanoi University of Industry | Delinchant B.,Grenoble University | Wurtz F.,Grenoble University
IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, ICSET | Year: 2017

The most energy in buildings is used for space cooling and heating. Thus, the thermal analysis is necessary to reach thermal comfort and energy efficiency in buildings. In this paper, we present a thermal envelope modeling based on thermal-electrical analogy for thermal behavior simulation. The research object is a real platform inside our laboratory building in France. To illustrate this study, two thermal zone model represent two room of this platform, and they are surrounded by another thermal zones of laboratory building. Their parameters have been identified from envelope properties. Then, these models are implemented in a simple equivalent electric circuit, simulated and validated with measurement data. © 2016 IEEE.

Hai D.T.,Hanoi University of Industry | Hoang K.M.,Hanoi University of Industry
Proceedings - 2017 International Conference on Recent Advances in Signal Processing, Telecommunications and Computing, SigTelCom 2016 | Year: 2017

This paper introduces the conceptual operation of a simple multi-line rate (MLR) transponder having two bit-rate options and thereby proposes a novel protection scheme based on rate-adaptive operation. The MLR transponder is proposed to operate at lower rate to handle working capacity and in case of failure event, it could be temporarily tuned to higher rate to support protection capacity. We formulate the network design with shared mesh protection considering our new proposal as integer linear programming problem. Extensive simulation over numerous traffic matrices and common network topologies are performed to investigate efficiency of our protection proposal compared to traditional approach in terms of total transponder count, cost issues and energy consumption. © 2017 IEEE.

Hai D.T.,Hanoi University of Industry | Hoang K.M.,Hanoi University of Industry
Proceedings - 2017 International Conference on Recent Advances in Signal Processing, Telecommunications and Computing, SigTelCom 2016 | Year: 2017

In flex-grid optical network, routing and spectrum assignment (RSA) problem is a crucial task for planning and operating. Due to the non-deterministic polynomial time (NP-hard) complexity of problem, efficient computing techniques are always sought out with the aim to not only achieve good solutions but also in an efficient time span. In this context, this paper addresses the static version of RSA problem in a single objective scenario. We propose efficient meta-heuristic based on genetic algorithm (GA) to provide (near-) optimal solutions to the problem. The effectiveness of GA-based heuristic is bench-marked with exact approach based on integer linear programming (ILP) and other traditional heuristics for a set of scenarios. It is shown that the proposed GA heuristic exhibits better performance than typical heuristics and indeed could achieve optimal solutions in most cases while the running time is still highly manageable. © 2017 IEEE.

Tran T.,Hunan University | Tran T.,Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City | Hou S.,Hunan University | Han X.,Hunan University | And 3 more authors.
Thin-Walled Structures | Year: 2014

The triangular tubes with multi-cell were first studied on the aspects of theoretical prediction and crashworthiness optimization design under the impact loading. The tubes? profiles were divided into 2-, 3-, T-shapes, 4-, and 6-panel angle elements. The Simplified Super Folding Element theory was utilized to estimate the energy dissipation of angle elements. Based on the estimation, theoretical expressions of the mean crushing force were developed for three types of tubes under dynamic loading. When taking the inertia effects into account, the dynamic enhancement coefficient was also considered. In the process of multiobjective crashworthiness optimization, Deb and Gupta method was utilized to find out the knee points from the Pareto solutions space. Finally, the theoretical prediction showed an excellent coincidence with the numerical optimal results, and also validated the efficiency of the crashworthiness optimization design method based on surrogate models. © 2014 Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Pham D.C.,Institute of Mechanics | Vu L.D.,Institute of Mechanics | Nguyen V.L.,Hanoi University of Industry
Philosophical Magazine | Year: 2013

Third-order upper and lower bounds on the effective elastic moduli and conductivity of statistically isotropic -component materials in general dimensions are derived from minimum energy principles in an unified approach, which fall inside second order Hashin-Shtrikman bounds. The bounds contain, besides the properties and volume fractions of the component materials, the three-point correlation parameters, which are integrals of the infinite medium Green functions of respective problems taken upon the components regions in a representative volume element. For symmetric cell materials, the three-point correlation parameters reduce to just a few ones, which are restricted in certain ranges. By optimizing the parameters over the ranges, we obtained explicit shape-unspecified bounds for the properties of generally -dimensional symmetric cell materials. Further, the shape-unspecified bounds on the effective conductivity of the -dimensional random cell polycrystals are constructed and analysed. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Zhou C.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | Quach D.-C.,Hanoi University of Industry | Xiong N.,Colorado Technical University | Huang S.,Huazhong University of Science and Technology | And 3 more authors.
IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems | Year: 2015

Web-based systems have enjoyed tremendous growth in both theory and applications. They are highly visible and influential realizations of user-oriented technology supporting numerous human pursuits realized across the e-service. In this paper, we focus on web-based e-service systems for the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) remote control. These systems can provide web services for updating factors and the fuzzy law of Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy, when the PMSM devices are required. This paper designs the controller of the PMSM with uncertain inertia and friction factors working under load noise in Web-based e-service systems. This controller is based on rotor field-oriented control (RFOC) structures, internal model control (IMC), and improved direct adaptive fuzzy (IDAF). In order to enhance the transient quality for the case of uncertain inertia and friction factors,we use the IDAF algorithm for the outer loop (speed loop). The IDAF is designed based on the direct adaptive fuzzy algorithm combined with the G-Fuzzy system for adjusting online updating adaption factors. The essence of IDAF is a self-learning and self-adaption system with enhanced adaptive ability through the G-Fuzzy system. For the inner loop (current loop), an improved IMC (IIMC) structure is proposed to reduce the effect of load noise. The IIMC combines the tradition IMC and a speed feedback loop to enhance the antiload noise ability of the system. The difference between our control structure and the traditional control structure is that the system could automatically realize antiload noise in the inner loop before adjusting the speed in the outer loop. This will create really high performances for PMSM control systems. We also demonstrate the effect of this control algorithm on PMSM-RFOC system control. The extensive simulation results demonstrate that the current response satisfies the condition of ability and settling time. Especially, the antiload noise ability and transient quality of the system are controlled independently. Thus, it is a solid foundation upon which to develop a high-quality PMSM electric drive in the e-service. © 2014 IEEE.

Dang T.H.,Hanoi University of Industry | Ngo L.T.,Hanoi University | Pedrycz W.,University of Alberta
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2016

Cluster is found as one of the best useful tools for data analysis, data mining, and pattern recognition. The FCM algorithm and its variants algorithms has been extensively used in problems of clustering or collaborative clustering. In this paper, we present a novel method involving multiple kernel technique and FCM for collaborative clustering problem. These method endowed with multiple kernel technique which transform implicitly the feature space of input data into a higher dimensional via a non linear map, which increases greatly possibility of linear separability of the patterns when the data structure of input patterns is non-spherical and complex. To evaluate the proposed method, we use the criteria of fuzzy silhouette, a sum of squared error and classification rate to show the performance of the algorithms. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2016.

Manh Cuong N.,Hanoi University of Industry | Van Thien N.,Hanoi University of Industry
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2016

We offer an efficient method to reduce the number of support vectors for Fuzzy Support Vector Machine. Firstly, we consider the Fuzzy Support Vector Machine model which was proposed by Lin and Wang. For the reducing the number of support vectors, we apply the l0 regularization term to the dual form of this model. The resulting optimization problem is non-smooth and non-convex. The l0 is then replaced by an approximation function. An algorithm which is based on DC programming and DCA is then investigated to solve this problem. Numerical results on real-world datasets show the efficiency and the superiority of our method versus the standard algorithm on both support vector reduction and classification. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016.

Kieu-Xuan T.,Hanoi University of Industry | Choi S.,Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute | Koo I.,University of Ulsan
Journal of Sensors | Year: 2014

Student's t-distribution is utilized to derive a novel method for event detection in wireless sensor networks. Numerical analysis is used to show that under the same conditions, the proposed event detection method is comparable to likelihood ratio-based detection method and that it significantly outperforms energy detection method in terms of detection performance. Moreover, the proposed method does not require perfect knowledge of noise variance to set up a decision threshold in terms of a false alarm probability as the likelihood ratio based detection and the energy detection do. © 2014 Thuc Kieu-Xuan et al.

Tran T.,Hunan University | Tran T.,Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City | Hou S.,Hunan University | Han X.,Hunan University | And 2 more authors.
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences | Year: 2014

Multi-cell square tubes under dynamic oblique impact loading were studied in our work. The theoretical predictions of mean crushing force, mean horizontal force, and mean bending moment were proposed by dividing the profile into basic angle elements based on a Simplified Super Folding Element (SSFE) theory. The formulas of an oblique impacting coefficient (λ) with a load angle of 15° were proposed based on the geometric parameters, the inertia effect and the oblique loading angle by taking the effect of oblique loading and dynamic crushing into account for aluminum alloy tubes. A new method was proposed to find out a "knee point" from Pareto set with maximizing the reflex angle. The optimal configurations of multi-cell tubes were analyzed under axial and more than one oblique impact loadings. The results showed that the FE numerical results agreed well with the theoretical predictions. © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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