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Xu L.,NARI Group | Li H.,NARI Group | Wang W.,Hangzhou Hengxin Electrical Co. | Zhu J.,NARI Group | And 2 more authors.
Gaoya Dianqi/High Voltage Apparatus | Year: 2014

In suppressing the transient surge of power system, phase-controlled is more economical and advanced than traditional methods, such as installing a closing resistor or a lightning arrester. With the application and popularization of smart substation technology, new requirements are proposed for phase-controlled. Firstly the paper introduces the realization of process level interface, data communication mode and equipment installation mode of the intelligent phase-controlled equipment. Then two different implementation models of intelligent phase-controlled equipment are proposed based on the functional integration degree of intelligent components, and the modeling of phase-controlled equipment based on IEC 61850 and information interactive mode are discussed. Finally, this paper gives a brief summary of key technology of deviation control and prospects the advanced applications. ©, 2014, Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute. All right reserved.

Wang X.H.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Yuan H.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Liu D.X.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Yang A.J.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | And 5 more authors.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics | Year: 2016

Vacuum degree online detection of vacuum interrupter has been a great challenge for decades. In this letter, a novel approach based on laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) was proposed to solve this tough problem, which is suitable for non-intrusive, electro-magnetic interference free and remote detection. The spectral lines of Cu, H, N and O elements from the interrupter shield were detected for a large gas pressure range from p = 1 × 10-3 Pa to 1 × 105 Pa. It was found that the spectral intensities of O and H increase monotonically with gas pressure, in contrast the spectral intensity of Cu first decreases slightly and then increases. Their intensity ratios, especially for that of Cu to O, change dramatically and monotonically with the gas pressure when p 0.1 Pa, indicating that they can be used for determining the vacuum degree values. Spectral ratio method fundamentally reduces the influences of the possible variation in measuring distance and the laser power fluctuation, making LIBS a promising method for vacuum degree online detection of vacuum interrupters. © 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd.

Mei Y.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Yuan H.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Wang X.,Xi'an Jiaotong University | Wang X.,Hangzhou Hengxin Electrical Co. | And 6 more authors.
IEEE Region 10 Annual International Conference, Proceedings/TENCON | Year: 2016

Vacuum circuit breakers are widely used in low and medium electrical power system as a result of its simple structure, small volume, high dielectric breakdown strength, good breaking ability and long operating life. However, the vacuum degree will reduce for some complicated reasons during the practical operating process, which leads to a great influence on its breaking capacity and even lose its capacity. In order to address this issue, we develop an electromagnetic antenna technology. This paper presents the findings through the building of experiment test platform and the using of analysis method that the vacuum circuit breaker will launch different electromagnetic signals when the vacuum degree changes, then provides the supporting of experiment and theory to realize on-line vacuum monitoring of vacuum circuit breaker reliably and stably. © 2015 IEEE.

Ling Y.,Hangzhou Hengxin Electrical Co. | Chen M.,Hangzhou Hengxin Electrical Co. | Wang W.,Hangzhou Hengxin Electrical Co.
Gaoya Dianqi/High Voltage Apparatus | Year: 2015

The DC hybrid circuit breaker based on fast-opening switch(FS)and parallel connected capacitor has been widely applied in the fault current breaking of DC grid. However, when the fault current is commutated from FS to the parallel connected capacitor with single-stage current commutation, the capacitor has to absorb large energy stored in the system inductance within a short time, so a high over-voltage rate of rise occurs between contacts, which will lead to a failed breaking. In view of this, a novel DC circuit breaker based on current commutation has been proposed in this paper. By controlling the thyristor in the commutation branches, the fault current is commutated in two stages, which can not only realize the arc-less open of FS, but also decrease the over-voltage rate of rise obviously. Besides, the voltage polarity of capacitor after breaking is same as the initial state, which can avoid recharging. The simulation model of the fault current breaking is constructed on MATLAB Simulink platform under different conditions in medium voltage DC(MVDC) system, and the overvoltage of the single-stage commutation and the two-stage commutation during the fault current breaking are compared. Finally, the fault current breaking test based on synthesis loop is investigated experimentally, which proved that the simulation model is well feasible. ©, 2015, Xi'an High Voltage Apparatus Research Institute. All right reserved.

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