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Handan, China

Handan College is a university based in Handan, Hebei province, People's Republic of China. It is a comprehensive university which offers courses from the Humanities to science. Wikipedia.

Li K.,Handan College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Use UG to model and assemble herringbone gear. Through the ANSYS Workbench software, the engaging characteristics of the static state herringbone gear assembly model were confirmed and the analysis was executed to verify the gear design rationality. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Shang H.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Shang H.,Handan College | Jiang K.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular | Zhan X.,CAS Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular
Organic Electronics: physics, materials, applications | Year: 2012

A novel oligothiophene-cyanoacrylic acid photosensitizer with two triphenylamine side chains (7T-2TPA) is designed and synthesized for dye-sensitized solar cells. 7T-2TPA exhibits broad (250-600 nm) and strong absorption ( = 5.0 × 10 4 L mol -1 cm -1 at 496 nm). The optical band gap (E g) is estimated from the onset absorption edge to be 2.07 eV. The oxidation potential E ox and reduction potential E red vs NHE of the dye is 0.93 and -1.14 V, respectively. Dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) based on 7T-2TPA exhibits an open-circuit voltage (V oc) of 724 mV, a short-circuit current density (J sc) of 16.28 mA cm -2, a fill factor (FF) of 0.684 and a power conversion efficiency of 8.06%. The efficiency of 8.06% is similar to that for widely used N719-based cell fabricated and measured under the same conditions. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Hui L.,Handan College
International Journal of Control and Automation | Year: 2016

Genetic algorithm was used to identify the damage of frame structure. Stiffness coefficient damage factor is selected as design variable, and the weighted array difference value between inherent frequency and vibration mode of structure calculated and measured. According to the difficulty in selecting crossover rate and mutational rate for fundamental algorithm, the process of selection operator, crossover operator and mutation operator was improved. All operators were operated on parent individual. Crossover rate and mutational rate were set for 100%. Punishment function was applied for keeping the difference among individuals. The improved genetic algorithm can conserve the better individual in parent and keep off fall into local optimum. Through a 3-story frame with single variable damage and multiple variables damage study, the results showed that the improved genetic algorithm can identify the damage location and degree. © 2016 SERSC.

Wang L.-P.,Handan College
Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing | Year: 2012

The increasing economic globalization brings new challenges to the development of regional economy. In this international background, industrial development pattern must be improved and internal industrial structure has to be optimized to realize sustainable industrial development, so that the sustainable development of regional economy can be achieved. The sustainable development of regional industries is an important prerequisite for the sustainable development of regional economy. In this paper, the direction of modern industrial development is discussed through the analysis of traditional regional industry insufficiencies, in order to ultimately achieve the sustainable development of regional economy. © 2012 Springer-Verlag GmbH Berlin Heidelberg.

Qin L.,Hebei University of Science and Technology | Zhao X.,Handan College
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

As one of the profit sources in the 21 century, logistics develops on the basis of the results of logistics informatization platform construction, while the key and core to realize logistics informatization is to construct the logistics information service integration platform so as to integrate the components of all links of the supply chain in systematic views. Based on in-depth analysis of problems to encounter in the construction of supply chain information management platform of logistics parks, this paper proposes the construction of the information management platform of logistics parks with functions such as overall perception, systematic analysis, intelligent information push, mass data mining and information decision analysis through the application of the Internet of Things and cloud computing, probes into the 8-layer framework mode of the system, analyzes the key technologies including the realization of real-time data acquisition, realization of multisource data integration middleware and realization of intelligent push technology as well as completes the design of decision support layer by adopting Agent-middleware technology. Practice tells us that the implementation of such platform will realize software and hardware resource sharing among all components of logistics parks in an all-round way, optimize the supply chain, reduce the investment cost of informatization construction remarkably and improve the integration capacity of logistics resources greatly.

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