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Kim H.S.,Chungbuk National University | Kim J.Y.,Chungbuk National University | Ryu H.S.,Chungbuk National University | Park H.-G.,Hanabiotech Ltd. | And 6 more authors.
International Immunopharmacology | Year: 2010

Sparassis crispa is a medicinal mushroom containing high 6-branched 1,3-β-D-glucan (sparan) content, which exhibits immune-mediated antitumor activity. In the present study, we investigated the stimulating effect of sparan on phenotypic and functional maturation of dendritic cells (DCs). Phenotypic maturation was confirmed by the elevated expressions of CD40, CD80, CD86, and MHC-I/II molecules. Functional activation was proved by increased cytokine production of IL-12, IL-1β, TNF-α, and IFN-α/β, enhanced IL-2 production and proliferation of allogenic T cells, and decreased endocytosis. The role of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) as a membrane receptor of sparan was proved by the impaired maturation of DCs generated from bone marrow cells of tlr4-/- knock-out mice and TLR4-mutated C3H/HeJ mice, and by using anti-MD-2/TLR4 neutralizing antibody. Sparan increased phosphorylation of ERK, p38, and JNK, and enhanced nuclear translocation of NF-ΚB p50/p65 in DCs. These results indicate that sparan activates DCs via MAPK and NF-ΚB signaling pathways, which are signaling molecules downstream of TLR4. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Heo S.,Sejong University | Lee S.M.,Sejong University | Bae I.Y.,Hanyang University | Park H.-G.,Hanabiotech Ltd. | And 2 more authors.
Food and Bioprocess Technology | Year: 2013

With the recent well-being trend, a great deal of effort has been made to develop instant fried noodles with beneficial health effects. Thus, β-glucan-enriched materials (BGEMs) were obtained from Lentinus edodes mushroom and their effects on the quality attributes of instant fried noodles were characterized in terms of rheological, textural, and oil-resisting properties. When BGEMs were mixed with wheat flour, different thermomechanical profiles were observed by a Mixolab, enhancing dough stability and water absorption. The use of BGEMs raised the viscoelastic properties of noodle dough with a great increase in the elastic property. In addition, the dough samples prepared with more BGEMs exhibited greater elongational viscosity. In the case of fried noodle strands, the incorporation of BGEMs led to a significant increase in the breaking stress and produced a surface microstructure with smaller voids. Moreover, the oil uptake of fried noodles containing BGEMs was significantly reduced by 22%. Therefore, it showed that BGEMs had positive impacts on the quality attributes of instant fried noodles and could also be used as an oil barrier to produce fried noodles with a reduced content of oil and calories. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Bae I.Y.,Hanyang University | Lee Y.J.,Hanyang University | Kim E.S.,Hanyang University | Lee S.,Sejong University | And 2 more authors.
Korean Journal of Food Science and Technology | Year: 2010

The effects of various coating materials (alginate, 0.3%; xanthan gum, 0.05%; chitosan, 0.8%) and storage temperatures (4, 12, 25°C) on the shelf-life of Lentinus edodes mushroom were investigated in terms of weight loss, color, polyphenoloxidase (PPO) activity, and texture profiles. Out of the three coating materials tested in this study, chitosan was effective in maintaining the color, PPO activity, and texture of the mushrooms during storage for 6 days at 12°C. Moreover, when stored at 4, 12, and 25°C for 6 days, the chitosan spray-coated mushrooms stored at 4°C had higher Lvalues and lower ΔE. Also, lower temperature storage inhibited PPO activity in the mushrooms and prevented the loss of textural properties during storage. Therefore, the shelf-life of Lentinus edodes mushroom can be further extended two-fold by spray-coating with chitosan and storing at a lower temperature (4°C). © The Korean Society of Food Science and Technology.

Kim J.,Sejong University | Lee S.M.,Sejong University | Bae I.Y.,Hanyang University | Park H.-G.,Hanabiotech Ltd | And 2 more authors.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture | Year: 2011

Background: Extensive physiological and biological emphasis has been placed on pharmaceutical and medicinal uses of mushrooms containing β-glucans, but their incorporation into processed functional foods is quite limited. Thus, low-grade Lentinus edodes mushrooms were utilised to produce β-glucan-enriched materials (BGEMs), which were evaluated as a high-fibre and low-calorie substitute for wheat flour. Results: The fractions obtained from Lentinus edodes mushrooms contained 514 g kg -1 of (1-3)-β-glucans with (1-6)-β-linked side chains and the chemical structure was confirmed by 13C NMR and FTIR spectroscopy. Replacement of a portion of the wheat flour with BGEMs resulted in the solutions with lower values of pasting parameters and also caused significant changes in starch gelatinisation. When BGEMs were incorporated into cake formulations, batter viscosity increased with more shear-thinning behaviours and elastic properties improved. Overall, the cakes containing more BGEMs showed decreased volume and increased hardness while no significant differences were observed between the control and BGEM cakes containing 1 g of β-glucan per serving. Conclusion: As a wheat flour substitute, the BGEMs that were prepared from low-grade Lentinus edodes mushrooms, could be successfully used to produce cakes containing 1 g of β-glucan per serving with quality attributes similar to those of the control. © 2011 Society of Chemical Industry.

Bae I.Y.,Hanyang University | Kim H.W.,Hanyang University | Yoo H.J.,Hanyang University | Kim E.S.,Hanyang University | And 3 more authors.
Food Research International | Year: 2013

β-Glucans with a different degree of branching (DB) were prepared from three different mushrooms and their physiological properties were characterized in terms of branching structure. β-Glucan with 29% DB from shitake mushroom was the most effective in inhibiting the growth of tumor cells and also producing nitric oxide compared to Chamsong-I (67% DB) and cauliflower (16% DB) β-glucan. In addition, the β-(1-6)-linked branches of β-glucan from Chamsong-I mushroom were specifically hydrolyzed by enzymatic treatments to produce β-glucan samples with various DB from 19 to 50%. As the DB of β-glucan reduced, the inhibition of cancer cell growth and production of nitric oxide increased when the branching reached up to 32%, then decreased as the DB further reduced. Therefore, these results indicated that the branching structure of β-glucan plays a crucial role in its antitumor effect and the antitumor effect could be enhanced by modulating critical branching structure of β-glucan. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Kim J.,Sejong University | Lim J.,Sejong University | Bae I.Y.,Hanyang University | Park H.-G.,Hanabiotech Ltd | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Texture Studies | Year: 2010

Lentinus edodes mushroom powders (LMP) were separated into three fractions with different particle sizes (379.7, 232.6 and 62.5 μm), and their effects on physicochemical, rheological and oil-resisting properties of frying batters were investigated. While the fractionation of LMP by particle size did not cause a change in their chemical compositions, it decreased the final viscosity and setback in the pasting properties of wheat flour which were measured by a starch pasting rheometer. The use of LMP with smaller particle size increased the viscosity of frying batters with more dominant shear-thinning behavior, which was satisfactorily characterized by the Power law equation. The elastic properties of frying batters were also enhanced as LMP powders became finer. Moreover, LMP was evaluated as an oil barrier in fried foods, showing that the finer LMP fractions had a significant impact on the reduction of oil uptake.© 2010 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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