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Hasde M.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Ogur R.,GATA Cevre Sagligi BD
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin | Year: 2011

The most important diseases among health care workers resulting from occupational exposure are infectious diseases. All of the communicable diseases could infect health care workers, and my cause diseases leading to death. Although the infectious diseases increase among health care workers, measures for control and prevention of these infections are the same for years. These measures may be summarized as handwashing, immunisation and appropriate isolation of infection sources, and using of these basic applications is the primary responsibility of managers and health care workers.

Sahin S.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Acikel C.H.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Turker T.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Okyay S.,GATA Askeri Saglik Hizmetleri AD
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin | Year: 2014

AIM: Sleep is in an active state which is of vital importance for the regeneration of our mental and physical health and which takes up about one third of our lifespan. Sleep disorders are particularly important for specific groups of professionals like health workers. This research aimed to establish the frequency of sleepiness in Gülhane Military Faculty of Medicine students, their sleep disorders and factors that may affect their sleep patterns. It also set out to identify the particular features that may give rise to these conditions and the precautions which may be taken to prevent them. METHOD: The research aimed to encompass all the students in the Gülhane Military Faculty of Medicine. Actual participation was 69% (412/597). The research was cross-sectional with data collected by means of a questionnaire. The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS) score was the dependent variable of the research. The sociodemographic particularities of the students, the physical conditions of their sleep area, their habits and health problems were the independent variables. RESULTS: 84.3% of participants stated that they felt the need to sleep during the day. 56.8% of the students revealed that they felt excessively sleepy during the day, whilst 42.8% did not feel excessively sleeply. A significant statistical link has been established in the ESS score between feeling extremely sleepy every day and "not going to bed at the usual time every day", "not feeling rested upon waking up", "feeling excessively sleepy during the day" and "experiencing sleepiness in class because of the classroom environment" (p<0.05). CONCLUSIONS: Of the students who participated in the survey, 34.5% did experience sleepiness, and this was about 4-6% above the expected level in normal circumstances. The percentage of those Gülhane Military Faculty of Medicine students who had not had enough sleep and those who stated that they got up tired and not properly rested was considerably higher than had been expected (61.8%). Medical students should be advised on how to deal with sleep disorders and their living environments should be carefully constructed for them to concentrate.

Ozmen P.,GATA Askeri Saglik Hizmetleri AD | Sahin S.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Cetin M.,GATA Askeri Saglik Hizmetleri AD | Turk Y.Z.,GATA Askeri Saglik Hizmetleri AD
Gulhane Medical Journal | Year: 2013

Objectives: Medical training is an ongoing process which starts with university entrance and lasts until retirement. This study aims to evaluate the first stage of this process, the undergraduate curriculum. It examines the reasons why graduates of 2012 chose to study at the Gülhane Military Medical Faculty (GATF), the educational environment, the strengths and weaknesses of the training provided, professional qualifications, skills and leadership perceptions, feelings of commitment to and trust in the faculty and perceptions of specialist training. Participants were also invited to make suggestions. Research Method: 61 physicians graduated from GATF in 2012. Six of these were foreign nationals, and were not included in the study. Of the remaining 55 physicians, 48 (87,3%) were contactable.. A questionnare consisting of 35 questions in six sections was administrated in this study, and no scale was used. Findings: 4,2%of the participants were female, 95,8%male. The average age was 23,97 ± 0,11 93,8%completed their studies within the prescribed time frame,and for 79,2%GATF had been their first choice. Participants evaluated educational trainibg in basic and clinical medical sciences as succesful, and the presence of qualified faculty members was cited as the most important strenght of their studies. Conclusion: Participants are proud to be GATF students, have confidence in their institution and believe that they received a good training. They feel they are ready to practise medicine as physicians. Most of them want to receive specialist medical training and study towards this goal. Their social environment and computer facilities are limited. They want to learn more about medical law, CPR, legal issues, field medicine and communication techniques. It is expected that work in these fields will increase the productivity of the training provided and in turn bring further benefits to GATF, which has proven success in medical education and has become a trademark of excellence in its field. © Gülhane Askeri Tip Akademisi 2013.

Naharci M.I.,Mehmet Ilkin Naharci | Kocak N.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Doruk H.,Mehmet Ilkin Naharci
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin | Year: 2012

Osteoporosis is a disorder that affects commonly the people above 65 years, impairs the functional status, decreases the life quality, and increases mortality and cost. Lateral screening of vertebra or displaying of proximal femur with DEXA is gold standard method for the evaluation of diagnosis and fracture risk in elderly subjects. Physical examination for the analysis of risk factors of falling and laboratory methods for the diagnosis of secondary osteporosis were used. While increasing muscle strength and balance, exercise programs, calcium and vitamin D supplement are helpful in the prevention of falling. As anti-osteoporotic drugs, aleandronat, risedronat, and strontium ranelat have anti-fracture efficiencies for both hip and vertebra fracture. It is considered that the making of periodically routine health examination is important for early diagnosis and treatment in elderly people. In routine examination of elderly subject, it would be helpful that declaring of actions to be done for the prevention of osteoporosis development, if occured, the stopping of progression, and the prevention of falling as part of health training.

Kocak N.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Gulec M.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Tekbas O.F.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin | Year: 2011

Water hardness is a term used to define the number of ions contained in the water, especially quantity sulphate, carbonate salts of calcium and magnesium. This characteristis of water is a important quality in it's use as drinking water, industrial water and service water. The temporary hardness level of water cames from bicarbonate salts of calcium and magnesium whereas chloride, sulphate, nitrate, phosphate, silicate salts of calcium and magnesium. İn order to indicate the hardness level of water samples French Hardness Level is used in our country. There is a larger amounth of calcium and magnesium salts in hard water samples. These minerals have very important functions in the human body. İn this study, the importance of hard water in terms of human health has been assessed under light of current information. The studies about the preventive role of hard water in cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, stroke and many types of cancer areviewed. These studies Express that higher levels of calcium and magnesium hard water provide a higher reduction in these disease. Water, which must be consumed as 2 liters per dayis very important for human life. Hard water contains a lot of the minerals that must be taker daily, especially calcium and magnesium. İt's advised that water for consumption to have medium hardness. The hardness level of water is an aesthetic quality. Thus, in populations having a taste for soft water, the effort of individuals to softer the network water provided by municipalities using different equipments, in addition to their preference of soft water in plastic or glass bottles for consumption could imply lack of benefit of hard water for population health and also bring out some risks in terms of water hygiene.

Istanbulluoglu H.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD | Kir T.,GATA Halk Sagligi AD
TAF Preventive Medicine Bulletin | Year: 2011

Water is one of our most critical resources. Civilization has historically flourished around major waterways. The most important uses of water are; agricultural, industrial and domestic use. This critical resource is under threat around the world. In the next 20 years, the quantity of water available to everyone is predicted to decrease by 30%. 40% of the world's inhabitants currently have insufficient fresh water for minimal hygiene. In 2000 more than 2.2 million people died from waterborne diseases. Water politics is politics affected by water and water resources. There are connections between water resources, water systems, and international security and conflict. Today, water is a strategic resource in the globe and an important element in many political conflicts. Turkey can be faced severe water-stress in the near future. Therefore Turkey has to develop realistic and feasible water policy for future generations.

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