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Ayabe, Japan

GUNZE Ltd | Date: 2013-11-28

A medical guide wire which can have both slidability and operability and can be easily manufactured is provided. A medical guide wire (

GUNZE Ltd | Date: 2013-02-25

The invention provides a novel method for producing a composite member by fixing a surface member to the outer peripheral surface of a core member. A method for producing a composite member having a core member and a surface member fixed to the outer peripheral surface of the core member includes the surface member providing step of providing the surface member having magnetism lower than magnetism of the core member made of a conductive material on the outer peripheral surface of the core member, and the fusing step of electromagnetic induction heating the core member from outside the surface member to melt at least one of facing regions between the surface member and the core member with heat of the heated core member and fuse the surface member to the core member.

Mitsubishi Group and GUNZE Ltd | Date: 2014-02-13

It is an object of the present invention to provide a heat-shrinkable multilayer film which, in the case of using the heat-shrinkable multilayer film as a heat-shrinkable label for a container, does not produce delamination in covering a container, is superior in heat resistance, oil resistance, tearing properties along the perforation and appearance and can prevent the reduction in strength between the layers after a printing step, and a heat-shrinkable label comprising the heat-shrinkable multilayer film as a base film. The present invention is a heat-shrinkable multilayer film which comprises: an outer surface layer comprising a polyester type resin; and an intermediate layer comprising a polystyrene type resin, said outer surface layer and said intermediate layer being laminated by interposing an adhesive layer comprising a polyester type elastomer or a modified polyester type elastomer.

GUNZE Ltd | Date: 2013-08-14

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a biodegradable polymer compound that is pliable and displays the same decomposition behavior as linear lactic acid--caprolactone copolymer. The problem is solved by a branched polymer (particularly, a star-shaped polymer) having at least three arms formed from lactic acid--caprolactone copolymer and a weight-average molecular weight of at least 150,000.

This invention provides a method for hydrophilic cellulose fibers capable of inhibiting decrease in the degree of polymerization and whiteness degree of oxidized cellulose fibers in oxidized cellulose in which a carbon at position 6 of each glucose unit in the cellulose fiber starting material is oxidized to a carboxyl group, the method comprising (A) the step of performing dehalogenation together with reduction,

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