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Friendly, NC, United States

Guilford College, founded in 1837 by members of the Religious Society of Friends , is an independent college in Greensboro, NC. It is the third-oldest coeducational institution in the country, the oldest such institution in the South, and the fourth-oldest institution of higher learning in North Carolina. Guilford has both traditional students and students who attend its Center for Continuing Education . Guilford's academic programs—both disciplinary and interdisciplinary—include 36 majors and 53 minors, with a range of liberal arts and pre-professional opportunities. Guilford also supports students in creating individualized programs and in selecting studies which will contribute to their own development and interests. Wikipedia.

Chakraborty H.,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Tarafdar P.K.,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Bruno M.J.,University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Bruno M.J.,Guilford College | And 2 more authors.
Biophysical Journal | Year: 2012

Membrane fusion, essential to eukaryotic life, is broadly envisioned as a three-step process proceeding from contacting bilayers through two semistable, nonlamellar lipidic intermediate states to a fusion pore. Here, we introduced a new, to our knowledge, experimental approach to gain insight into the nature of the transition states between initial, intermediate, and final states. Recorded time courses of lipid-mixing, content-mixing, and content-leakage associated with fusion of 23 nm vesicles in the presence of poly(ethylene glycol) at multiple temperatures were fitted globally to a three-step sequential model to yield rate constants and thereby activation thermodynamics for each step of the process, as well as probabilities of occurrence of lipid-mixing, content-mixing, or content-leakage in each state. Experiments with membranes containing hexadecane, known to reduce interstice energy in nonlamellar structures, provided additional insight into the nature of fusion intermediates and transition states. The results support a hypothesis for the mechanism of stalk formation (step-1) that involves acyl chain protrusions into the interbilayer contact region, a hypothesis for a step-2 mechanism involving continuous interconversion of semistable nonlamellar intermediates, and a hypothesis for step-3 (pore formation) mechanism involving correlated movement of whole lipid molecules into hydrophobic spaces created by geometry mismatch between intermediate structures. © 2012 by the Biophysical Society.

Williams L.,Guilford College
Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health | Year: 2013

A commitment to physical activity is necessary for personal health, and is a primary goal of physical activity practitioners. Effective practitioners rely on theory and research as a guide to best practices. Thus, sound theory, which is both practical and parsimonious, is a key to effective practice. The purpose of this paper is to review the literature in search of such a theory - one that applies to and explains commitment to physical activity in the form of sport and exercise for youths and adults. The Sport Commitment Model has been commonly used to study commitment to sport and has more recently been applied to the exercise context. In this paper, research using the Sport Commitment Model is reviewed relative to its utility in both the sport and exercise contexts. Through this process, the relevance of the Investment Model for study of physical activity commitment emerged, and a more parsimonious framework for studying of commitment to physical activity is suggested. Lastly, links between the models of commitment and individuals' participation motives in physical activity are suggested and practical implications forwarded. Copyright © 2013 The Korean Society for Preventive Medicine.

McCormick J.,Guilford College
Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition) | Year: 2012

Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death worldwide, particularly in Western societies. During an ischaemic insult, ventricular pressure from the heart is diminished as a result of cardiac myocyte death by necrosis and apoptosis. Autophagy is a process whereby cells catabolise intracellular proteins in order to generate ATP in times of stress such as nutrient starvation and hypoxia. Emerging evidence suggests that autophagy plays a positive role in cardiac myocyte survival during periods of cellular stress performing an important damage limitation function. By promoting cell survival, cardiac myocyte loss is reduced thereby minimising the potential of heart failure. In contrast, it has been reported that autophagy can also be a form of cell death. By considering the various animal models of autophagy, we examine the role of the Signal Transducers and Activator of Transcription (STAT) proteins in the autophagic response. Additionally we review the role of the tumour suppressor, p53 and its family member p73 and their potential role in the autophagic response.

Marlin B.,Guilford College
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos | Year: 2012

We examine the invariant set of the Newton-Leipnik attractor using the inverse limit of a related function. This is accomplished using a simpler model than that proposed in [LoFaro, 1997b], and we argue that the earlier model is suspect. © 2012 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Sabin J.A.,University of Washington | Riskind R.G.,Guilford College | Nosek B.A.,University of Virginia
American Journal of Public Health | Year: 2015

Objectives. We examined providers' implicit and explicit attitudes toward lesbian and gay people by provider gender, sexual identity, and race/ethnicity. Methods. We examined attitudes toward heterosexual people versus lesbian and gay people in Implicit Association Test takers: 2338 medical doctors, 5379 nurses, 8531 mental health providers, 2735 other treatment providers, and 214 110 nonproviders in the United States and internationally between May 2006 and December 2012. We characterized the sample with descriptive statistics and calculated Cohen d, a standardized effect size measure, with 95% confidence intervals. Results. Among heterosexual providers, implicit preferences always favored heterosexual people over lesbian and gay people. Implicit preferences for heterosexual women were weaker than implicit preferences for heterosexual men. Heterosexual nurses held the strongest implicit preference for heterosexual men over gay men (Cohen d = 1.30; 95% confidence interval = 1.28, 1.32 among female nurses; Cohen d = 1.38; 95% confidence interval = 1.32, 1.44 among male nurses). Among all groups, explicit preferences for heterosexual versus lesbian and gay people were weaker than implicit preferences. Conclusions. Implicit preferences for heterosexual people versus lesbian and gay people are pervasive among heterosexual health care providers. Future research should investigate how implicit sexual prejudice affects care.

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