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Publicis Groupe Sa | Date: 2014-05-28

Audio-visual equipment; educational equipment and instruments; equipment for recording, transferring and displaying text, sound and/or images; magnetic data carriers; disc-shaped image and or sound carriers; cassettes, compact discs, video tapes, video compact discs, interactive CDs (CD-Is), read-only memory discs (CD-ROMs), mini discs, DVDs; electronic and digital publications, whether or not on carriers; data processing equipment; computers; computer peripherals; telephone equipment; television equipment; registered computer programmes (software) for multimedia and broadband technology and television applications, as well as for operating computers; computer games software; computer games; pocket computers, whether or not suitable for network connection. Printed matter, including handbooks, manuals, instruction material, books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, folders and periodicals; paper, cardboard and any products made from these, if not included in other classes; typewriters and office materials (with the exception of furniture); teaching and educational materials other than apparatus; blank paper tapes and cards for the recording of computer programs. Publicity; management of commercial affairs; advertising agency and advertising; planning and organization of advertising campaigns; distribution of advertising material; cooperative advertising and marketing; advising on marketing, including on internal and external communication; advice on business organization and business economics; development of marketing strategies and concepts; business strategy development; consultancy and instruction in the area of operational management, marketing, management of commercial affairs, all of which related to the commercialization of services and/or products; labour agency and advice on personnel and personnel matters; making available, posting, temporary deployment and subcontracting of personnel, including recruitment and selection of personnel, also within the framework of outplacement, particularly in aid of the new media sector; compilation and systematization of information in databanks; organization of fairs and exhibitions for commercial purposes in the area of new media; administrative processing of purchase orders within the framework of services provided by mail-order companies; compilation of statistics; market manipulation, research and analysis; rental of office equipment; copying of documentation; providing business information, also via Internet, the cable network or other forms of data transfer; agency in and advising on the management of commercial affairs, whether or not the products referred to in class 9 and 16 are traded via the Internet; publicity, including creating and updating advertising material; writing of publicity texts; layout services for advertising purposes. Telecommunication; communication via computers or with the aid of other electronic equipment; digital transmission of sound, text and/or images; electronic transmission of sound, text and/or images; leasing of telecommunication equipment for the transmission of sound, text and/or images; information in the area of (interactive) telecommunication; transfer of sound, text and/or images via satellite; telex, telegraph, telephone, radiotelephony and radiotelegraphy services; press agencies; interactive communication via (mobile) networks, including Internet, Extranet and Intranet, as well as via ISDN, and satellite and cable networks; providing access to telecommunication networks, including providing access to websites on the internet or any other communications network for retrieval, saving and visualization of information; rental of access time to computer databases via a global computer network. Education and training courses, especially with regard to new media; organizing and holding congresses, seminars, lectures and other such educational activities; organizing fairs and exhibitions for educational purposes; organizing sporting events; producing and showing television and theatre programmes, including films, video films and other such audio-visual works; performing television and theatre programmes, whether or not with the use of new media technologies; performing radio, music and amusement programmes; rental of radios and televisions; publishing, lending, editing and circulation (library services) of books, magazines and other publications, whether or not in electronic form; conducting of lotteries; production, publication and dissemination of educational materials; writing of texts, other than publicity texts; layout services, other than for advertising purposes. Web site design and development; hosting web sites; updating software within the framework of web site management; computer programming, development and engineering; software development; product development; software maintenance and updating; development of strategies and concepts in the area of information and multimedia technologies; development of software for computer games; (company) logo and house-style development and design, not for publication; shop interior design; digital design; layout design of books, magazines and other publications, whether or not in electronic form; development of software and graphic design, all in connection with broadband communication; quality control of activities related to new media within the framework of project management; automation advice; giving advice and other support concerning use of software, particularly in connection with new media; carrying out research into and development of new technologies and products, all of which in connection with new media; rental of software; rental of data-processing equipment and computers; digitization of sound, images and/or text, also within the framework of converting analogue and digital video images into video images suitable for optical media; design and development of computer game software for radio and television programs, including formats; giving advice and information with regard to the above-mentioned services; the updating of information within the framework of managing web sites.

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