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Groundwork UK is an environmental organisation in the United Kingdom. It is based in Birmingham and is a registered charity under English law. Wikipedia.

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DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Groundwork, the leading provider of protective services designed specifically for ground movements, today announced its formal launch of operations. With more than 7,000 missions completed to date without incident and active movement on five continents, Groundwork serves a clientele of executives and power travelers around the globe, as well as the teams that support them. The most dangerous part of any travel plan is the movement from one secure location to another. Between traffic accidents, medical emergencies, extreme weather, and unforeseen events, security teams are hard-pressed to address this weak link consistently across the range of markets in which today’s top executives and high net worth individuals operate, while also satisfying the requirements for concierge-level service their principals have come to expect. Groundwork meets this need by combining systems and support that are optimized for security-sensitive situations with an unparalleled team of Mobile Security Specialists in each market. Trained in crisis management, emergency medical response, and logistics management, Groundwork’s Mobile Security Specialists average more than 20 years of elite military special forces or law enforcement experience and are responsible for the care of each principal as they execute missions around the globe. “Groundwork is truly pioneering the industry when it comes to our understanding of the science behind ground risk mitigation,” said Clay Hendon, Groundwork’s Managing Director. “We’ve developed a state-of-the-art mission management control center that uses cutting-edge technology, proprietary tools, and round-the-clock oversight to ensure our field team is better equipped and has far better intelligence about potential risks to their principals than anyone else on the road. Clients across the world trust their safety to Groundwork and appreciate our discretion and flawless service.” One particularly unique component of Groundwork’s solution is the proprietary threat monitoring system that analyzes more than 500 million pieces of information in 100 languages every day as it works to inform the Groundwork team of developing incidents with potential to impact ongoing missions. Over the last six months, these advanced intelligence capabilities have alerted it to significant security incidents an average of nine minutes before they hit major news outlets. “Travel risk management has become a hot topic of discussion for security professionals at organizations of all sizes, and rightfully so,” said Zachary Young, Groundwork’s Director of Operations, EMEA. “Given the sheer volume and variety of travel taking place today, combined with varying duty of care requirements and the range of service levels expected for different types of travelers, managing these programs can be extremely complex. Groundwork’s high-touch approach and multi-channel communications allows us to work seamlessly to provide real-time information and visibility to executives’ support teams, as well as corporate security, flight department personnel, or other third parties who may be involved in their travel planning.” Groundwork delivers mobile ground protection on five continents. With the world’s first global team of Mobile Security Specialists, Groundwork offers travel risk mitigation built on preparation, integration, and visibility. Groundwork meets the needs of executives and power travelers who place a premium on time and convenience, and organizations that are serious about safety and security. A wholly owned subsidiary of Travel Research Advisors, Groundwork is headquartered in Dallas, TX. For more information, visit

Brockett B.F.T.,University of British Columbia | Brockett B.F.T.,GroundWork | Prescott C.E.,University of British Columbia | Grayston S.J.,University of British Columbia
Soil Biology and Biochemistry | Year: 2012

Although soil microorganisms play a central role in the soil processes that determine nutrient availability and productivity of forest ecosystems, we are only beginning to understand how microbial communities are shaped by environmental factors and how the structure and function of soil microbial communities in turn influence rates of key soil processes. Here we compare the structure and function of soil microbial communities in seven mature, undisturbed forest types across a range of regional climates in British Columbia and Alberta, and examine the variation in community composition within forest types. We collected the forest floor fermentation (F) and humus (H) layers and upper 10 cm of mineral soil at 3 sites in each of seven forest types (corresponding to seven Biogeoclimatic zones) in both spring and summer. Phospholipid fatty acid analysis was used to investigate the structure of soil microbial communities and total soil microbial biomass; potential activities of extra-cellular enzymes indicated the functional potential of the soil microbial community in each layer at each site.Multivariate analysis indicated that both structure and enzyme activities of soil microbial communities differed among the forest types, and significantly separated along the regional climate gradient, despite high local variation. Soil moisture and organic matter contents were most closely related to microbial community characteristics. Forests in the Ponderosa Pine and Mountain Hemlock zones were distinct from other forests and from each other when comparing potential enzyme activities and had the most extreme moisture and temperature values. Forest floors from the hot and dry Ponderosa Pine forests were associated with enzymes characteristic of water-stress and high concentrations of phenols and other recalcitrant compounds. The wet and cold Mountain Hemlock forests were associated with low enzyme activity.An influence of tree species was apparent at the three sites within the Coastal Western Hemlock zone; high bacterial:fungal biomass ratios were found under western redcedar (Thuja plicata) which also had high pH and base-cation levels, and under Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii), which had high N availability. Potential activities enzymes differed among soil layers: potential activities of phenol oxidase and peroxidase were highest in mineral soil, whereas phosphatase, betaglucosidase, NAGase, sulfatase, xylosidase and cellobiohydrolase were highest in the forest floors. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

The prevalence of stunting, underweight, and micronutrient deficiencies are persistently high in young children in the Philippines, and among other factors, suboptimal infant and young child feeding behavior may contribute to these forms of malnutrition. To improve the understanding of contributors associated with the nutritional status of children 6 to 23 months of age living in urban areas of the Philippines. A cross-sectional survey was conducted covering five urban centers in the Philippines. Data on infant and young child feeding and nutritional status (including wasting, stunting, underweight, anemia, iron deficiency, and vitamin A deficiency) were collected for 1,784 children. Among children from urban and predominantly poor and very poor households, 26% were stunted, 18% were underweight, and 5% were wasted. Forty-two percent were anemic, 28% were iron deficient, and 3% were vitamin A deficient. About half of the children were breastfed within an hour after birth, were breastfed at the time of the survey, and had been continuously breastfed up to 1 year of age. Of the factors investigated, low socioeconomic status, use of cheaper cooking fuel, and nonuse of multivitamins were all independently associated with stunting. The prevalence of anemia, iron deficiency, and vitamin A deficiency were independently associated with the same factors and poorer sanitation facilities, lower maternal education, current unemployment, and inflammation. These factors merit attention in future programming and interventions may include promotion of the timely introduction of appropriate fortified complementary foods, the use of affordable multiple micronutrient preparations, and measures to reduce infections.

GroundWork | Date: 2016-03-11

Enhanced performance analysis and capacity planning module for Groundwork Monitor enterprise designed to allow customers to choose between traditional performance data collection and reporting tools using fixed length and provides an enhanced performance analysis capability using collected data.

GroundWork | Date: 2016-04-20

Software module connecting a leading server, network and storage virtualization managers to the overall software monitor; module designed to continuously collect performance metrics from products for insertion into overall database.

Agency: GTR | Branch: Innovate UK | Program: | Phase: Innovation Voucher | Award Amount: 5.00K | Year: 2013

Groundwork has developed a service called ‘Green Doctor’. Green Drs show people how to make their homes more environmentally friendly, reducing greenhouse gas emissions at point of use. This is achieved through a combination of behaviour change and retro-fitting practical measures to the house.Traditional programmes concentrate on technical assessment and major capital works. Green Drs offer a more holistic approach that includes how people use their homes to achieve the best possible savings. We also use our community development skills to reach households that wouldn’t usually sign up to energy schemes.Green Dr itself is innovative and saves many thousands of tons of carbon production each year that wouldn’t be saved otherwise. The innovative use and customisation of technology can make the delivery of the service even more efficient, allowing us to visit more homes and so create greater emissions reductions.

News Article | November 12, 2014

Using Docker containers to deploy virtual applications might be a good idea, but how can an enterprise actually monitor what's going on? GroundWork believes its BoxSpy project is up to the task.

News Article | July 1, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GroundWork, Inc. (, the leading Unified Monitoring solution for IT operations management and cloud monitoring, announced improved Amazon Cloud support through GroundWork Cloud Hub Amazon Connector. Available in the latest version of GroundWork Cloud Hub, this new connector is FREE up to 50 devices and is 36 percent cheaper compared to Amazon Cloud Watch. GroundWork Cloud Hub is a Cloud monitoring solution that communicates with multiple public and private cloud platforms including OpenStack, Docker, VMware, KVM and RHEV-M. It runs as an independent application with the ability to operate on a separate machine from GroundWork Monitor for additional scalability and topological flexibility. Because Cloud Hub operates as an open standards-based, web services communication and open API, the new Cloud Hub Amazon Connector does not have to run on the Amazon Cloud. “Hybrid clouds, using a combination of public clouds like Amazon plus a local private cloud, are becoming increasingly popular with GroundWork's user base,” said David Dennis, VP of Marketing and Products for GroundWork. “Our updated Amazon Connector for Cloud Hub delivers hybrid cloud monitoring by providing expanded Amazon cloud metrics, at a reduced cost, while also monitoring your private cloud or other local data center devices.” Download the latest version of GroundWork Cloud Hub, including the new Amazon Connector: GroundWork, Inc. ( delivers performance and availability monitoring of hybrid cloud, container, application, server, network and storage data.

News Article | November 14, 2016

CLEVELAND and COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueBridge Networks announced it has added GroundWork Group (GWg) to its Ohio Cloud platform. The GroundWork group (GWg) is a nonprofit organization providing technology solutions to over 175 charities. It was formed with a...

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