Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

Grifols, S.A. is a Spanish multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company. Principally a producer of blood plasma-based products, a field in which it is the European leader and third-largest worldwide, the company also supplies devices, instruments and reagents for clinical testing laboratories. Wikipedia.

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Embodiments of the present invention provide methods for the treatment or prevention of infection-related immune conditions using compositions comprising IgM.

Compositions and methods of the present invention prevent, inhibit or reduce the toxic effects of proteins and toxins secreted from microbes. A method for neutralizing microbial protein products in a subject comprises administering a composition to the subject, said composition comprising plasma-derived IgM and optionally one or more excipients in a pharmaceutical carrier, wherein the composition is administered in an amount effective to neutralize the microbial protein products.

The present invention relates to mammalian cell culture media which comprise supernatant from some of the fractions of human plasma fractionation according to the Cohn method, more specifically, the supernatant of fractions I and II+III. When said supernatant is added as a culture medium supplement it provides various nutrients and factors for the effective maintenance and/or proliferation of the cultured mammalian cells. In addition, the present invention relates to the preparation process and use of said medium in the culture of mammalian cells.

A method prepares a solution of human albumin by reducing dissolved oxygen in a solution of albumin until a concentration of oxygen equal to or less than 0.5 ppm is achieved. A solution of human albumin having a redox state closer to the redox state of the albumin present in human plasma can be achieved.

The present invention relates to transferrin, possibly in combination with an iron-chelator (e.g. deferoxamine) or a PHD2 enzyme inhibitor, for use in the treatment of Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF)-related conditions, in particular associated with organ transplantation, ischemia, oxygen deprivation, interruption of blood during surgical intervention, or neurodegenerative disorders.

Described herein are methods for purifying recombinant, cell culture derived alpha_(1)-protease inhibitor and removing a colored species that co-purifies with the recA1PI protein. Also described are methods for reducing the iron in cell culture derived alpha_(1)-protease inhibitor.

The apparatus has a containing body with a flat upper functional floor for containing receptacles of reagents, diluents and samples, as well as housings for gel cards and incubators for the same; a lower floor containing receptacles for washing liquids and the collection of waste and cards and for housing the fluid control and electronic control system; a series of longitudinal and transverse guides associated with the upper part of the apparatus, suitable for carrying in suspension the moving heads of the apparatus, the heads being movable on the transverse guides; two heads, respectively for perforation and pipetting and for the transport of gel cards; two centrifuges and a gel card reader; and a folding touch screen providing information and control.

A method of purification of non-enveloped or pseudo-enveloped virus produced in vitro uses a composition with at least one detergent. A method of purification can use multiple detergents, and a method of determining the presence and/or level of a non-enveloped or pseudo-enveloped virus in a sample includes treating with at least one detergent.

Polybrene as an additive in cell culture medium is used in methods for the generation of high-titer hepatitis E virus stocks and assays for titration of hepatitis E virus. A cell culture medium containing polybrene is used for high-titer HEV generation, a method for determining the presence and/or the level of HEV in a sample, and an HEV titration assay using polybrene.

Grifols | Date: 2016-04-27

Method for the aseptic filling of a bag with a pharmaceutical product or liquid which comprises the following steps: a) a first step in which the cap is inserted in the inlet of the bag; b) a second step in which said cap is raised and the pharmaceutical product or liquid concerned is introduced; c) a third step in which the cap is re-inserted in the inlet of the bag; and d) a fourth step in which the cap and the inlet of the bag are welded.

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