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Griffin Technology is a privately held U.S. company founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992 by Paul Griffin. The company designs and manufactures computer peripherals, consumer electronics, and accessories for smartphones and mobile devices. The company's first products were primarily video adapters, in particular those to enable the connection of DB-15 based Macintosh computers to the more popular VGA based monitors of the time. June 1998 marked Griffin's entry into USB based computer peripherals with the introduction of the iMate, a device that allowed the use of Apple Desktop Bus based devices with the newer, and increasingly more common, Universal Serial Bus . Griffin introduced additional USB devices, such as iMic and PowerMate, over the next two years, and continued to enjoy moderate growth during this period.Griffin was one of the first 3rd-party vendors to produce peripherals for Apple's iPod. One year after iPod came out, at MacWorld San Francisco 2003, Griffin introduced iTrip. iTrip is an FM transmitter that allows iPod owners to transmit audio from an iPod to a nearby FM receiver.The company experienced rapid growth fueled by the success of its iPod accessories, especially the iTrip. As evidence, the number of people employed by Griffin Technology increased four-fold between 2003 and 2007. This growth allowed the company to take on more ambitious projects such as the Evolve wireless speaker system, and to diversify the product line to include accessories for iPod competitors such as Microsoft's Zune, and SanDisk's Sansa.At present, the company's accessories line-up includes those for Apple's iOS devices, as well as popular smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices from Google, Amazon, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Products range from protective cases for these devices, to consumer electronics and accessories for audio performance and playback, remote-controlled model cars and helicopters, consumer electronics accessories for children, and products for retail and healthcare markets. Griffin Technology currently employs 350+ employees, world-wide.In 2014, Griffin became one of the first Nashville companies to become a naming partner at a career academy of a local high school. The Giffin Academy of Design and Technology is located at Hunters Lane High School of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Wikipedia.

Griffin Technology | Date: 2015-02-12

A protective cover for a device having a touchscreen and a fingerprint sensor includes a Polyethylene terephthalate touchscreen cover that covers the touchscreen while allowing the touchscreen to be used. A die cut opening in the touchscreen cover corresponds to a location of the fingerprint sensor and a flexible membrane covers the opening. The flexible membrane is preferably constructed from Thermoplastic polyurethane that is bonded to the touchscreen cover. The touchscreen cover is then glued to an injected polycarbonate plastic rigid frame to for the front of a protective device case assembly.

Griffin Technology | Date: 2015-05-22

A water resistant device case includes a front and back assembly that mate to enclose an electronic device. The front assembly includes a rigid front frame, a touch screen cover bonded to the front frame, an inner bumper attached to the rigid front frame and an elastomeric main seal attached around a periphery of the rigid front frame. The back assembly includes a rigid back frame, an elastomeric over mold formed on an exterior of the black frame and an inner bumper attached to the rigid back frame. A snap tab attached to the rigid back frame mates with a snap hook on the front assembly to hold the front and back assemblies together when the device is enclosed within the case. A main water resistant seal is formed around a perimeter of the front and back assemblies by the elastomeric main seal on the front assembly being held against an inner surface of the rigid back frame. A secondary water resistant seal is formed around a perimeter of the front and back assemblies by an elastomeric secondary sealing member attached around a periphery of the rigid front frame that mates with an exterior surface of the back assembly to form a secondary water resistant seal. A closed cell foam is used to seal apertures associated with the devices audio inputs and outputs.

I respect any accessory developer who attempts to solve a legitimate problem, and admire developers who find smart ways to solve multiple problems simultaneously. Unlike many competing Apple Watch stands, Griffin Technology’s new WatchStand ($30 via Amazon) thinks past the initial challenge of mounting your watch, and also includes a place for your iPhone to rest on your nightstand. As you’ll see in my guide to the best Apple Watch stands and docks, it’s hard to find a decent-looking combination Watch and iPhone stand at a lower price. As that low price suggests, however, WatchStand makes compromises in both materials and functionality. Built primarily from plastic with a rubber core, it’s certain not to scratch a stainless steel or gold Apple Watch. But would you actually want to use it with one of Apple’s more expensive timepieces? That’s another question… WatchStand arrives as a set of five mostly plastic parts: a heavily weighted black glossy plastic base that looks like a flattened Apple TV with a hole in the center, a matching glossy pipe, a rubber cable-managing core for the pipe, a glossy cap for the core, and an optional semi-circular rubber insert. As with all Apple Watch stands released to date, you need to self-supply one of Apple’s official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cables yourself. WatchStand thoughtfully accommodates either 1-meter or 2-meter cable lengths, as well as the all-plastic Sport and partially metal regular Magnetic Charging pucks. Installation is fairly simple: stick the Magnetic Charging Cable’s USB plug through the center of the rubber core, wind the cable around spiraling grooves on the core, leave enough cable loose to connect the plug to a self-supplied wall charger, and stick the core into the hard plastic pipe to hide the cable. The glossy plastic cap should passively snap into place inside the pipe as they come together, and the pipe then attaches to the base, without permanently locking together. If you’re using the Apple Watch Sport’s plastic charging puck, Griffin’s optional semi-circular insert won’t be necessary, but Apple’s thinner metal pucks require the insert so that they’ll stick out enough from WatchStand to make a completely secure magnetic connection with a Watch. The only challenges WatchStand presented during installation were modest, namely getting the cord to stick firmly enough in the grooves not to bunch up when I installed the outer pipe, bringing the glossy plastic cap as close as possible to the pipe, and picking the right cord length for connection to a charger. For most users, these will be one-time issues, and quickly resolved. Although the glossy Watch-holding pipe won’t detach from the base during normal use with your Watch, you can easily separate them to adjust the cable or charging puck during initial setup. The bigger question is whether WatchStand’s design and functionality will appeal to your personal needs and sensibilities. Unlike many of WatchStand’s rivals, any Apple Watch with a closed loop-style band will need to be mounted and charged on its side, which is a bit unusual; open bands can instead dangle behind and in front of the 30-degree-angled top surface, a more natural mounting position. On the other hand, Griffin offers greater cable management and versatility than with some other stands: four large rubber feet on WatchStand’s bottom have gaps between them to let you place the USB cable in whatever direction you prefer, which can be handy when dealing with shorter 1-meter cables or substantially wound 2-meter cables. WatchStand’s height and footprint may be polarizing for some people. Several readers opined that Mophie’s Watch Dock, which I reviewed yesterday, elevated the Apple Watch too much — and that was only 3.5 inches up. By comparison, the much larger 4.2″ square by 7″ tall WatchStand lifts the Apple Watch 6 full inches above your nightstand, a height that users could either find ideal or way too tall. The height appears to have been picked to provide ample room for any iPhone to lay on its side below. I’ve personally never wanted to leave my iPhone in this position, but Griffin places a secure lip on the edge to prevent it from slipping off, and you can self-supply a Lightning cable for charging. From my perspective, a side-by-side and more integrated iPhone/Apple Watch docking and charging solution would make more sense, but for $30 or less, this is the sort of solution you can expect. In the final analysis, the strongest feature of Griffin’s WatchStand is its aggressive pricing. It’s nearly as affordable as Spigen’s simple metal S330 stand, and a lot less expensive than most of the other combination iPhone/Apple Watch docking solutions. Because of its tall, plastic frame and passive approach to holding the iPhone, it will be a better fit for budget-conscious users than design obsessives, but it earns a little bonus credit for trying to kill two birds with one stone, and mostly succeeding.

I continue to enjoy using my Apple Watch as my primary smartwatch and just like other Apple mobile products the accessory market is taking off. You can pick up screen protectors, protective covers, new bands, and much more. Griffin sent along its new WatchStand charging dock and after testing it out and looking around I see there are already several competing products. The Griffin WatchStand package includes four pieces to put together the system. The pieces include a heavy molded plastic base, inner post with rubber grooved stem, outer plastic post, and small rubber adapter. There is no Apple Watch Magnetic Charging cable included with this accessory so you need to use the one that was sent with your Apple Watch or one you purchased later. The rubber adapter piece is only needed if you have a stainless steel Apple Watch charger. I have the Apple Watch Sport with plastic charger so did not need to use this adapter piece and set it aside. Simply insert the cable, with USB end, down into the inner post piece first. Press your Apple Watch magnetic dock into the seat at the top of the inner post. Mine fit in nice and snug with perfect alignment. If you want to reduce the length of cable coming out of the charging stand, then you can run the USB end out through the front opening and wind the cable into the rubber grooves of the inner post piece. I shortened my cable up about a foot by using this method. You then run the USB end down into the outer post piece and slide the outer post over the inner post. The USB end is then fed into the hole in the center of the base as you place the combined post piece over the center mount. The USB cable is then run to your outlet and the large rubber feet of the base let you pass the cable between them. It only takes a few minutes to setup. Now that the WatchStand is assembled with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging cable mounted and plugged in you are ready to use the stand. I positioned mine on the end table next to my bed so I can rest my Apple Watch there and charge it up while I sleep. You can actually rotate the post through each of four sides if you want to change the orientation of your Apple Watch on the stand. Simply place your Apple Watch down on the magnetic face of the charging cable to charge it up. Bands with closed loops need to be placed sideways on the stand while my Sport bands can be opened and let me place the Apple Watch right side up. The upcoming Apple watchOS 2 update will support nightstand mode where our Apple Watch can serve as an alarm clock with a face that lights up. The Griffin WatchStand will be an even better accessory with this software update. The heavy base also has a lip on the front so you can position your iPhone on the stand with your Apple Watch. There is no direct means to charge up your iPhone, but you can always plug in a Lightning cable if you need to top it off. This would be a perfect application for wireless charging of the iPhone, just like the Apple Watch. I love that the base is heavy and has large rubber feet on the base as it keeps the WatchStand steady and in position. The total weight of the WatchStand is 18 ounces. The WatchStand is also pretty high, but if you mount your Apple Watch with an open band then it's perfect for providing room to rest your iPhone. Many Apple accessories are pricey so I was pleasantly surprised to see the Griffin WatchStand priced at a reasonable $30. Other charging stands for the Apple Watch tend to run in the $60 range, double the price of the WatchStand. You can buy it now directly from Griffin Technology or via the Griffin Amazon store front. I was worried about placing my Apple Watch up so high on the stand and relying on the magnet in the charger to keep it in place. Thankfully, Griffin provides a rubber top around the charger that helps to keep your Apple Watch secure while preventing any scratches or other damage. If you own a heavier Apple Watch and band with closed loop I'm not quite sure how it will rest on the stand. It's perfect for the Sport band so I am pleased I went with a black Sport band instead of a Milanese Loop for now. I also like that I now have a place to set my iPhone 6 Plus at night rather than just down flat somewhere on a table. It's convenient to have both devices in on central location. I wish there was some way to easily integrate the charging cable for the iPhone, but then again my iPhone 6 Plus only drains a couple percent at night.

New Survivor Tactical Case and Ultra Thin Case provide protection and style for Apple Watch Nashville, Tenn. – August 26, 2015 – Griffin Technology, creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, announces two new accessories for Apple Watch – Survivor Tactical Case and Ultra Thin Case. The new Survivor Tactical Case lets users wear their watch with confidence knowing their investment is protected, while the Ultra Thin Case adds easy snap-on color and style to the Apple Watch. “Our new cases are a must-have for not only protecting but also styling your Apple Watch,” said Keavy Murphree, Category Manager of Wearable Technology Accessories at Griffin Technology. “Survivor Tactical Case is perfect for go-anywhere, rugged protection, while Ultra Thin Case’s stylish snap-on shell lets you easily switch up the look of your Apple Watch with a variety of metallic color options.” According to Slice Intelligence, over 2.79 million Apple Watches have been sold in the United States, and Griffin’s new Survivor Tactical Case ($29.99) is the perfect way for users to protect their investments. Ready for whatever the day has in store, Survivor Tactical Case offers 3 layers of protection for the Apple Watch, to support all the ways people use it. Whether on the job, at the gym, on the trail or track, Survivor Tactical provides all the rugged protection expected from Survivor. The case’s co-molded TPE and polycarbonate layers deflect and absorb impacts so users can wear the watch confidently, knowing it will be unscathed. An integrated screen also protects the Retina display without interfering with Apple Watch’s Force Touch. Survivor Tactical Case’s easy snap-on/snap-off design is applied without having to remove the watchband. The watch’s Digital Crown is protected from above while still remaining accessible from the underside. Griffin’s Survivor Tactical Cases are color-matched to the Apple Watch Sport bands in Black, White, Blue, Pink and Green for the 38mm and 42mm watches. Many of the colors are now available at griffintechnology.com/apple-watch. Griffin’s Ultra Thin Case ($19.99) lets users color coordinate their Apple Watch and keeps it looking sharp, day or night. Each Ultra Thin Case package includes three snap-on covers that perfectly complement the watch and iPhone. The polished metallic covers elevate Apple Watch Sport to match the Stainless Steel or Gold Apple Watch Editions. At just 0.5mm in thickness, the polycarbonate Ultra Thin Case is the thinnest on the market and easily clips onto the face of the Apple Watch. There’s no need to remove the watchband, and the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown and button remain easily accessible. Griffin’s Ultra Thin Case is now available for the 38mm watch and 42mm watch in packs of three including: Polished Yellow Gold, Matte Gold, and Clear, or Polished Silver, Matte Silver, and Clear at griffintechnology.com/apple-watch. A three pack including Polished Silver, Matte Gold, and Clear will be exclusively available at Best Buy stores and at BestBuy.com starting in September. For more information about Griffin Technology, visit www.griffintechnology.com. Founded on Paul Griffin’s kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world’s foremost creators of accessories for home, mobile, and personal technology. Unique products such as iTrip®, PowerMate®, iFM®, iMic® and Evolve® Wireless Speaker System have broken new ground in consumer electronics and created loyal fans the world over. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create. Learn more about Griffin’s entire range of ingenious designs at www.griffintechnology.com, www.facebook.com/griffintech and on Twitter @griffintech.

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