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Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23
Lindbergia | Year: 2016

Fissidens angustifolius is subsumed under F. biformis and F. coorgensis under F. zollingeri. It appeared that F. biformis sensu Gangulee et Eddy is F. zollingeri. © 2016 The Authors.

Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23 | Manjula K.M.,Zamorins Guruvayurappan College | Manju C.N.,Zamorins Guruvayurappan College
Lindbergia | Year: 2016

The African Fissidens enervis Sim is reported from the Western Ghats (India). This is the first Asian record. © 2016 The Authors.

Bucaro R.D.,Naturalis Biodiversity Center | Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23 | Stech M.,Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Lindbergia | Year: 2016

Five species of Fissidens are reported new for El Salvador: Fissidens costivelatus Brugg.-Nann., Fissidens gardneri Mitt., Fissidens goyazensis Broth., Fissidens santa-clarensis Thér. and Fissidens subulatus Mitt. Of these, Fissidens costivelatus is also new to the Neotropics. An updated list of the species of Fissidens of El Salvador is provided. The total number of species known from the country increases from 23 to 28. This amounts to about one third of the Fissidens species reported for the Neotropics. Additional collections efforts will further improve the knowledge of the Fissidens flora of El Salvador. © 2016 The Authors.

Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23
Polish Botanical Journal | Year: 2013

illustrated revision of Fissidens subgenus Fissidens in tropical eastern Africa. Fissidens artsii Brugg.-Nann. is newly reported from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; F. gomae P. de la Varde & J.-F. Leroy to Uganda and F. leucocinctus Hampe to Angola; F. magnicellulatus Brugg.-Nann., F. pachylomadeiphus Demaret & P. de la Varde, F. robynsianus P. de la Varde, F. rotereaui P. de la Varde and F. taylorii Müll. Hal. are new to Tanzania. The last is also new for Africa. The following taxonomic changes are proposed: Fissidens androgynus Bruch in Krauss (F. simensis Schimp, ex Müll. Hal., syn. nov., F. longipes Welw. & Duby, syn. nov., F. subremotifolius Müll. Hal., syn. nov., F. gueinzii Müll. Hal., syn. nov., F. malaco-bryoides Müll. Hal., syn. nov., F. obsoletidens Müll. Hal. var. schistophila Broth., syn. nov., F. platybryoides Müll. Hal. var. subimmarginatus Dixon, syn. nov., F. crateris Dixon, syn. nov., F. crateris Dixon var. sererekae Dixon, syn. nov.), Fissidens crispus Mont. (F. hoeegii P. de la Varde syn. nov. and F. cataractarum Demaret & P. de la Varde, syn. nov.). Reinstatements: F. pachylomadeiphus Demaret & P. de la Varde and F. rotereaui P. de la Varde (confirmed synonym Fissidens schelpei P. de la Varde).

Fissidens acrophilus Bruggeman-Nannenga, sp. nov. (subgenus Fissidens) from Kenya and Uganda and F. obscurifrons Bruggeman-Nannenga, sp. nov. (subgenus Fissidens!) from Tanzania are newly described and figured. F. obscurifrons is compared to the little known Madeiran F. nobreganus Luisier and P. de la Varde. A revision of F. bessouensis Corb. (subgenus Octodiceras) with description, diagnosis and figures and a discussion including adaptations to an aquatic habitat is presented. Multicellular spores and fimbriate leaf margins are reported in the Fissidentaceae for the first time. Rectification: F. angustelimbatus Mitt, is eliminated from the African flora.

Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23 | Arts T.,Griffensteijnseplein 23
Journal of Bryology | Year: 2010

This is a revision of the Fissidentaceae of La Réunion with keys, descriptions and illustrations of 35 species. Fissidens pseudoplumosus subsp. subplanifrons, the only Mascarene taxon not known from La Réunion, is included. Eighteen species are reported as new from La Réunion: Fissidens androgynus, F. bogosicus, F. curvatus, F. cyatheicola, F. flaccidus, F. leucocinctus, F. madecassus, F. megalotis subsp. helictocaulos, F. pallidinervis, F. pocsii, F. porrectus, F. ramulosus, F. rufescens, F. serratus var. serratus, F. submarginatus, F. taxifolius, F. tenellus and F. zollingeri; and three species are reported as new for Mauritius (F. brevifrons, F. ramulosus and F. sciophyllus). Fissidens tenellus is recorded for the first time from Africa. Fissidens subplanifrons is made a subspecies of F. pseudoplumosus. Fissidens cyatheicola, a new species, is proposed. Fissidens boivinianus var. longifolius is subsumed under F. asplenioides, F. cremersii and F. grandiretis are subsumed under F. pellucidus and F. ellipticus and F. ligulinus under F. punctulatus. © 2010 British Bryological Society.

Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23 | Daniels A.E.D.,Scott Christian College Autonomous | Kariyappa K.C.,Scott Christian College Autonomous
Journal of Bryology | Year: 2015

Fissidens firmus is revised, described, illustrated and a distribution is provided. It is compared to Fissidens hollianus, Fissidens pseudofirmus, Fissidens sedgwickii and Fissidens touwii. It is provisionally distinguished from F. firmus sensu auct. Fissidens multiflorus is reduced to F. hollianus. Lectotypes are designated for Fissidensmultiflorus andFissidensgiesenhagenii. The collection thatwas reportedfromIndia as F. firmusappears to be F. hollianus. Thus, the present Western Ghats collection is effectively the first Indian record of F. firmus. © British Bryological Society 2015.

Bruggeman-Nannenga M.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23 | Pursell R.A.,Griffensteijnseplein 23
Cryptogamie, Bryologie | Year: 2014

Fissidens brevinervis is considered a pantropical species. The species, is reported new for Ascension Island, Ethiopia, India and El Salvador. Fissidens cryptoneuron is reduced to the synonymy of F. brevinervis. © 2014 Adac. Tous droits réservés.

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