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Täby, Sweden

Morales M.N.,University of Helsinki | Stahls G.,University of Helsinki | Hippa H.,Gribbylunds alle 2
ZooKeys | Year: 2013

Two new species of Meropidia Hippa & Thompson, 1983 (Diptera, Syrphidae) are described, Meropidia nitida Morales, sp. n. and M. flavens Hippa & Ståhls sp. n., from Bolivia and Colombia respectively. A key to all described Meropidia species is provided. © Mírian N. Morales et al. Source

Hippa H.,Gribbylunds alle 2 | Sevcik J.,University of Ostrava
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | Year: 2014

The following new species are described: Nepaletricha dembickyi sp. nov. (India), N. lobosa sp. nov. (Vietnam) and N. sigma sp. nov. (India). The systematic position of the genus is briefly discussed. A key to the six known species of Nepaletricha is given. © 2014, National Museum/Narodni muzeum. All rights reserved. Source

Vilkamaa P.,Zoology Unit | Hippa H.,Gribbylunds alle 2 | Mohrig W.,Puddemin 6
Zootaxa | Year: 2014

The following species of the genus Epidapus Haliday, 1851 are recognized from New Caledonia: Epidapus (s. str.) aciculatus sp. n., E. (Pseudoaptanogyna) angulatus sp. n., E. (s. str.) formosus sp. n., E. (Zuhalia) primus Mohrig, 2004 and E. (s. str.) triquetrus sp. n. The new species are described, and a key to the local species is given. © 2014 Magnolia Press. Source

Vilkamaa P.,University of Helsinki | Hippa H.,Gribbylunds alle 2 | Heller K.,Konigsberger Str. 11
Zootaxa | Year: 2013

Six new species of Corynoptera Winnertz from northern Finland, Japan and North America are newly described and illustrated: Corynoptera captiosa sp. n., C. cracentis sp. n., C. inari sp. n., C. salmelai sp. n., C. spiciforceps sp. n. and C. tuomikoskii sp. n. Corynoptera subvariegata Rudzinski, 1992 is redescribed and C. perochaeta (Mohrig & Menzel, 1990) and C. variegata Mohrig, 1985 are illustrated and their characters discussed. The new species studied show unusual characters for the genus, and do not fit well into currently defined species groups. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press. Source

Kurina O.,Estonian University of Life Sciences | Hippa H.,Gribbylunds alle 2
Zootaxa | Year: 2014

The Manota species in the Congo basin are reviewed and 17 species are recorded. The following five new species are described: M. grootaerti sp. n., M. peltata sp. n., M. peltigera sp. n., M. reclinata sp. n., and M wittei sp. n. New records of the following species are presented: M. freerki Hippa and Kurina, 2012, M. issongo Matile, 1972, M. kibaleensis Hippa and Kurina, 2012, M. lachaisei Matile, 1972, M. mabokeensis Matile, 1972, M. mazumbaiensis Søli, 1993, M. petiolata Hippa and Kurina, 2012, M. pilosa Hippa and Kurina, 2012, M. relicina Hippa and Kurina, 2012, M. senticosa Hippa and Kurina, 2012 and M. teocchii Matile, 1972. Manota issongo is redescribed, including detailed illustration of the male hypopygium. The number of Afrotropical Manota species is increased to 56. Copyright © 2014 Magnolia Press. Source

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