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New Orleans, LA, United States

Green Innovations and Bioroof Systems Inc. | Date: 2013-03-14

Described herein is a module for covering a surface with vegetation. The module comprises a drainage board having an upper surface for supporting a growth medium. The drainage board has a plurality of moisture receptacles extending downwardly from the upper surface for collecting moisture. The module also comprises a plurality of sidewalls having a multiplicity of apertures therethrough. Each sidewall is coupled to the drainage board and extends upwardly therefrom. The sidewalls cooperate with each other so as to provide a perimeter for surrounding the growth medium. The module may also include other features. For example, the sidewalls may be pivotally coupled to the drainage board (e.g. along a living hinge), the module may include couplers for securing adjacent modules together, the sidewalls may include a reinforcing rib, the drainage board may include an opening for receiving an irrigation nozzle therein, and there may be edging for covering the sidewalls.

Green Innovations | Date: 2014-01-06

A water filtering system having its components contained within a single housing. The filter system uses a first filter pair of filters which can be first manually isolated from the water flow; and a second pair of filters which can also be manually isolated from the water flow. The two pairs of filters operate in parallel, thereby allowing one pair to be isolated for cleaning/repair without having to curtail operation since the other pair of filters remain operational.

Green Innovations | Date: 2016-02-01

Aerated beverage making machines; Apparatus for aerating beverages; Apparatus for aerating water; Beer pumps; Beverage preparation machines, electromechanical; Bottle washing machines; Coffee extracting machines; Dish washing machines; Electric food processors; Electric fruit peelers; Electric fruit presses for household use; Electric washing machines for industrial purposes; Juice extractors; Juice machines; Machines for udder cleaning and washing of dairy cows; Machines for the production of mineral water; Machines, namely, wine presses; Non-aerated beverage making machines; Packaging machines for food; Pressure washing machines; Tea processing machines; Electric juice extractors; Electrical juice extractors for fruit.

Green Innovations | Date: 2011-05-04

A ground electrode includes a base plate having an upper and a lower side. The ground electrode includes a plurality of tubes each having a first and a second end. The first ends of the tubes are connected to the lower side of the base plate. The tubes are tilted so that the second ends converge in the circular base of a cone. An admittance coupler is attached to the upper side of the base plate. The admittance coupler includes a body plate electrically connected to the base plate. Two arm plates and a head plate are connected to the body plate. The ground electrode includes a plurality of diffusers each circumferentially wrapping a section of a respective tube.

Green Innovations | Date: 2013-06-14

An illuminated display board includes a frame, a light-transmissive panel, and a light source. The light source is positioned within the frame, and adjacent the light-transmissive panel. The light source is oriented at an angle of between about 25 degrees and about 50 degrees with respect to the light-transmissive panel.

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